You guys may not remember this but I’m actually part of this great podcast group and whenever I’m not shirking my podcasting responsibilities, I annoy them on Twitter and try to steal their insights. I’m not the best… This time, after Remy for the Lily Garden showed us his really awesome view counts on twitter a few weeks ago, I tried to get all the advice I could out of him. Leth or Lethargic Ramblings, if you’re nasty, also kindly joined in to give me a few pointers. As the conversation turned out to be really interesting to me, I asked if I could share it with you guys.

So please enjoy our innominate podcast random chat logs. This is not at all a super easy way for me to get a post….


Remy teach us how to get your views!


Hmmmm?! I don’t get much. I’m actually on a downhill slope atm

Was temporarily boosted since Yuri Nation gave me a shout-out, though…Will head to a stall and talk about pretentious trends after I finish looking through these accounts that may or may not need extensions on debits, though

If you write about visual novels: forget having high views unless if you beat others to the punch. Sometimes the creators have noticed my reviews and retweeted which caused more exposure but probably shouldn’t count on it. Episode reviews: 1st or 2nd episode reviews of a series tend to do best since people want to get a small sample. Episodes with lotsa impact and twists also do well. People either want super detailed posts or short to-the-point-content. I think. I never really got the hang of episode reviews. Top 5 lists: be zany. Write about unique topics to stand out. I think it’s hilarious when someone is super serious about something silly and maybe others do, too. Writing about older series: hit or miss. They’re either tired of reading yet another post about Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball or they love it. The marathoning post I had on CCS was pretty popular but it was ptobably because Tone: my voice in that post was goofy as heck. Don’t be afraid to sound silly in some posts and serious in others. Different content probably require different voices.

Oh, and posts disguised as information dumps on popular shows seem to do well. People still want to know about the secret relationship between “Ange” and Princess as well as the Buddhist imagery and symbols in Houseki no Kuni and Ikuno’s secret in Darling in the FranXXX

Focusing on subtle things the series or studio purposefully only allude is popular I guess. They see the signs, wonder if they’re going crazy, and try to confirm their beliefs by looking online.

Please don’t sue me if none of these “tips” work

I try to do that with my Steins;Gate posts…although not purposefully I guess

goofy voice you say?


Those are some nice tips

My rant-y posts always do well it seems. Because people love rants. I’m pretty sure my most popular post was a rant actually

Actually no, my most popular post was my Guide to Elitism, which is the only post I’ve ever done in that “style”

I wanted to do more of those but couldn’t think of any others that wouldn’t maybe upset people

The elitism guide would make a good YouTube video actually

And then sadly my “best” post (in my opinion) is like my least popular 😀

(Which is why I’m hesitant to continue with that series because I’m afraid people won’t be interested)

(Also time)

Do you know what post would do really  well, in my opinion?

A copy paste of this conversation (ED- Irina you sneaky little devil…)

Hahaha – Probably

If you want to make it happen I am okay with my foolish words being shared

Mmmm rants are good, Goofy as in silly headers and stuff. Idk. Not as stiff and formal?

Goofy with silly headers definitely works. – It’s probably why that elitism guide did so well

Yeah – my chubby chaser post mostly got play on the title I think
By the way Remy – I didn’t get to clap back up there with your humble “I don’t get much views” but the views you posted a few weeks ago were super impressive.

Yeah Remy, for a text blogger you got some good views


Wow, that Google docs post looks great (ED – He’s talking about basically this post – the google doc with all our avatars in it!)

It’s like a video game!

Awww well, thanks, you two. Those really are the best of the best I have to offer though. My posts usually are much lower in viewcount.

Guys did you know Twitter is the most relevant video game?!

I have the same issue Leth – all my FAVORITE posts – never get much attention
I’ve actually posted about that a lot – the posts when I whine about my favorite posts not getting read get a lot of views though…

And even still Remy it’s very impressive!

I was actually talking about those monthly views you twitted out a few weeks ago
those were all your views for the year and they were kick ass
kick behind…I’ll censor that

I generally think “kick ass” is okay

I still have NO clue why I censor myself

Tbh I think all cursing is okay
But I’m probably alone
xD – I’m Scottish

Twitter is totally a video game. I hear you, Irina.I just know my most recent post is gonna bomb and I’ve come to terms with it. I just had to get it out there though. Maybe the other bloggers really relate to your plight, Iri! I think we all do!

I try to tone it down though because I’d like my writing to be more approachable
Yeah we all do for sure!

You say that about all your posts Rem

Ohhh that stat screenshot. Forgot about it, oops.

but I’m thinking some of them do ok

Hmmm some do. But we all get awarded (should happen more tbh just saying we work hard)

Such is the nature of the written word sadly
People want video essays now instead of essays
Hahahahaha guys I’m dying

So um – I added everything in, wanna call it a collab?

And scene! Did you guys enjoy this at all. It’s literally just an excerpt from a random chat log. The rest of the team actually have some truly amazing conversations while I’m asleep. If You ask nicely, I bet they would be willing to share some!

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      1. Yea TPAB sort of…disappeared though! And recently you have been pretty guilty of doing just that wouldn’t you say 😉

            1. nah – you guys go on and have fun. I’ll drop by soon. We got a collab to figure out evenually

  1. I can relate to never getting views on the ones I put the most work into…
    But hey, it’s only been from those that I’ve actually convinced people to watch something! That’s way more worth it!

      1. *cough*
        I’m not repetitive!
        I’m just- just feeling under the weather is all!
        I totally have tons of interesting stuff to say about all the posts I like! Totally! I totally wasn’t drawing a blank on what to say, then just saying the first thing that came to mind!

  2. Podcasts, huh? I definitely want to do some at some point, but just haven’t undertaken the endeavor yet. From my experience, I write a mix of what’s currently relevant and what piques my interest in animation at a moment in time, but I always write what I want with a consistent level of quality in mind, and feedback from readers as well (any criticism or praise is duly noted, always.) For me, my best posts tend to have been the Hunter x Hunter things I’ve done (which is great, since HxH is my favorite anime series.) However, there’s a variety of other things I wish had gotten more attention, like the recent Nagisa character piece, and my Twitter feed is a ghost town, lol. I do appreciate the support I’ve gotten though, and this was a very insightful, reflective read!

    1. HxH is one of my favorites. I saw and at the time skipped your Nagisa bit since I was actively watching Assassination Classroom.
      You know a weird thing. In my first months I wrote a little post about Kagari, It got maybe 10 views… and then died. It somehow got revived and still gets regular views. Not tons but enough here and there that it’s now up to a total of roughly 800 views. I’m not sure how it happened but there is still hope for those overlooked posts.

      1. Glad you got to see the Nagisa post now, Irina 🙂

        HxH is definitely great. Reminds me I still have an ongoing ’99 vs ’11 series I have to get back to. Heavens Arena is up next.

        And yeah, posts can be revived! I had a Ben 10 review that gained more hits in the past 6 months than it did last year, and my Killua and Zuko character pieces have racked up hits. You never know what will take off later!

  3. I’ve always had an odd fascination with reading chat logs — back in the MSN Messenger days I used to save all my conversations and regularly read them back to myself. I’m not entirely sure why — I guess it’s because it’s a way to do something you can’t really do with real-life conversations unless you’re recording them… and when everyone involved knows you’re recording them the overall “tone” of things tends to be a bit different.

    I think it may also have something to do with the fact that I have a tough time communicating face-to-face (or even on voice chat without clear “structure” such as a podcast format) so reading back chat logs is always a nice way to remind myself that there is a means of communicating with which I feel completely… well, mostly comfortable.

    That aside, some good discussion here. Interesting to hear some different perspectives on both blogging as an activity in general as well as self-perception! I’d definitely agree with the common viewpoint that the posts you often end up most proud of oddly tend not to be your most successful ones, but I don’t think you have to see that as a failure or anything. Once you’ve got that content out there, you can always refer back to it in the future, or link back to it in the posts you know are going to be popular. If it doesn’t perform “well” on the first day, don’t sweat it.

    My most consistently popular posts are about sex game and amazing character creator Honey Select Unlimited, and the softcore pornographic shoot ’em up Deep Space Waifu. Although I find social media can make a huge difference… when Denpasoft RTs anything I’ve written about one of their VNs, for example, I always get a huge spike in traffic. If I was doing this full-time I’m sure I’d be able to find some way to take advantage of that aspect a bit more!

    1. I get these types of comments from a lot of bloggers. Sex sells, naughty tags get views but I have had the opposite expreience.
      Anytime I’ve reviewed anything the least bit racy, tubbleweeds…

      1. Well I don’t have much say in this particular group but I’m sure folks would be happy to join any group you start.

  4. Very interesting, and I’m surprised at how much I agree with a lot of their points, specifically on rants and disguising episode reviews as cool info dumps. My most succesful post was when I discussed Samurai Champloo’s portrayal of Edo Period Christianity, people love learning stuff or seeing new opinions. I try to avoid reviewing old or “common” stuff for this reason. I can probably rustle up some more views if I watched Franxx, but I’d rather catch up on it once it’s over.

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