You know I have lost a lot of interest in this season of The Devil is a Part-Timer and the upside to that is that it makes the posts a lot quicker to write. And who knows, maybe it will be an awesome finale!

The cliffhanger bear from the last episode turned out to be nothing. Basically, it was well a cliffhanger last episode although we all knew it was nothing. These characters fight demons and angels on a regular basis, a bear is not going to be a big deal.

As predicted, Emilia took care of it in the opening scene. Then it was used as a bear-slayer “joke” that went over my head and Emilia freaked out a bunch. Was she that cartoonishly tsundere last season? I don’t remember her having that many mood swings. But that could just be a faulty memory issue. And we also saw her less last episode so she didn’t have as many opportunities.

Then it turned into a produce and equipment thief storyline. For a second I thought that someone in Chiho’s family might be involved and I thought that was cool but actually, it was people we don’t know and, that was taken care of in one scene as well. It was an opportunity for the accidental chest grab “joke”. I haven’t seen that one in a long long time.

Admittedly I’m not paying super close attention to the season but I do find that they are getting powers whenever they need them. Emilia’s magic boots. We saw them before but they sure are useful. Alas turning into a sword. Sorry, I mean Alas Ramus. And Maou getting his Satan form whenever. I am glad they kind of addressed it in the closing scene although not really.

And that is the end of the farm filler arc. With only 3 episodes to go, it’s the perfect time to go back to the main plot and introduce a new character I’m kidding, it’s usually a very weak move to introduce a new character in the last episodes. I think Part-Timer did this in season 1 as well and it wasn’t great then either.

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  1. She was always tsundere.but this thing with the bear felt too contrived.

    I think smacking it in the nose and having it run away would be better. They track down the “dangerous” bear only to find it had cubs nearby and was defending them. They then work out a way to protect both people and bears. It brings them all closer together. The Devil learns a lesson about not jumping to assumptions. Maybe they nail the thieves along the way. And they move on.

    That’s how I would have handled it.

    And where the hell in Japan are bear attacks a thing?

  2. Emilia freaking out over “bear slayer” is probably the anime-common embarrassment. Judo-throwing a bear is not quite what your avarage person does, and it’s certainly not “feminine”. And I do remember Emilia being bad with embarrassment in season 1, too, though it definitely didn’t feel as cartoony (the entire second season feels far more cartoony). I liked season one a lot, but it definitely wasn’t the story that impressed me.

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