I’ve been waiting for To Your Eternity for.. well forever! It was first announced something like 3 seasons ago. But then, you know, the world kinda ended, and then I guess there were other delays. In any case, the show kept getting pushed back and pushed back. Now you would think that this would be a turnoff but I had randomly fallen in love with the title and absence was just making my heart grow fonder.

While waiting for the anime to finally come out, I ended up running out of patience and buying the first volume of the manga. It’s available in digital format on Crunchyroll but I like to have physical copies. I never bought volume two though. well not yet. But not because it wasn’t good and not because volume 2 wasn’t available. It wasn’t even because I didn’t want to spoil the anime or anything.

I didn’t buy volume 2 because I never finished volume 1. And I bought it many months ago. I never finished volume 1 because the first few chapters gutted me. No seriously. It was emotionally wrecking. I needed a break from To Your Eternity. Yet here I am, watching and reviewing the first episode as soon as I can after it airs.

And you know, I was fully aware that this was going to make me cry. It’s not like they changed up the story or anything. And I was bracing myself the whole day. I bawled my eyes out still Making some pathetic little yelping sounds as I caught my breath. The second time around wasn’t any easier. But you know, the very first episode brought me as far as I had read and I am grateful for that.

For those of you who may be scared off by my first few paragraphs, let me tell you that from what I know, the beginning is by far the saddest part. It’s uphill from here. Also, it’s a very interesting story about this lifeform that can become anything and goes out to explore the world and fight other supernatural beings. It’s a story about life. It’s importance and aimlessness and beauty. It’s joys and its pains.

Also, I have to say that so far, this is a great adaptation. Actually, I might have been a bit better off if it wasn’t. You know I get annoyed at cheap sentimentality or overblown drama that transparently manipulated the audience. This wasn’t it. It was calm and honest and absolutely devastating and, in a very sad way, it was pretty.

All I have to say is that I’m tearing up a bit again. I’ve been putting off writing the review for an hour or so to get my bearings a bit and I guess it didn’t quite do the trick. The stupid screencaps aren’t helping. I’m sorry screencaps, I don’t know what I’m saying, you’re not stupid!

This is my final word on episode 1 of To Your Eternity. It was lonely and only comforting in the coldest of sense but it was unwavering. And boy, I may not have learned your name, but I will remember you forever.

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  1. Just watched the first episode of this, as it was next on my list. Wanted to come back and read your review. I think it’s one of the most powerful pilots of an anime I’ve seen. Both emotionally {omg😭} and narrative-wise. An ancient/alien(?) lifeform learning how to love through traveling alongside one boy’s lonely struggle… Ep 1 tells a complete story – a beautiful and tragic one. And I don’t have a gauge on where it goes from here, which is kinda awesome. Thanks for your words.

    1. That episode gutted me…in a good way. I don,t want to give anything away so I’m just going to say, thank you so much for coming back to my little review and I hope you enjoy te rest of the series.

      1. I work afternoons this week. Was going to watch the first episode before I finished Silent Hill Origins for Paradise and by the time I got home from work i realized I was way too tired to accomplish anything. 😂 Tonight for sure!

  2. Watched ep 1 and was kind of creeped out by the transformations. . .I don’t normally watch anime to get creeped out. Will try ep 2, but if that little girl does get sacrificed, I’m out. . .

  3. I cried at the beginning. this anime is too good and also very sad. We didn’t even know the boy’s name. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  4. As someone who’s read through more of the manga, I literally had the exact opposite reaction as you did. I didn’t have any feels for the kid at the beginning, but moving forward, I had feels for pretty much every subsequent character. Regardless, I’m glad you’re liking To Your Eternity so far!

  5. For me, the hardest part wasn’t actually the ending. It was the moment the hard-earned optimism finally failed that broke me down the most. There was such a weight to the moment, and then the boy still makes his decision, and goes back to the optimism (though it’s not quite the same anymore). Seriously strong that guy. Had circumstances been different…

    And that entire story’s filtered through this utterly alien point of view. Luckily, our protagonist had some experience with being alive before, or the point of view might have been incomprehensible. I mean here’s something that learns things like walking and eating not because they have to, but because learning is what they do, and as a byproduct they develop compassion and “agency”. I sort of wonder where this goes. A new form every arc? Stick with this form for the rest of the season? Acquire a set to use as situations suggests?

    This is without a doubt my favoutie premiere this season.

    1. I think it’s mine too. I really liked Shadows House but this was.. I mean it had everything set up to disappoint me and it blew me away instead.

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