Remember when I told you guys all about Arthifis’ fantastic project but because I’m an adorkable moron made it seem like it was my birthday?  Whelp, as penance, it’s my turn to write a paragraph.

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yes I am!

If you guys haven’t heard about this yet – please go check out Arthifis’ post, this is honestly a ton of fun and I found that writing it was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

Here’s a quick reminder of the rules:

  1. Copy the post you’ve been tagged from the rules down (with the links)
  2. Go here and read the rules
  3. Write your name and link it to one of your posts (The main character is called NoGender, and as the name indicates, does not have a gender, so if you want to speak in the third person use the word “it”)
  4. Write your paragraph (max 200 words with 100 words margin)
  5. Tag someone’s post who wasn’t tagged before and say the following rule in the same phrase “You have 3 days to accept this tag”
  6. If the person you tagged doesn’t answer or doesn’t want to participate tag other person (again, tag a post and not a page)
  7. Write the Title “Let’s All Write a Book | Chapter 1 | Paragraph X”,  being X your paragraph

Arthifis Chapter 1.1It was the same dream again, for a week NoGender was always having the same dream. Drowning… It was funny actually, since “it” had the power of controlling water.

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NoGender woke up breathing heavily as always… Next morning would be the final exam for him to be a full edge water bender, but without having proper sleep for a week, NoGender was getting nervous about it… “Its” concentration was not as good as normal, “It” had found itself almost falling asleep countless times while trying to train its skills the best it could and, at this moment “it” was getting anxious that it would just fall asleep in the middle of the exam. With these kind of thoughts, “It” bended over to the other side and fell asleep again.

NoGender was part of one of the most important schools of the kingdom. It was usual for someone to bend any kind of elemental, however only until a certain point… Having really the power to bend an elemental power to someone’s will was extremely rare. Every kid with age of 5 needed to do the national yearly exam to show their abilities, although simple, the exam was enough to see if the bender had enough capabilities to be a “true” bender or not. In thousands of children only 1%, in average, would be good enough to enter this prestigious school. However, being chosen and being in this school didn’t meant they would be benders all their lives, when these already special children got to 18 years old, their powers could just disappear from night to day, because of that, everyone did the final exam in their 18th birthday day, if they passed they could choose which path they wanted to continue and join one of the specialized schools they prefered.

Irina Chapter 1.2: It was no good. The worries and anxieties could only be pushed aside so far before they needed to be dealt with.

OK NoGender thought, this is going nowhere. Might as well get this day started so I can get it over with. It figured the library would be a good place to while away the remaining hours before the exam. It was way too nervous to get any actual studying done but at least it could pretend, that’s what **good** students did, right? Fake it till you make it! It was starting to get a sinking feeling that making it was always a bit fake anyways. At least the library was close to the main campus. Related image

As NoGender distractedly ambled into the stuffy reading room, with the comfy leather chairs, that were now considerably more patchwork than leather, and the assorted desk and floor lamps that all gave off different lights, it noticed that the room was already stuffed with nervous looking students, all seemingly at a loss as to what to do with themselves.

A tall skinny boy with a smile that was the polar opposite of comforting, caught his eye. If NoGender was this anxious, he could only imagine what poor Schickley was going through, that kid had trouble handling the stress of ordering lunch. NoGender worried about him. As their eyes met, it greeted its friend in what it hoped was a reassuring manner:

-Hey Shakes, wanna go get a drink after this?

-Geni, oh good you’re here! Did you hear what happened?


Duh duh duh!!!! And now I will tag Raistlin! Sorry Raist – I know you have a lot of tags and projects. You probably don’t need any more. If you don’t have time to do this please don’t hesitate to say so, but I’ve never read any of your fiction writings and I’m super curious where you could take this. Also – I bet EVERYONE wants to read a chapter from you! 🙂 

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tag, you’re it!

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      1. I read his piece! I was left wanting more because that took a turn! I feel like this is going to be a really interesting story!! :’)

  1. Didn’t you tell me that you weren’t that good at writing stories? You liar!!!!! XD
    Just love how this is going!!! And the pictures addiction just worked perfectly!!! Also, trully instered in seeing how this new character ends up to be 😀

    1. Oh – did you read Raistlin’s para. He grabed the ball and really ran with it. This is turning into some really thrilling adventure stuff!

    1. Thanks Remy! I sat on it for a week then Raistin comes along and knocks it out of the park in an hour…. Not that I’m super jealous or anything

  2. Whoa… You really are suited for these kinda stuff, Senpai. Such words! *-*
    I’m excited to see how chapter 1.3 turns out to be like.

    PS: I thought the trend of tagging Shoka everywhere was still active ewe

    1. oh It IS!!! But with only a single tag I just couldn’t resist tagging Raist – I’m confident it will come back around to Shoka soon

  3. This is really cool! I’m glad people are making chain novels online. This could be as fun as when I did my big cell phone novel project last year online.

      1. Yes, I do.

        Cell Phone Novels are forms of online storytelling where the chapters are 70-200 words each, but they add up to a much larger story. They got started in Japan where people would type these tiny chapters on their phones on different blogs to write or read some stuff in a flash. There’s no outlines and you go wherever the story takes you when you write it.

          1. No problem. I do apologize for any typos or some inconsistencies. I’ve actually been editing the whole story this past month in a different form. Stay tuned…

            1. Alright. Thanks, Irina. That story kept me going by posting stuff for 6 months straight. I’m also formatting the story right now in my computer. I enjoy writing fiction and I really want to get my books out there. I guess I have too many interests like reading, writing, non mainstream movies, poetry, music, anime, avant-garde stuff, photography, videography, and geography. Hahaha!

  4. Oh no 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 I somehow knew this was going to happen lol 😂😂 Okay I will try it, I’m not a writer though, so wow this is going to be tough😊😊🤔🤔
    Especially since both you and Arthifis have already raised the bar very high. How am I going to continue this now…hmmmmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Thanks Irina…I think? 😅😅😅

            1. Hey come on — you know I’m better than that! 😢
              If anything, I forgot to let you peek into the latest failed attempt at conjuring up fiction. Just wait when I get home, you.. 👀

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