Maybe by mistake or possibly out of pity, Shokamoka , who has a blog of Wonders y’all, once claimed this little blog o’ mine was lovely, and I’ve been desperately trying to live up to that ever since.

Somehow I managed to trick the much too kind Crimson from the delightful Crimson is Blogging (if you haven’t had the joy – go now!) to suggest my blog was unique. I proceeded to milk that for everything it’s worth  and openly beg for more noms.

Well because you all happen to be the nicest people in the world, I got nominated again for the unique blogger award… 4 more times! You know that old saying: be careful what you wish for? I don’t! This rocks!!!


How to play:

  1. Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  4. Ask them 3 questions.

First up Mistress of Yaoi from Yaoi Playground (yes that is exactly as much fun as you think it is. I’ll see you in a couple of days when you’re done reading everything there) was kind enough to include me. Make sure to go check this out for her great answers.

Q: Well I am the Mistress of Yaoi so I have to start here, what introduced you to the world of boys love and Yaoi?

A: This is not very original but it was DMMD the Visual Novel. This said, I played it a long long time ago with a super questionable English patch (and you thought the story made no sense…) I had no clue that it was a Yaoi game or even an eroge and the “creative” translation really did not give me any clue where it was going… Oh boy was that a surprise…. Noiz route first!

I haven’t looked back since. I’ve also replayed the game with a much better translation. Not sure which one I prefer to be honest.

Q: What was the last song you listened to and sang along with?

A: It was this:

the last thing I sang to in front of other people was this:

Q. Got any fun plans for Halloween?

A: Nothing I can’t cancel, what did you have in mind?

Thanks again Mistress for nominating me! Because I will nag people until I get nominated again, I’ll be sure to pay you back in the future.

Next up, the unbelievably adorable Auri-chan from Manga Toritsukareru Koto, gave me a chance to answer some of the best/most important questions I have ever been asked. Make sure to read her own post or really anything on her blog if you want to smile.

Q: I don’t like flowers. Do you? Daisies or Daffodils?

A: Flowers and I have come to an agreement. We got a mutual non-aggression thing going on and it has worked out well so far.

(I had to look up what Daffodils are – they’re Narcissus if you guys are like me) Of course Narcissus! First they are associated with the greek myth and I relate to that. I am definitely dying drowned while trying to make out with my reflection in a lake.

Second they’re super useful. They contain the alkaloid poison lycorine, mostly in the bulb, which happens to look and smell a lot like a leek. You never know when you’re going to need to poison someone so keeping a bunch on hand is a good idea.

Finally, here at least, they’re used as a symbol for the cancer society and are sold to collect funds for research. It’s a good cause.

Q You’re in a bus listening to music (also holding that bouquet of flowers afore mentioned)  when someone pulls out a knife and begins to threaten the person in front of you. What do you do?

A: See see, I told you those flowers would come in handy! I whip out my trusty portable hotplate and prepare a batch of delicious “green onionokonomiyaki. Being menacing all day is tough work so our new knife toting friend is probably going to be just hungry enough to find the aroma of my impeccable dish completely irresistible. The rest should take care of itself

Image result for anime onion okonomiyaki
Admit it, you would risk it

Q: After the deal with the knife dude settles down, the bus breaks down. (God, this bus sucks) In the middle of nowhere. Do you have the things you need to survive in your backpack?

A: Well having to waste a gourmet meal on some dude did put a little dent in my provisions but I should be ok. After all if I’m on a bus then I have a psp, 3DS, phone, tablet, palm pilot… You know, the essentials. Who do you take me for!

Auri you’re awesome and I will get you back…I mean thank you…

Then Crack (I call ’em Crack cause we’re that close) over at CrackReviews (possibly having run out of people to nominate), gave me a shout out. Crack had some great answers in their own post. Crack also takes the time to review some older titles and more unusual movies so if you want to read something different then you need to go check out that blog.

Q: If you are interested in thriller movie or series, what is your favorites and why?

A: I’ll admit I had to look up what qualifies as thriller and apparently Steins;Gate, Death Note and Psycho Pass are all in that category so yeah, I like thrillers. I like ’em a whole lot.

Honestly the why would take forever but in short – I like puzzles. I enjoy games of wit. I like a story that forces me to think even if it’s imperfect.

Q: Have you ever made a fatal mistake in your life and made it improve your life?

A: Fatal no. I can recall a few times when relationships have ended and at the time I thought it was the END OF THE WORLD. I did the whole, where did I go wrong, if I could go back, blah blah blah… I can’t say for certain my life is better for the split but my life is great now and I wouldn’t trade it!

Image result for anime break up
Good times!

Q: What’re the goals you living in this world and if you didn’t achieve it, do you have a plan B or anything else?

A: See the thing about getting older is that things become less important. What, just me? I’m criminally irresponsible? Oh well… I honestly enjoy my life a lot and have been inexplicably blessed to end up with way more than I ever expected.

This said, I do have a retirement dream. Once I’ve saved up enough to not be a burden to the state, I want to get my certification and train seeing eye dogs. It’s my dream, I dreamed it.

Well Crack my friend, I hope these answers weren’t a complete disappointment to you. I hope you enjoyed writing your own post cause more are coming your way!

And finally, as proof that time is in fact cyclical, Shokamoka also nommed me! Since Shoka was himself nominated by the darling Auri, you can see his answer to those same questions here (his are better than mine. I pretend it doesn’t bother me.)

Q: Which anime show best describes your life?

A: Softball! Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid before she met Tohru… Honestly, I am so like Kobayashi that it was a little unsettling to watch. And yes, I get just as inappropriate after a few drinks. It’s embarrassing for everyone…

I’m not sure if it’s a good thing, but I am now just waiting for the day my own dragon maid shows up. It’s really given me something to look forward to. We’re gonna train seeing eye dogs together.

Image result for miss kobayashi's dragon maid
Might as well be my diary

Q : What are your favorite anime shows crossover?
Or parody series?
Or both? (screw it)

A: Hmm I think the only crossover I’ve seen is Gintama so YAY VICTORY BY DEFAULT!

I do love a good abridged series. 50% off is absolutely brilliant and I prefer it to Free! I cannot see Nagisa as anything other than a thug seme now. I also liked the few episodes of Madoka Magically Abridged from TheOutbackAI if for nothing else than all the corny pickup lines. I collect corny pickup lines. hbi2k’s Berserk The Abridged Series will completely change the way you see that show and has fantastic commentary on male nipples, and the grandaddy of them all DBZ abridged actually revived my love for the series. As much as they make fun of it, it’s clear they adore the show! I watch these while I cook and have seen all of them many times over.

Q: Have you ever started watching an anime show only because you became interested in a certain character?

A: I will let you know if I ever pick up a series for any other reason!

If you made it this far, congratulations! You now know more about me than my own mother.

I am going to *try* to nominate people who haven’t just put up one of these posts but I’ve kinda lost track of the award spam. Let’s see then:

My questions:

1 – Favorite post you read this week

I know some of you may do weekly roundups anyway so substitute it for a questions of your choice. I actually want an excuse to answer this myself..

You might have noticed that I’ve mentionned Shoka a lot here. Maybe you think it’s overkill, and … useless, but I really want to emphasize how actually wonderous that blog is. If you need proof just look at the recent posts on two cars. First he manages to clearly establish the show, give us a concise and absolutely fascinating lesson on the bonkers sport of sidecar racing and start a respectful and deeply insightful discussion on the larger issue of feminism within professional sports. An actual conversation…not just a rant! (Read it here) Then he followed that up by analyzing the merits of the anime itself in a way that really tells you whether you want to see it or not. I read a lot of reviews, that’s a lot harder to do than you may think. (Read that part here) The split between the two parts was done perfectly to make sure these aspects did not overshadow one another and the post didn’t get rambling. It’s truly impressive work. I don’t know what Shokamoka plans to do in the future but I really hope it includes writing…

Movin’ on:

2 – What is the best thing about your secret crush? (Does not need to be someone who “exists”)

3- What do you wanna say to your boss/teacher/parent (whoever you consider an authority figure), who doesn’t read your blog!

Okie dokies. That’s it for today. Once again thanks to all those who nominated me, for thinking of me and to those I nominated for playing along and to everyone who takes time to read this post:

Image result for anime i love you

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  1. Congratulations and thank you for answer the question I gave. It’s really interesting all of the answer and the questions. That’s true, I’d run out of people what I want to nominate. teehee… anyway, you made an interesting post with an interesting answer. You deserve it 😀

  2. Thanks for answering Rin-san!
    Glad you liked my questions~ (and my blog, yay~)
    Do get back at me (?), I meant your welcome of course XD

  3. ..and then my heart with pleasure fills
    And dances with the daffodils.

    As if, Wordsworth, as if. (This poem is the equivalent of a really bad earworm for me.)

    Congrats once again.

  4. Hahaha yeah something like that. It’s going to be a really long post but it should be interesting answering all the questions! 😊

  5. Congrats on your well deserved nomination! 🙂 This was really fun to read! And thanks for the nomination! I’ve got one very long post to write now! Hahaha :’)

  6. Seriously….the awards just keep piling up don’t they? I can honestly say that you deserve them! Your blog is amazing and so much fun. The humor you put into your posts is really amazing, so thank you for these wonderful posts every week 😀

      1. Well, the issue luckily has been resolved again. My comments are working again as of this morning, so prepare to see some more spam from me again lol 😂😂

  7. Do I see Unlimited Effort Posts going on here!

    Tossing hot potato can be dangerous. Maybe I should start looking for a way to revolutionalize blog awards…
    Naturally I want you in on this, too. 😛

    Just check Discord more often fam~

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