• Genre : Comedy, Slice of Life
  • Studio: Pierrot

You know what. I like this show, I don’t care what you say. No it’s not *good* but it’s no where near as bad as what my opponents would have you believe. This short sightedness is why I’m going to win the Winter Games!

I’m not going to try to hide my bias this week. My occasionally blind devotion to Sports!! anime has been well documented in this blog and this week’s episode of Sanrio Boys was essentially a condensed version of that. We hit all the standard tropes my friends, except we did so in a single episode instead of 75 and let me tell you, it was glorious.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 2.46.03 PM
this year they have a shot at nationals! (for realz)

We knew that things with Shu and the soccer team were not all rosy but I for one wasn’t expecting the reason to simply be: because Shu’s a jerk. And not a misunderstood bad boy or anything, just a jerk. I really liked that. Showing lead characters in a negative light is always risky. If you don’t do it right, you risk losing the audience forever. But when you manage it, it can really set apart a character and I must say, I appreciate a show that takes the risk.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 2.48.40 PM
check out that sky!

Taking a big step back from being a straightforward Sanrio commercial, this week’s episode had almost nothing to do with the titular company or their array of intellectual property. We saw Shun’s use of a Hello Kitty charm for good luck but all in all, it was very secondary to the plot which dealt mostly with a young man’s attachment issues and how it can make him act like an insensitive thug. The episode made no effort to soften it’s protagonist as it painted everyone else as reasonable, caring people trying to deal with a spoiled brat who refuses help.

***If you’re actually following the point tally, you may notice that some of the points given contradict what I’m saying in this post. It was decided that the accuracy of the predictions doesn’t have to be too exact and as long as one element or the general idea is there, we would attribute the point. So, no the Hello Kitty thing wasn’t an issue at all but Shu did have some friction with his teammates.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 2.44.38 PM
so why is a 45 year old on a high school team?

Or every Sports!! anime “ace” character except for Asahi who is pure sunshine. If we must draw Haikyuu comparaison’s then Shu is obviously Kageyama. Like super obviously. I mean, they could sue. Naturally, the show is going to keep dedicating an episode to each main character until we have our entire ensemble, which means they need to cram entire backstories in 20 minute segments.

I won’t lie, Sanrio boys isn’t exactly the most adept at this. The narrative is often clumsy and very heavy handed. It inevitably veers into melodrama (with the stakes particularly low this week, I found the dramatic bridge scenes absolutely hilarious.) You need a pretty sturdy appreciation for sap to truly enjoy the series. If you’ve ever read any of my Idol Boy show reviews, you know where I stand.

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that is one dapper collar

Another fairly harmless, extremely fluffy episode. We quickly got reminded about the value of team work and the worth of unity over individuality. About how your teammates will always welcome you with open arms if you make the effort. About the importance of communication. You know the drill. Although still not back to the charm of the first episode, the series seems to slowly be making it’s way back. The melodrama is fluffier and takes up much less space. The characters are evening out. I am still hopeful for future pleasant episodes.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 2.50.44 PM
keep up the good work guys!

The last few minutes of to Hase’s classmates and friends from episode 1 and I suddenly realized how much I liked these guys. I hope we see .a bit more of them, their two man comic relief shtick is delightful.


Plot: We will find out that the shota chara has trouble making friends

Character: Hase blushes

I have a feeling my esteemed opponents will not be able to dedicate quite the same attention span to this series as I do. This will give me an edge. You should see what I mean by checking out  Astral Gemini, Leap and TPAB’s posts!

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  1. I’m very surprised by how much I’m enjoying this. This episode was pretty good, I’d rank it above the last one for sure. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of Kota’s other friends.

  2. Ugh…I missed this post yesterday 🙈🙈 So sorry 😢😢 Well, I am as you know not a really big sports fan…so I probably will pass on this…no offense. But…a post like this has to have put you in the top spot now for the winter games right? Right? 😀😀

  3. I’m sort of just eyeing through all your reviews since I am planning on watching some of the seasonal anime when they are nearing their ends. This too since, well, cute guys. Anyway, I have no idea what I want with this comment. Say hi maybe. *waving* Okey, I’m out of here now, leaving this section for people who actually have something of substance to say. 🙈 😎

      1. Absolutely! I have a feeling the boys alone will earn a post. And if there is some sort of sport involved, even if only in one episode it’s even better. So, there are potential. 😎

    1. Lina, I’m glad that you wait until the seasonal are almost done to start watching! Otherwise, I get angry waiting for more… Or I forget that they exist since I’m watching many at a time… I usually like to wait for them to be done, or almost done so I can binge watch them.

      1. I like to bingewatch. Part because I want to continue immediately if something is exciting and part because I tend to forget so easily from one episode to another if it is a whole week between episodes. So, I’d rather wait but it’s sad that I can’t read all the fun reviews (the analyzing ones I don’t care too much about tbh.)

          1. Exactly!! I have a few comedies I watch one episode now and then as a relief (like, when I eat or just have to kill time) but other than that I take one serie at the time. It’s much better that way. 😎

  4. That’s good to know how Sanrio Boys is able to go past it’s product placement trappings for at least one episode. Even though I haven’t watched this show, I think it’s good how you’re able to construct an intelligent opinion that’s contrary to what others have said about this anime. This is coming from someone who has made opinions that are counterculture to what fans have said with the stuff I’ve reviewed, so I have massive respect for you in that aspect.

      1. Don’t feel bad. I know that feeling since I watch so many movies and anime that most people haven’t heard of. I can definitely see where you’re coming from.

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