I have to admit I did not expect this. As a start to the final 3 episodes of the season, we had a basic nothing happened sort of episode. Not even enough for a proper setup unless you count the last second. It was just a sort of meandering slice of life aside which isn’t necessarily bad but is very odd to have right as you should be gearing up for the climax.

Maybe it’s the calm before the storm?

When I say nothing happened, it’s a hyperbole of course. There was still a 20-minute plus episode but to me, it kinda felt like nothing much happened.

In the first act, Ashiya and Maou argued about getting a TV. This made me wonder when the light novels were written because making a big deal about a tv when you already have a perfectly good laptop seems sort of outdated. Then we got this odd scene where Bel and Emilia recapped the premise of the show while sitting on a bus and then it went back to then arguing about a TV.

In the second act, we got what could be considered the conflict or tension of the episode. It seems poor Emilia has contracted some sort of serious illness, maybe a thyroid issue of some sort. Her hormones are out of control. She threw a fit because Ashiya invited one of her work acquaintances to shop for the TV with them. It lasted a while. I’m not sure why. I guess it’s because she doesn’t want devils to get close to her friends but like Maou and Chiho are super close and that’s o.k. They obviously interact with people all the time and that was never an issue either. Maybe this lady is her friend even though we’ve only seen her once before.

The final act was sort of a mishmash. Gabriel and Lucy had this conversation that was an excuse to give Lucy this long NEE monologue. Then we got a series of recap clips reminding us of the whole Yesod fragment storyline. I understand why they did this. I bet the Yesod thing is important to the actual core storyline and they haven’t been great about being consistent with it. And lastly, Chiho got hypnotized by the TV which is another plotline that I have seen in Sailor Moon. I approve of the Sailor Moon influence on this season of Part-Timer.

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  1. It’s perhaps a bit unfair to blame all my misgivings of a single character, but I can’t resist a pun:


    I thought this show would be more fun, but Alas…

    Sorry, on to your regular, if unscheduled, comment:

    I found this a really boring episode. The only time this episode entertained me was Gabriel’s and Lucifer’s conversation. I thought that was pretty well done. Sadly, I don’t care much about the scene’s implications, so it feels a tad wasted.

    I’m not sure if I just wasn’t in the mood this weak, if this episode was the weakest yet, or if I simply stopped fooling myself, but this episode mostly bored me. In the past I was moderately entertained. Now? Meh. (And it’s still one of the better shows in this wasted season.)

    For what it’s worth, I’m getting more into Hoshi no Samidare, now that the story gets rolling. The story’s great; the production’s… not. You gotta respect a heroine who wants to save the world, just so she can destroy it herself when the time comes.(It’s probably better to spend your time on the manga, if you consume both. I don’t, so the anime will have to do.)

    Top three shows this season: Made in Abyss – Shadows House – Ao Ashi. (Ao Ashi was in the good middle field last season; it got better, or rather it’s always been that good but didn’t reveal its hand, but it’s also in a much weaker season).

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