A lot of people in my comments seemed to like the manager lady. Ms. Amane… I almost forgot her name and I just finished watching the episode. Not good. Like I was saying, it seems a lot of people liked Amane so there was some excitement about this episode. After all, they were hinting that she was going to find herself in the middle of whatever grand battle was shaping up!


I was always pretty neutral on Amane. I neither disliked her nor particularly liked her. I think I would have enjoyed the character a lot more in a different show but in this season of The Devil Is A Part-Timer she was just another new character that I had no attachment to. I can’t gather up enough enthusiasm to form a bond with the new characters right now.

And I have to admit, Alas just annoys me. Having her chime in in the middle of the battle just didn’t do it for me. I understand it’s supposed to be cute or something but it made me roll my eyes. And her brief appearance in little girl form wasn’t much better. Maybe I’m just being crabby. Still one of my least favourite kid characters in recent memory.

Anyways, all that build-up from last week ended up being very lacklustre, as far as I’m concerned. The big enemy was just some random demons who the main characters already knew but we didn’t. Great. There was a half-hearted battle with Emi in her best golfing outfit, and the animation this time around isn’t good enough to make up for the rest. And then it turned out that the black sword can change Maou back into Satan for a bit so he just had a chat with the devils and sent them all home. Yup, that’s exactly what happened.

If you haven’t seen the episode and you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned Amane yet it’s because she didn’t really do anything. She brought the sword to them for some reason. They could easily have gotten it themselves and then at the end she told them she was basically an earth gd that protects sacred land and she disappeared. That’s it. That was her contribution to the season. Actually, maybe she comes back next week. At this point, I’m not making any predictions.

So the beach arc ends not with a bang but with a sigh. Nothing much happened this week and really nothing with any impact on the rest of the story happened in this entire little beach sideline. I guess it’s just back to fighting Gabe next week?

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  1. It was all a little odd. I mean, the demons we saw last week didn’t seem to be hardliners, but little came of it. And, yeah, I’m not really feeling Alas Ramus either (not to mention that they always say the full name, and it just feels awkward for that character). In any case, it’s still one of the better shows this season. Make of this what you will.

    1. Must be a terrible season. I’m only watching 3 shows as they air out of which part-timer is a distant 3rd for me but I was hoping to binge a few more after the season since I’ve been hearing good things. I’m a little bummed if they are all worse than this

      1. I somehow missed this comment. But it’s true; the season is pretty bad. That said, there are a few shows I like better than this, and you probably are enjoying it a little less than I am, too, so there’s still hope. This season, though, is definitely in the hand of the sequels. Made in Abyss and Shadows House are by far the best this season has to offer. For what it’s worth, the second season of Utawarerumono – The False Faces is also one of the better shows this season, and it would be mid-tier in an avarage season.

        Of the new shows, the only standouts for me are Kami-kuzu Idol, which is moderately fun, and Chimimo which is cute. Maybe you’ll like Yurei Deco, but I find it mostly dull and occasionally annoying (with spots of interest, or I’d have dropped it). It reminds me most of shows like DecaDence or Listeners: the potential is there, but nothing comes of it. Chimimo in one half-episode skit showed a better understanding of social media than Yurei Deco in its entire season. Also, the cutesy talk others mentioned at the start didn’t bother me at first, but it’s become grating over time.

        The Yakuza babysitting show is fine, I guess.

        I’ll have to mention Lucifer and the Buscuit Hammer. It’s one favourite new shows this season, mostly because I click with the material; but it’s just not very well made. People who’ve read the manga say this has anime-of-season potential in a season where it competes with Made in Abyss, and it’s not hard to imagine. They nail the occasional emotional scene. I think I’m liking this more than most, but even can’t say they fully mined the potential (and I don’t even know the source).

        And then there’s Bucchigire, which is a fun Shinsengumi show with style that I liked more in the beginning than I do now. However, the characters are great fun most of the time, even if the story itself isn’t (but it’s not bad either and doesn’t get in the way).

        And then, there’s Lycoris Recoil, the show that everyone likes more than I do. The main duo has great chemistry, and pretty much all the side characters feel like their own characters. The setting is interesting, and the plot is well-developed and ties in well with the setting… And somehow I don’t get into it to the extent that others seem to. I don’t know why.

        To summarise: If I think of top-10-of-the-year candidates, only Made in Abyss and Shadows House are almost sure to score a place. I can’t think of a single maybe; the rest is just that far behind. And now consider that I tend to intuitively judge a season by its new shows…

        1. I’m watching Call of the Night. It’s not great but I do enjoy it once a week and I love both the OP and ED.

          1. I dropped Call of the Night after one episode. I’m not sure why. There were some aspects I really like (I like the character designs, for example), but I sort of didn’t get into it. I’m certainly still watching shows I enjoy less (why? It’s a mystery even to myself.)

  2. These are basically all of my thoughts too. It was very boring and didn’t really mean or change the status quo at all. The episode ended and it was like “well, I guess some things happened” as they all return to where they were before hand.

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