I was about to just go ahead and describe in detail the ending of this week’s To Your Eternity. Above the fold and all. I am not getting much better at this blogging thing. But I am having a ton of fun lately. Since I’ve caught myself before any blunders and all. might as well step it up and tell you right now: there will be spoilers for episode 3 of To Your Eternity. Probably in the next paragraph!

Actually, before we get into it, let me just get this out of the way. The recap was way too long. The episode spent close to 3 whole minutes recapping what has happened up until now before the OP even started. We’re only at episode 3 you guys, save some for later. At this rate the season is going to be 75% recap! And that’s mt rant of the week.

Let me just ruin the suspense here and let you know that I quite enjoyed this episode of To Your Eternity. Last week I speculated that March would just be plainly sacrificed. I somehow assumed that To Your Eternity was still going to mainly focus on drama but I was so wrong. And I’m happy about that. The episode was mostly action and even some pretty silly scenes, and a bit of blood here and there. I’m not sure if all the comedy was intended but I think it worked either way and the pacing was on point.

This entire arc has a vaguely American feel to it. It recalls first nation legends as well as South American myths but mostly on an aesthetic level. I wouldn’t have minded if the influence was a bit more pronounces as there is a wealth of storytelling there that rarely gets used in anime but I find it pleasant enough as it is. By the way, was that the same bear as last episode. I didn’t remember the dire bear being quite so huge. That was an impressive design!

So now we finally have a name for our main character, such as he is. It’s Fushi! This is going to make writing these reviews so much easier! Just for that, I appreciate this episode. But I also thought it was a fun romp. It’s a bit of a tonal shift, as the story decided to not take itself too seriously this week and I think it works.

One thing I think is a missed opportunity: that small pond or puddle all the characters keep falling into when they should be dead, first the half-eaten Fushi, followed quickly by March when she was escaping and this week Parona miraculously making out of that fall without a scratch. If one of the guards had by coincidence seen all three incidents, they could have started a whole new legend about how that water gives you eternal life! Other villages and nations might have heard about it and waged war. It could have been the puddle saga!

And I think it’s clear that Fushi is still way more comfortable in his wolf form. He even learned how to speak Japanese as a wolf with vocal cords that are really not very well adapted for it, before he did so as a boy. I know this won’t happen but part of me hopes that he gets smarter and more adaptable in all his forms except the human one in which he stays eternally as he is now. All pet-like and savage. But for some reason, he also likes his human form best so that’s the one he stays in most of the time.

I’m not sure how I feel about the preview for the next episode. I was hoping he would be on to his next adventure. This said, we might find out a bit more about what Fushi is, that would be cool.

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  1. I’m really liking this show so far . The main character ( if you can call him that) kind of reminds me of John Carpenter’s the Thing , but with more feelings . And yeah it’s got a bit of a Princess Mononoke aesthetic to it too.

      1. Sweet ! You got the Thing reference . My favorite thing is to show my friend’s who didn’t know about the Thing or hear about it and have them watch it lol .

        1. It’s a classic and really a masterclass on how to build suspense with no budget and showing very little! I actually liked the book as well. It is rather different though

          1. I’m such a fan of cosmic horror too . I also want to see more movies embrace the nice practical effects as I do think modern movies definitely have a place for them alongside CGI.

  2. I actually found the fight tough to watch. I’m glad the show pulls no punches with the details. And that final arigatou was not quite how I expected it to come out. Loving the show. The preview shows Fushi in prison. I sort of hope he takes the form of the mossy rock, because that’s quite suited for the environment. I hope the guard witnesses the transformation and has to explain what happened. That should be one entertaining scene.

    I’m still loving the show. Excited for next episode.

    1. From what we know of Fuji, I’m not sure he would consider confinement unpleasant. He might but he might also just have a grand ol time in there with steady meals and all.

      1. So far he’s seemed more upset when bad things happen to others. It’s easily possible that he stays because he somehow feels they want him to stay. Plenty of stuff to observe in the cell. It’s not like he’s on a deadline.I’m not even sure he sees it as confinement.

  3. R.I.P. emo bear. Your ridiculous design will be missed.

    Also, R.I.P. Fujimi-chan. Crazy Lady looks like she’ll put him through hell.

    1. You are such a pessimist. I think things have been only looking up for Fuji… Lalala can’t hear you

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