There was no new episode of To Your Eternity last week and it sort of left a hole in my week. I’ve gotten used to spending a little time alongside Fushi and it’s just not the same when he’s not around. I guess I’m going to have one more manga t read once the season is over. Happily, this one is on Crunchyroll so I can read it for free.

It’s amazing how human Fushi has gotten, isn’t it? He’s learned to feel grief now. That’s such a human thing to do. To feel all horrible and sad over something you can’t change. It’s an unpractical feeling. Not something that would exist in a logical universe. But that’s cause it’s a price. We pay it in exchange for love. Precious things are always very expensive.

And it’s not just grief, he’s clearly learned fear. He already had some of the basics down in an instinctive way. But this is the fear of losing someone else. The fear of causing pain. The fear of failing to protect those around you. It’s a fear most people just live their entire lives with. And now Fushi knows it as well.

He also has an emotionally unavailable father and a well-meaning but ornery grandmother. Yup, he’s reached full humanness… It’s a word now!

Man, these paragraphs make it sound like episode 13 of To Your Eternity was a real downer. It did have its share of fridge horror. The notion that Fushi feels all the pain and suffering of anything he’s close to is almost unconceivable brutal. The idea of Fushi creating a corpse of his only friend was so gut-wrenching I almost had to laugh. Yet, that’s not what stuck with me.

What stuck with me was Pyoran choosing her own destiny with full knowledge of the implications. It was how Black Thing is a great name for the Creator and something Fushi wouldn’t have been able to come up with before. It was that Fushi has had a rather unusual and comparatively short life so he has huge gaps in his knowledge but the one thing he is quite familiar with is prison breaks! Pyoran too for that matter. Those crazy kids might want to examine their priorities a bit.

I also ended the episode thinking that I usually like tournament arcs. I’m quite interested to see how To Your Eternity handles this anime cliché. The series has been pretty unconcerned with traditional narrative tropes so far and I wonder if they’ll subvert or honour it. I’m here for it either way.

Finally, I’m thinking that if the green-eyed girl (her name is Tonari but I had to look it up) is going to become the next vessel, I’m cool with that at this point. No need to make her all endearing and likeable, let’s have one vessel that’s a bit of a jerk. It’ll be a nice change!

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  1. I’m looking forward the next episode , I didn’t watch it just yet , but I can’t wait for Fushi to shapeshift to Gugu for the tournament . I mean Gugu already looked like he was a gladiator 🗡 🛡. Also the part with Pyoran wanting to help Fushi was so sweet . I don’t think he realizes that she is an older lady and she wants to spend her last years on one more adventure helping what is basically her adopted grandchild.

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