Monthly Archive: January 2018


Karandi’s Countdown Is Over – And So Now, This

It seems I’m on a roll of reblogging posts from all my favorite bloggers but it’s their fault: the keep coming up with fantastic posts! I have been staring at Karandi’s countdown clock for months now and I’m so excited the time is finally here! Seriously, go read the whole thing guys. This is a...


Magi – The Kingdom of Magic

Genre : Shonen, Myth, action, comedy Episodes: 25 Studio:A-1 Pictures,    As tensions rise between the nation’s and the threat of war looms large, Aladdin and Alibaba decide to part ways for a while to hone their respective skills and prepare for the task ahead. For the first time in his life Aladdin finds himself surrounded...


Dear Blogger Friend, We’re in This Together

Dear friend with a blog, Have you been getting the feeling that you are a little bit too invested in your blog. You fret and worry about it. You’ve set up all these imaginary goals and now you feel bad when you fail to reach them no matter how unrealistic they may have been. Do...


Soul Eatin Mondays – week 22

It should be noted that I’m smarter than I look. Granted there are certain houseplants that are smarter than I look…I look pretty dumb is what I’m saying bit I’m NOT! For instance, my superior brain power tells me that since there are two different Soul Eater OPs there are probably two different Soul Eater...


Now, it is really here… baby!

People never learn! Thy just keep letting me do stuff like this no matter how questionable my performance may be…This is in fact not the podcast I was teasing last week. Over the weekend a few of us got together and just had a spontaneous chat. Be warned this one is completely unedited ramblings. Shokamoka...


Sanrio Boys Ep 4 – Sports!!! (Winter Games 2018 )

Genre : Comedy, Slice of Life Studio: Pierrot You know what. I like this show, I don’t care what you say. No it’s not *good* but it’s no where near as bad as what my opponents would have you believe. This short sightedness is why I’m going to win the Winter Games!


Yuru Camp Ep 4 – They Almost Went Camping! (Winter Games 2018)

Genre : Slice of Life Studio: C-Station Montreal is kicking my rear end… Eralier this week it rained iced for a couple of days. This of course knocked out the power at my place for 12 hours!!! I have become so reliant on electronics that being cut off from the internet for an entire evening made me...


Bloggers in the Spotlight: Volume 1

If Danganronpa has taught me anything, it’s that I have absolutely horrific taste in anime boys. I make up for it with impeccable taste in bloggers. My ability to spot and appreciate a great blogger (and person) are second to none and that’s how I ended up coincidentally tagging Raistlin in my post, on the...


Let’s All Write a Book | Chapter 1 – Paragraph 2!

Remember when I told you guys all about Arthifis’ fantastic project but because I’m an adorkable moron made it seem like it was my birthday?  Whelp, as penance, it’s my turn to write a paragraph. If you guys haven’t heard about this yet – please go check out Arthifis’ post, this is honestly a ton...