• Genre: Everything that’s right with the world, mullets, I dunno music maybe?
  • Episodes: 13
  • Studio: A-1 Pictures


With the winner of the triple S competition still undecided and the sudden and exciting return of Heavens, Starish have a lot of work to do if they want to prove that they are top bestest boys 4 ever! now, the heads of their respective agencies have come up with this nutso idea of pairing them up into couples duets. Fear not faithful fans, Starish can still contact on words if wisdom and motivation from their rivals and mentors Quartet Night, currently on history’s most lenient world tour. And of course my Hero is back. The new mix of Adderall and Crack has done wonders for her as she is able to compose and arrange a new world-class hit every other day plus all the competition song without ever saying or doing anything interesting or important in any way. Sure she’s writing the songs for all three bands and both studios ..by herself… But that doesn’t stop her from being Starish’s secret weapon… Somehow. It’s amazing you guys!!!!

One of my favorite things about this franchise is still the fact that HEAVENS call their fans angels. It’s super obvious but also works so well. It would totally catch on in real life. I’ve been trying to come up with fandom monikers for the other two bands. Because my time and thoughts are of the utmost importance. QUARTET NIGHT quarters? Night owls? How about STARISH superstars or maybe starf.. um starfish.. it’s a work in progress.

Uta No Prince Sama Legend Star anime review
I’m sorry

Guys, I’ve watched 4 seasons of this show. 52 episodes… I feel like I should get a trophy but let’s be honest, watching UtaPri is its own reward! The internet tells me there’s a movie in the works. I’m not sure how they hope to contain so much epic to a simple theater but good on them for trying. After all you need to give it your all if you ever want to accomplish anything in life. That’s the idol way.

Another thing that’s important to any self-respecting idol is looks! UtaPri has always had lavish character designs and with 19 main characters to choose from, you are bound to find something that suits your tastes. This isn’t hyperbole guys….There are 19 main characters this season, and a dozen more recurring ones. Half of them are new. Can you taste the Brilliance? You will!

It has been 4 season so these boys are aging a bit. Of course everything is kept tight and held in place but you know how it is, if you don’t get the angles right, the nip tucks show a little, things look odd or out-of-place. But who cares? These are professionals, 99.9% of the time they know exactly how to find their light and look Perfect!

Uta No Prince Sama Legend Star anime review
I could have used any screencap really…

And so what if they are starting to run out of breath during choreographies. Now that the stage shows are in uncanny CG, of course that extra dimension is going to take some extra effort. Anyone would get winded. The important thing is that they are mind blowing. You Will smell burnt toast!

Uta no Prince Sama exists in its own universe. A place where greatness has no upper limit and somehow every episode is the best episode and every boy is the very bestest boy. For me to try to convey such virtuosity into mere words would just embarrass us both.

This is a show that transcends art! A series that takes the very substance of anime, the fragile magic of a great story, the tempting appeal of beautiful pictures, the heartfelt enchantment of passionate music and melds them into a whole that’s infinitely greater than the sum of its parts.

Uta No Prince Sama Legend Star anime review
this scene alone deserves all the Oscars

This season, UtaPri decided to concentrate on the basics. Music and Intensity. You have no idea what it takes to be a real idol! If you thought being an astronaut was demanding, you clearly know nothing… These boys are working their little hearts out at fabulousness, all 19 of them!

To the untrained eye, the narrative may look superficial. Yet another rehashing of the standard one episode per boy, who both creates and solves some huge problem during said episode then sings about it. Honestly, even if it was just that, it would be pretty awesome. But only a fool would limit themselves at the surface level. The depths of UtaPri hold deep mysteries and untold wonders.

For instance, is Ai still a robot? He doesn’t seem to be, what happened. Sci Fi retellings of Pinocchio are frequent enough and they always emphasize on how the robot becomes a real boy. But UtaPri is way beyond such mundane concerns. The miracle of magic love music will make believers out of all of you and suddenly your world will be transformed. Robots can be real boys, and cursed cat boys can be princes.

Uta No Prince Sama Legend Star anime review
if this friendship can exist…

I’m pretty sure this is on me, every season I change my mind about the voices. Season 2 I thought Syo had the best voice. Then last season I was super impressed with Ai. This season, I’m thinking Otoya was sounding mighty fine. Although, Ren and Natsuki had the best songs. One thing does remain constant though, Cecil still sounds awful but weirdly hot.

Uta no Prince Sama Magi Love Legend Star (that’s the full title you guys, bask in its glory) is the last season of UtaPri currently available. There is a movie in the works though. I was going to make a Natsume comparison but I’m just not… Instead I will say the UtaPri season 4  brought us Heavens and the wait for season 5 is going to be heck! (I’m so glad you can’t hit me through the screen)

TL;DR: My only note for the show is: This is so stupid – I’m so happy!

Favorite character: Otoya because nice boys are best boys..and also Camus… for different reasons…

What this anime taught me: I really want to play these games – good job anime

This. Wine. Is. Making. Me…Awesome!

Suggested drink: Perfect Harmony

  • Every time either Raging or Shining shouts – take a sip
  • Every time we get a super intense eye close up – take a sip
  • Every time anyone speaks in English – take a sip
  • Every time we get a split screen – take a sip
  • Every time anyone gets inexplicably Passionate about something – raise our glass
  • Every time anyone says real idol – cheer
  • Every time we see a magical boy transformation – clap
  • Every time anyone is being a weirdo – get some water
  • Every time someone from Heavens sabotages the duets – take a sip
  • Every time you desperately  want to cut Ren’s bangs off – take a deep breath

Uta No Prince Sama Legend Star anime review

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  1. I have finished watching three seasons and I don’t remember weather I watched 4th season entirely or not but I think that they haven’t focused mainly on the heroine which I liked the most 😛

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