I just realized that we’re at episode 18 of To Your Eternity. Somehow, I let the episodes slide by and lost count despite reviewing them every week. And episode 18 means that we only have 2 more episodes to go before the end of the season. That’s too bad.

And it’s too bad because it means that To Your Eternity is going to end on a weak arc. At least as far as I’m concerned. And I think at least a few of my readers will agree that this island thing is sort of wearing thin.

This post and even my screencaps are going to have spoilers for the episode. You have been warned.

Well, maybe the art consistency was a bit better although the character models still looked a bit weird to me, especially in perspective view. But the story… I dunno man, it’s kinda tough to really care about idiots being idiots. And like everyone was an idiot this week, except maybe Fushi who’s the only one with an excuse.

I did like that Fushi pointed out how stupid it was of Tonar to come back to a deadly situation in order to save an immortal. And ultimately how selfish that choice is as it negated both Fushi’s sacrifice and his choice, and it’s likely to bring him trouble down the line. we’ll get to that. So Tonari is a moron but whatever. A well-meaning moron. That has a certain charm. Except I still don’t care about Tonari, I’m sorry guys I just don’t, which means that the opening act really didn’t interest me much and I let m mind wander.

I thought about how Hayase was an idiot. Like why would she be surprised that Fushi had escaped. She’s actually had first-hand experience with him escaping many times before. and she saw his mole form. Why would she stick him in a hole with no guards? At that point just let him roam free and cut the pretense. Hayase has very uneven logic.

Still, I didn’t have time to get too bored because, yay, we got a Nokkers attack. And not just any Nokkers, Zombie Nokkers. Zomkers! I had an actual blast just saying Zomkers to myself. and for a while, it was stupid fun. I was thinking that I enjoyed the fact that the more human the Nokkers go, the least impressive they were. Considering the inhabitants of the island, the Zomkers are probably among the less threatening. That is until I realize they could infest people.

Nokker infestation, and generally visibly seeing something infest a body is usually some of the most gruesome visuals for me. And this was no exception. It was ewwie. I remember seeing the lost boys and girls back at the island with no explanation and thinking, great, you’re all nincompoops. Now you’re probably gonna die. And die they did!

This sucked on a lot of levels. For one, as I mentioned, the band of merry kids are my favourite thing from this arc. And this episode was no exception. Like thank god for Uroy or else the melodrama might have taken me out as well. When they were all telling Tonari it wasn’t her fault all I could think is, no it’s totally her fault. She went to save an al powerful immortal… She dum. I hope Fushi can turn into all of them and have little dinner theatre changing from one kid to the next.

It also sucked a bit because I didn’t care that much. I do like these kids. But we haven’t gotten to know them that well and To Your Eternity sort of pulled this trick too many times in too short a time. It probably says something about me that the only death that actually made me sad was the first one. I might adapt too quickly.

Anywho, most of the kids are dead and one a heaven beach. Good for them. I hope the fact that we saw them move on doesn’t mean Fushi can’t turn into them. That would be bad. Fushi is currently a mole being carried by an Eagle. I would give anything for the first scene next episode to be Fushi regenerating after having been eaten by Ligard. And Tonari is having a mental breakdown, admittedly justified. Oh and Zomkers are still eating the island.

The only interesting thought I had was if Hayase gets herself killed in this, will Fushi be able to turn into her? She’s certainly made a very strong impression on him. And I find the implications of that, and mostly the idea of seeing Fushi deal with that, to be super interesting. My hope is that After Fushi puts himself back because Ligard ate him, he realizes he can turn into Hayase, the Zomkers die of’ I don’t know, let’s say sun exposure or overeating or something, and then we get an episode and a half of Fushi going a bit nuts having a Hayase vessel. Cool right? Just me?

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4 thoughts

  1. 20 episodes only, how peculiar. Was assuming we’d get another arc, to hopefully end the season on a high. Shucks.

    I need Hayase, her batshit craziness adds a little spice for me. And I can imagine an interesting push-and-pull between Fushi & her. He’s never been taken in by a POS, at least for now.

    As for the Nokkers, did Fushi try to burn them? That’s been his go-to move so far, plus they’re made of organic material. Just needs to conjure a little olive oil. Everything smells good cooked in olive oil.

    1. anilist tells me it’s 20. There is a small chance they got it wrong.

      Fushi may still have some hangups about burning people alive. He is pretty squeamish. But that would have been the move.

  2. Yeah, everybody coming back was stupid. And the owl being alive and well, despite being hit by an arrow is stupid, too. I mean, in a sense they should have all survived, gone their merry ways, and down the line Fushi could meet their kids, who never believed their parents’ tall tales or something. But no, it’s all repetitive drama. I just don’t think the writing is all that interesting It’s not like we’re doing all that much with those deaths.

    Nokkers have always tried out new materials, so trying out flesh makes sense. But honestly? I wasn’t that keen on seeing them back that soon.

    Yeah, I noticed it’s only two more episodes, and yeah, the longest arc was the weakest. I still enjoy it, it’s just sort of disappointing. (I thought the same thing about Ligard. They’ve given him/her a snack.)

    Honestly, if the owl’s going to survive, it should have been because Hayase tended to it, so not to give Fushi such a convenient vessel. (Maybe that’s what happened?)

    I actually hoped the owl was Fushi when it suddenly returned.

    Tonari: Ligard, you’re alright!
    Ligard-Fushi: Gomen…

    1. The OWL being Fushi to begin with would have been a lot better. I guess they needed him for this episode but honestly, they should have rewritten this episode.

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