I know for a fact that I didn’t make it this far in my blogging journey by myself. At the very least every reader and commentator along the way has motivated me and encouraged me to keep at it. I am really grateful for that and I try to make sure it comes across whenever I can.

But there are also a lot of bloggers that have helped me behind the scenes and I realize I haven’t been as clear with my appreciation. I would like to remedy that today.

The problem with these types of posts is that I have been around for a while. I have now published around 1500 posts and collabs on a variety of blogs and there have been a huge amount of people that helped me out along the way. I will definitely forget someone. Most likely I will forget a lot of folks and some of them are probably super important folks that I will kick myself for leaving out. Senility is no fun!

I’m going to try to go more or less in chronological order here.



Artemis was the first blogger to ever comment on one of my posts. And by that I mean not just “great post follow me at…” but an actual comment that had to do with anime. The anime I was talking about even! I was so excited that I promptly went to their site and devoured whatever post I could find. Not the best idea….

You see Artemis writes well. Intimidatingly well. And they know, I was going to say anime but actually they know about a wide variety of topics which makes their posts so much more interesting. For a second I thought that I was way out of my league with this blogger thing if this was the average talent and also that blogs were for geniuses. I was right of course but also Artemis is particularly skilled. Through the years they’ve always left relevant pertinent comments that have brought me to think more about and better understand the topics I write about and just be a better blogger in general.


Remi Fool

Sadly Remi doesn’t have much time for the Lily Garden these days. When I started out he was a popular and active Yuri blogger who posted a public call for collaborations and I was one of the dozens of people who commented their interest. I didn’t expect much but he answered back and we eventually starts talking in DMs.

Not only did Remi agree to numerous collaborations with me, he was also my go to person for any silly questions I had about the aniblogging community. Infinitely patient, Remi took the time to answer whenever he could and I was thrilled when I finally had the chance to return the favour! In those early days, he was really one of the people that made this place more welcoming.

this banner makes me blush every time


Karandi has a small blog you may not have heard of called 100 Word Anime…It already had over 1k followers when I started… And that tiny blog gave my 20 follower blog a mention in a roundup post. I got do excited when I saw that. I felt like I had really made it. I still get excited whenever any of my posts get mentioned by another blogger.

We commented on each other’s posts fairly regularly but it was a long time before we actually worked together. Turns out Karandi isn’t just a great blogger to read, she’s a great blogger to work with as well. And she still keeps me motivated and gets my lazy butt in gear.



Now Shoka was a great person for getting the community involved. Shoka probably introduced me to more other bloggers and community projects than anyone else. And gave me my very first award post nomination. It was a big moment. I considered printing it out and sticking it to my fridge. As a show of my eternal gratefulness, I proceeded to nominate Shoka for absolutely anything and everything I could for over a an encouraged everyone else to do the same. At one point the poor dear ended up getting pinged half a dozen times in a single day!

I’m sorry for the newer bloggers that didn’t have the chance to get to know Shoka but who knows. Maybe if we all start nominating Shoka for everything they might decide to come back! Should we do it????



I often say Scott is awesome. But that’s the best way I can find to describe it. See Scott is a nice guy. But not a nice guy like what you say about someone you don’t really know or don’t have much else to say about. Scott is a genuinely kind person in a way that’s much more impressive than he realizes. I want to be more like Scott when I grow up but if I fail, I want to at least have more people like Scott in my life.

This kindness can be felt through his posts and in all the years that I have known him he has consistently guided me to take an open minded and positive approach to the sometimes tricky online interactions I was not always properly equipped to deal with at first!

Google tells me this is Dawnstorm…


I have softly tried to convince Dawnstorm to start a blog on several occasions. And failed. That’s because Dawnstorm’s comments are often my favourite part of my own posts. Dawnstorm has been commenting on my blog for years consistently adding interesting insights, educational this bits or thought provoking opposing view points. Always respectful.

Not to mention that by now Dawnstorm is responsible for making me discover a pretty large number of anime that have become my favourites. I think Dawnstorm might be the person that has the best grasp on my anime tastes, including myself. If I stated a blog so I could discuss anime, Dawnstorm really helped that ambition come to pass.




Admittedly, I was already a somewhat seasoned blogger when I met Crow so he didn’t so much help with getting the blog off the ground. However I just couldn’t leave him out. Seeing as Crow is both an actual editor and an actual computer specialist I have taken advantage of his kindness on more occasions than I can count with blogging and writing questions. And he is just so nice that even when he doesn’t have an answer he goes out and finds it. It’s amazing

Honestly, do yourselves a favour and get to know Crow. If you’re not already following him you really should.



Pete is a gaming blogger (you know him from Moe Gamer) and an actual professional journalist. I always feel intimidated when Pete reads my blog so you can imagine how nerve wracking it was when I had just started. But Pete never made me feel like an amateur even though he clearly could have.

And when a subject is dear to him he always starts these fantastic comment conversations that prove to me that discourse was possible through blog form.

Oh my..did I say 5… What can I say, I had a lot of help to get where I am. And I am not even talking about those amazing bloggers I met later on like Mel and Raistlin or the newer friends that keep me coming back to the blog and my owls compatriots like Lita who is sunshine in person form or Taku who is too great to let my jealousy of his impressive skills get in the way and..I should stop or else I never will.

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  1. This was such a lovely post to read.
    Thank you so much for the introduction to Shoka’s blog- mannnnn, I cannot believe they are not going anymore. It looks so professional!
    I would definitely be willing to assist in some major friendly peer-pressure. Count me in!

  2. I really like reading Moegamer and i really agree with his viewpoints as well. Always remember the ones who helped you get there as they could be the sameones who could take of you in the death bed.
    -K (rogueotakugamer)

    1. I know morbid humor is something i am very talented in and much of the descriptions i write about my reviews itself does have either self depreciating otaku humor or either black comedy to mock how bad the product i am reviewing is.

    1. You know, I have yet to meet a blogger who hasn’t told me at some point how great you are. And I have to agree.

  3. Aww, lil ol me? I have to say, I don’t feel especially relevant or prolific in the anime blogging community – at least, no more than anyone else! I guess I view the anime blogging sphere as more a ‘everyone brings something different to the table’ kind of thing, especially now that I’ve been going for the last… *checks watch* 7 years. I know I’m nowhere near as active as I once was, but it’s really that wide variety of writers and styles that’s kept me going so far. So, thanks for being a part of it!

  4. Ooh, a mention even though I keep refusing to make my own blog. Honestly, for the very reason that I’m not fond of the idea of keeping my own blog, I’m totally amazed how you can keep up a daily schedule full of interesting text and pretty screenshots.

    As for taste, it’s probably just that we’re extremely compatible on that front, and it’s more a matter of adjusting for differences. I mean, I’ve basically been enticed to comment by a surprsingly taste-compatible selection of screenshots.

    I’m also impressed with your community skills; you manage to attract a very interesting comment section. Apart from being interesting in itself, you’re blog is a veritable blog-discovery hub.

    1. Thank you again Dawnstorm. Helping people discover other blogs has also been an ambition of mine so it makes me particularly happy to hear it comes through

  5. This was such a cute read. It’s also really motivating for a still first year blogger to see how all the big ones started tiny as well and have grown their own little community.

    Most of these bloggers I follow (but I messed up my wordpress feed so I do underread as some stuff like pokemon news keeps spamming my feed with 20 posts a day xD ) and I acknowledge there are great persons. It’s funny how you also experienced that .. they are to great for me feeling.

    I get that a lot with Karandi for example. Over 3k followers I think now. So big! I feel like the main cast from Wayne’s World… Not WORTHY NOT WORTHy.

    All these amazing bloggers make me want to improve amd as I think you yourself now are one of those bloggers that in maybe a year or who knows will be on the bloggers that helped me when I started list yourself. The student has become a a senpai and the senpai’s have become the masters.

    It really touched me!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It was really fun to write and helped me get back to what I love about my blog! K made it to 3k last year and it’s amazing. Karandi I mean. I call Karandi: K. It’s confusing

  6. I’ve been trying to think of things to say for twenty minutes or so, Irina and I just am ending up telling you that I don’t know what to say. Thanks so much for your kind words. This is what I needed to hear in this time of me kind of questioning what decisions I want to make in a lot of ways right now. So, just going to be here and cry a little bit.

    (Oh, Remy has been blogging a little bit recently.)

    1. Oh Scott, I hope you figure it out! And I’m sure it will turn out great. I have this belief that good thing come to good people.
      I know that Remy has put out a couple of game reviews and it’s great! It’s really nice to see him write even just a little

  7. That’s a great list and props for reaching out to those who did so for you. You, Karandi, and Scott were the first anibloggers to reach out to me when I was starting out with Iridium Eye.

      1. It was quite gradual and didn’t have that big of an audience (okay, I’m still a small fish in reviewing), but you and others came to check out my posts.

  8. Nice post, would say you’re always good at mentioning tagging and appreciating. Even if you missed someone there’s no way they’d mind.

    As always, great read

  9. *sniff* AHHHH YOU’RE TOO KIND. Although I do try my best to not be intimidating! I get anxious jumping into comments sections too, particularly on sites I haven’t commented on before… although then my fingers tend to run away with me and I leave a full post’s worth of comment for you to… enjoy? At least I use paragraphs.

    Seriously, thank you for the kind words, it really means a lot. MoeGamer has grown a huge amount over the course of the last five years, but it still kind of blows my mind when people come to me and ask for advice, or to give feedback on stuff… or just think of me as some sort of intimidating pro 🙂

    I’m just a dude who likes anime tiddies, and I’m always happy to chat!

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