Ok fine, To Your Eternity got me again. This is the first time since eipsode 1 completely gutted me that the show made me cry again. Maybe it just took me all ths time to get mysef back together. Oh my, aren’t I the fragile flower! And you know what got me! What made the tears flow free again. That last scene. Fushi as Joaan being all cute and stuff and both of them happy. For me, I need the happy to feel the sad, and boy if something happens again I’mgonna…cry again.

What, i’s not like I’m going to drop the show. We both know that!

This episode was much more emotion. It really was a lover letter to the character of Gugu and served entirely to build and develop him. And it did a good job. Despite the frightening trauma and continued hardship. Gugu remains a surprisingly balanced character.

He’s bitter but he also understands and accepts the reality of his situation without starry-eyed optimism or pipe dreams about universal and immediate acceptance. And although he does get hurt a lot, he seems very strong. And ultimately kind. That reunion with his brother was a deeply cathartic scene in which Gugu managed to be both potentially too soft and though enough to do what was best for him. If anything, Gugu runs the risk of being a little too perfect.

That’s why it’s nice that he’s still s immature when it comes to certain things. Let me be clear, getting mad for being used as a human experiment without consent is perfectly reasonable. He should have thought out his retaliation a bit more is all.

Speaking of immature…Fushi! He’s learning a heck of a lot of things lately and picking them up real fast. And somewhere along the line, he learned how to hold a grudge. Where did he get that from anyways? Again, I feel like I can’t overstate that being experimented on is a very reasonable thing to get mad at. But Gugu is a kid and no one understands where Fushi’s limits are. He used to be ok with people killing him after all.

You know, I’m not entirely sure that Fushi understands the notion of childhood. Like does he know the difference between the little humans and the big ones? It’s instinctive for creatures that age and die, but it may be irrelevant for someone like him. Especially as he seems to be a kid himself, for the moment.

Even though the episode was mostly character-building, we did get a nice little piece of exposition. Fushi can manifest tools. More specifically he can manifest objects that have hurt him. My guess is that the objects need to have mingled with his DNA which still makes the stick for torch a bit suspect but… wizard did it. I wonder if he can manifest the food he’s eaten? Also, the fact that he can’t create the fire, which is a reaction and not an actual object is interesting. He can’t create the torch in the state of burning but he can create it lightly singed. Oh no, I don’t have a theory. I’m just rambling!

At the very least this little piece of world-building does explain his clothes to a certain degree. He’s simply creating them along with the form. For some reason this feels like it might be important.

Look, I know this will not end well. Gugu was as good as dead the moment the show started caring about him. But these last 2 episodes have been a welcomed respite. A little sanctuary from the pain to come. And I appreciate that a lot. This episode of To Your Eternity was called Monster Brothers but the only time brothers are mentioned is Gugu telling Shin he has no brother. Still, the message was very clear. Last week, I thought it was about Fushi finding a brother and this week Gugu found one as well. How very hopeful. I’m going to spend some time trying to steel myself for what to come but expect incoherent and tearful posts to come!

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  1. I do love this show 💕It’s been one of the shows I look forward to seeing the most . And yes the adorable Fushi in wolf form with Gugu 💕💕

  2. I liked the episode, too, but I find it hard to talk about. I think, as I thought from the moment it made its appearance, that trouble will follow the ring. Poor people don’t have that kind of thing, and if they do it must be illicit. I think Gugu got rid of that ring because he couldn’t handle it (the jeweller being amazed tipped him off, and I think it’s smart to run). He thinks his ex-brother can handle it, but I’m not so sure. He doesn’t seem to have the best judgement, and if he tries to pawn it off, he’s far more likely to be arrested for it. And then?

    Ah, we’ll see…

    1. I’m not entirely sure his brother will come to at all. I saw it as a largely (if not entirely) symbolic gesture. Gugu getting rid of his remaining ties to his past in one fell swoop.

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