Technically, this week would be a repeat since my favorite main happens to be a Zoldyck but luckily, I have plenty more to choose from. The Zoldyck family as a whole is full of interesting members and their staff is pretty awesome too. I hope I get a chance to talk about Canary at some point because I am madly in love with her.

  1. How did you find HxH?
  2. Favorite main character
  3. Favorite supporting character
  4. Favorite Chimera ant
  5. Least favorite character
  6. Favorite Zoldyck Member
  7. Favorite Villain
  8. Favorite Nen type
  9. Favorite Nen ability
  10. Favorite episode
  11. Favorite scene
  12. Favorite opening animation
  13. Do you ship anyone
  14. Saddest scene
  15. Favorite non-nen ability
  16. Favorite ark
  17. Least favorite ark
  18. Favorite type of Hunter
  19. Favorite character outfit
  20. Funniest scene
  21. Who would you cosplay as
  22. Friendliest character
  23. Least friendly character
  24. Best main character family member
  25. Favorite character backstory
  26. Worse main character family member
  27. Manga or Anime
  28. Most relatable character
  29. What got you hooked on the show
  30. Why do you love HxH
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This is a pretty awesome pic

Favorite Zoldyck Member

In keeping with my tradition of favoring reprehensible lunatics, this week’s Hunter x Hunter post is dedicated to the probably alien Zoldyck member: Illumi! 

Image result for Hunter x Hunter illumi
Nothing out of the ordinary here

Hunter x Hunter is guilty of having forever skewed my perception of clowns in a very awkward way. Although Illumi is not as obvious as Hisoka, he also seems to favor circus fashion in bright super conspicuous colors – a practical choice for any assassin – which does nothing to help make his already alien like appearance any more normal. You will remember this guy after you meet him, provided you survive. I also kept wondering what conditioner he was using cause that is one fabulous head of hair! 

For hair that shines with all its strength

Illumi seems designed to make us uncomfortable. He is an assembly of dissonant traits seemingly held together through pure instability. Illumi looks silly and rather harmless, he doesn’t have menacing facial expressions or a particularly imposing physique as he tends to not be a close quarters combatant. He is most definitely not harmless. His fantastic voice actor gave the completely expressionless freak an unwaveringly cheerful and very sweet voice to lull us in a false sense of security. I would love to have him read me bedtime stories. No wait, I would not! Fooled again. His lack of emotion and for the most part reaction, make him the ultimate deadpan in every situation and leaves everyone (us included) completely unsettled. 

Image result for Hunter x Hunter illumi broken arm
well that’s excruciatingly painful

 His unnerving presence does not end at his physical attributes either. Rarely has devotion to a sibling appeared so menacing. Even game of thrones has healthier family relationships than this. Through some magic that is completely unique to Illumi, he manages to make everything he says or does seem positively creeptacular even when it’s meant to be an expression of caring and delivered in the softest dulcet tones. Just for a little context here, Hisoka thinks this guy has issues. HISOKA. 

Image result for Hunter x Hunter illumi and hisoka
His going out outfit is on point

And that’s without mentioning his abilities. Aside from being an accomplished assassin who aced the Hunter exam without breaking a sweat, Illumi has one of the most interesting nen abilities in the show. His odd transformation skill (shown in the Hunter Exam arc and then only once again….) is really impressive. Let’s say I stretch my disbelief to its very limits and accept that the facial reconstruction is due to acupressure and nervous realignments or something of the sort, how did he make his hair disappear? Magical! Moreover, his mind controlling abilities are nothing to sneeze at either. Once you fully understand the extent of his power in the last arc, you cannot help but realize that it’s both monstrous and overflowing with potential. 

Makes perfect sense

Because he keeps us on our toes and could still grow in so many ways. Because he is one of the least relatable characters of all time and isn’t bothered by it at all. Because he redefines brotherly devotion as a deeply disturbing concept, Illumi is my second favorite Zoldyck – this week.

See??!! creeptacular!

Suggested drink: Red Needle – And remember to pour a little out for Cohen

  • Every time Illumi is being an overprotective brother – take a sip
  • Every time Illumi is on a job – take a sip
  • Every time Illumi and Hisoka are together – get ready
  • Every time we see Gittarackur – take a sip
  • Every time Illumi is The Comically Serious : take a sip
  • Every time we see Illumi’s needles – have some water
  • Every time Illumi laughs – finish your drink

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One thought

  1. Red Needles sounds like my kinda drink. Seems like you just mix it all together and drink. Convenient!

    Illumi and Hisoka both have some nicely built arms, I have to admit. They should just go around sleeveless and flaunt it.

    But wow, is he creepy. He really does stand out compared to a lot of other characters due to his lovely locks and his dead eyes…

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Illumi!

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