Quick Summary of Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2 Episode 49 Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2 Episode 49, “Choose Me,” Emilia emerges from completing the trial to find a snowstorm. 2,345 more words

Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2 Episode 49: The Fall of the House of Mathers — Crow’s World of Anime

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  1. Irina, unfortunately, I don’t think Rem will be waking up in the last episode this season. I think the only way to wake her up is to kill the person who put into the state she is in, and Lye Batenkaitos is nowhere to be seen after he appeared in Episode 26, so the earliest Rem will potentially be back would be in the next season if Subaru and co. manage to kill him then.

  2. Irina, I think this episode pretty much confirms once and for all that Roswaal and Hector didn’t fuse. Roswaal was speaking like his normal self did 400 years ago and stopped imitating Hector’s speech patterns, and Puck also indicated that Roswaal would never be the Warlock/Devil Hector is.

    This episode also confirmed that Echidna’s Authority of Greed is her Tome of Wisdom, and given the examples we have with her Authority of Greed differing from Regulus’s Authority of Greed seemingly being a power that grants him extremely powerful defensive and offensive abilities as well as Subaru’s Invisible Providence coming from the front side of his body while Petelgeuse’s Unseen Hand coming out of his back, I believe it’s clear that individual Authorities do not necessarily have to manifest the same way in individuals. Maybe Sekhmet, who used what appeared to be the Unseen Hand in Episode 38, has the exact same authority as Petelgeuse, but it’s also possible that the two have a difference that viewers don’t know of yet. It’s hard to say given none of us saw her using her hands from her point of view.

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