You know what I realized as I was watching this episode of To Your Eternity. I wanted Gugu and Fushi to go back to the Brewer’s house. Like deeply and desperately. Even as I was smiling and enjoying their adventures, something in my was pleading with them to just go back. Because if they just made it back it would be o.k. For the first time, Fushi had a home.

I just really really wanted him to go home.

Gugu may be a bit of a bad influence. He’s a petulant child and has a mischievous streak. But you know, he’s a good kid when it comes down to it. he also deserved to find a home. And they baited us on purpose, didn’t they? They know we expect the show to kill off anyone Fushi gets close to so they did that whole pretending Gugu might be really sick or something. And I was all ready to get real sad again and then the show said: psych! You got me To Your Eternity! You got me good. And I’m glad you did. Gugu deserves better.

Remember last week when I went on these speculations and wondered if Fushi could recreate things he ate. was just fishing really. I didn’t expect the show to address it at all, let alone make it happen. That’s pretty amazing! I’m enjoying the consistency of this “magic system”.

And Gugu also brought back one of the core themes of the series. He also wants to be remembered. I know that the weird creator guy described Fushi as a saviour. And the direct implication is that he would be saving mankind from this plant-like nemesis. So far though, Fushi is mostly an observer and that holds a certain salvation in it as well. Fushi bears witness to short human lives and holds them within him. Gives weight to their existence and continued meaning. He is a snapshot of humanity itself and so far, he has accidentally only met pretty nice people. I wonder what would happen if Fushi happened to friend a generally rotten person. A murderer or just a jerk. They have friends too after all and Fushi doesn’t seem that picky. What would that do to the mythos of the story?

I have to say, Rean has really grown on me. She’s spoiled but charming which is a though balance to hit. I’m not sure how the author managed to create such a character. I’m really glad She and Gugu got to spend some time together. It felt cathartic and just nice. And it was really heartbreaking to see that Gugu’s brother was also a pretty nice guy, he just sort of got rotten in time. He didn’t seem too healthy maybe some drugs or booze are involved. That seemed particularly tragic to me for some reason.

oh oh and Fushi thinks all dogs are named Joaan. Or maybe he just thought that was the word for dog even though Joaan is a wolf. And can Fushi feel other people’s feelings? He knew about Gugu’s heart hurting and such. I’m sure we’ll get n answer. So far To Your Eternity has been rather stellar at establishing and explaining the rules of its universe.

I’m sort of stalling. Could you tell? I like the enemy. I think it’s an interesting and effective narrative device to throw in. And I’m looking forward to seeing the battle. I even don’t hate the idea of Gugu getting killed in the fight. I mean I do hate it but as long as he’s doomed to die anyway, going down fighting an enemy of all mankind seems like a good way to go. I think Gugu would agree with me. Certainly, the noblest end To Your Eternity has offered. i would be sad but I would understand.

Still, I’m stalling because I’m not sure what to make of that final scene. I don’t know what to tell you about the creator. I loved that Fushi was throwing fruit at him. I’m not sure when he got so annoyed by the guy but Fushi is temperamental lately. Seems like something he would do. And a little root March was an amazing sight. I don,t want the enemy to win or anything, but that looked cool. So what now? I wait for an entire week again? I really wanted them to go home, at least one more time.

You guys know that the manga is also on Crunchyroll. I’m just saying…

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  1. I really want them to get back to the brewery, too. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t to fond of the timing when the enemy interfered. It does make sense, though, since now Gugu gets to see why Fushi was afraid of the forrest.

    I loved how the monster borthers were scaring people. It’s so childish and silly, and perfectly in keeping with the show. A change in the mood, without taking the core conflict off-screen. I’m really liking this show.

    I wonder what’ll happen when Rean finds out what actually happened. That’d be a bit much reality to hit all at once, for someone that sheltered.

  2. I can’t wait for next week’s episode . I really like Fushi as a protagonist. I may have said this before but I find Fushi a refreshing MC , as he’s still learning about the world and it’s people( as are we the audience) but instead of standard Isekei, we have a truly alien being .

    1. Fushi really makes such a great point of view character since his point of view is so unique and devoid of prejudices

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