Ok…I see it now…my lists are super weird and contrived. Top lists are supposed to be one of the most basic and easily accessible types of posts you can create, yet I find myself having to explain my list concept on a fairly regular basis. I’m pretty sure I took a wrong turn somewhere. Good thing you’re here to guide me out of the woods!

For today’s list, I imagined if my life was an anime and I was a character within it, what I would like for Christmas. This would be a basic slice of life anime that’s pretty much what my real life is like (Kobayashi sans dragons), so I wouldn’t need any fancy magical protective armor or anything. Why even bother with the anime conceit at all in that case? Let me answer your question with a question. Where did all the eggnog go?

anime yukata
they seem practical

5. A Yukata

I have always wanted a Yukata just not quite enough to go buy one. Honestly I would probably never wear it and that would make me sad. But no matter how true to life my personal slice of life anime universe is, there’s going to be at least on seasonal festival to attend (those are anime rules) that’s gonna require that I just that baby out.

And this won’t be any old Yukata either. Remember, this is an anime yukata. It will fit perfectly and won’t look bulky or lumpy no matter how many layers I put on. Even if I can’t tie it properly it will just end up adorably loose or something. Heck with a Yukata like that there’s no need to wait for a festival, I’d wear it every day!

girl reading book
I actually really do want a book

4. A Book

There’s a pretty good chance that thing will summon something magical. Ok so that’s true of any good book anywhere, but anime books are renowned supernatural resting places. If the Yokai, guardian spirit, fairy, what have you… isn’t directly in the book to begin with, they’ll seek it out.

And then they’ll be my friend. As you can see this is a 100% thoroughly thought out plan that couldn’t possibly go wrong in any way! Honestly though, when was the last time you saw an anime character spend any substantial amount of time with a specific book if it wasn’t magical. School books don’t count. Also non magical books don’t count either. Never – the answer is never!

I like them all equally

3. Homemade chocolate.

I know this is traditionally a Valentine’s Day gift, but Christmas is also for lovers so I’m not sure why one has all the sweets and the other one has *fried chicken*. In any case I’m a vegetarian so the chicken is out! I do have a friend who makes her own chocolates. Fancy ones! They are delicious! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite so complex in anime.

However, countless shows have taught me that true love is best expressed by cooking for someone. And I like love! I imagine my gifter, fretting over the recipe, getting a few batches completely wrong and ending up covered in chocolate from head to toe. Exhausted after all that effort they’ll shyly hand me a box of misshapen little bites wrapped in a crooked bow with a tired but hopeful smile. And I’ll accept magnanimously because I m great and appreciate effort!. I’ll also accept it from multiple sources. I appreciate love too!

hair ribbons
if I had ribbons I would look just like that

2. Hair Ribbons

I think we can all agree that anime hair is just plain awesome. Even the stupid hair somehow looks great…Guys, anime makes mullets hot. That’s just black magic as far as I’m concerned. Anywho, I’m thinking it probably helps if you have one of those awesome, gravity defying, ultra posh hair accessories they are always sporting. Because I m a simple, reserved, down to earth girl, I’ll settle for the modest hair ribbon.

These simple strips of fabric can instantly revitalize and transform your entire hair, not to mention instantly grant you a whiff of loli status. Not only will my coif look fantastic but I can save on plastic surgery too. For us appearance conscious girls, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

if it’s around a neck, it counts as a pendant

1. A pendant

See how reasonable I am!?! I could have asked for a Mecha. In fact I should have, but nooooo. I give you options any conscientious gift giver on a budget can easily get their hands on.

Really, you should give me the entire list. And maybe a small mecha too seeing as I’m so generous and undemanding. I’ve watched some anime in my day and I’m pretty sure there’s only a few ways this can go:

The pendant will turn out to be magical and start me off on an adventure that will reveal that I’m the king of Pluto or something. (The term king is genderless on Pluto, they’re cool like that) and I have a hopelessly devoted and very attractive plutonian lover that’s been looking for me all this time!

The pendant will instantly mark me as the cool kid in school. (It’s anime, of course I go to school,). Where I will be constantly mobbed by legions of adoring fans. I’ll pretend to be annoyed by this but secretly I’ll love it.

The pendant will be a locket with a picture of a childhood friend I have possibly forgotten or just can’t recognize anymore (what an amazing coincidence that you found it at a thrift store). And that friend is now super important, popular, powerful, attractive, possibly king of Pluto. And that locket is a symbol of our connection so we can now be in love forever.

So you know…pretty versatile gift and all.

How about you. Do you have an item for this really weird list? Maybe I didn’t have to be an anime. I guess what I want is the anime version of mundane objects? What I’m saying is, look I found more eggnog!


26 thoughts

  1. A magic book would be nice to have. No a book that can summon demons would be nice. I mean demons that can do my chores for me. I don’t mean demons that could possibly destroy the world. I mean that would be evil. Ones that do my chores would also make good pets. At least I hope.

    Or a magic scepter would work, too. I could control anybody to go anything for me, but again not try to take over the world. I mean I would have everyone at my head. So just again small things.

  2. I would have asked for a Regalia. It’s the best kind of present you can ask for; both a weapon you can protect yourself with, and a possible best friend! Otherwise, I would be just fine settling with a android who would do all my bidding for me. Have them do the things I wouldn’t want, like to go school!

    I already know what book would like be your number #1 pick; Natsume’s Book of Friends. Is there a doubt that it wouldn’t be.

    1. I wouldn’t turn it down but that book is a LOT of trouble…. But yeah I’d still take it, who says no to more friends?

  3. I was just at the shops and saw a D Va with Meka (sic) as a Funko Pop and since all those Funko Pops were roughly $20 in the local currency, you can have a real mecha (!!!) for that much.

    Since Karandi mentioned handmade bento, I’d like a kimono. I’ve heard kimonos are tight, but “no pain, no gain” is a big mantra in fashion, isn’t it?

    1. I actually have a Kimono. I need two extra people to put it on and then I’m too afraid to move in it….

  4. Oh, come on! Like we don’t know that pendant has a secret, previously forgotten ability to summon a mecha that was left to you by your ancestors in case of an emergency. You’re going to get that mecha from us either way!

  5. I’ll take one of those smartphones that make you centuries smarter than everyone else around you. For purely philanthropic reasons, of course. (I’ll then help out the locals by taking over, making myself King, and renaming the place “Pluto” or whatnot. . .)

  6. A sleeping bag of invisibility would be nice. I could imerge after Christmas and avoid seasonal stress.

    Also, instead of fried chicken, how about fried chickpeas? With sliced carrots and soy sauce? Seasoned to your liking (chilli is nice, for example). I heared the fried chicken thing is due to a KFC campaign that really caught on. Boosting sales for junk food is probably the true spirit of Christmas, anyway.

    Sorry, seasonal blues.

  7. Definately the yukata, and if they are as comfortable as they look (I’m thinking the ones the guys wear for archery) I’ll wear it constantly. I like the idea of a mecha… but I wouldn’t mind a mascot like Nyanko Sensei either. I wouldn’t entirely mind stumbling into a great artifact at the Goodwill store that turns me into a magical girl. Mostly I want the body and costume but I’m willing to bash a few heads to get it.

  8. I must admit I’d also love a yukata. And hair ribbons? One of my daughters actually did get me hair ribbons one year. It was a great gift, given the length of my hair.

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