Well 2018 started with a BANG, or in my case, an avalanche! Between the rugged weather we’ve been getting up here, the sort of drowsy, frantic scramble everyone has been going through to get back into the swing of things after the holidays both at work and here, I found that there just weren’t enough hours in the day! Ok, so the sun is out for about 6 hours a day where I am so there’s also a quite literal sense to that. I’m part parrot, I never stop talking and I fall asleep as soon as it gets dark….

I’m not sure if you guys have had the same experience. It’s like we all collectively told ourselves – ok! Time to get back to work! But then we started trying to do everything at the same time and ended up getting not much done. That’s how I feel at least. I’m brimming with good will and energy, and yet I have had more difficulty than usual keeping up with all of you. 

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totaly worth it though!

I have a laundry list of what I believe will be really interesting projects and it’s just collecting dust in my to do folder. (I have a to do folder cause I’m a dork, in it I have an entirely written mildly feminist rant about the use of the term “fangirl” as a slur. Any of you interested in reading it?) I’m straying of the point here. New year, same ol’ Irina, am I right!!?? Before I forget: to those wonderful bloggers that have heedlessly agreed to work with me, let me thank you for all your patience!

I’ve also noticed with a bit of trepidation that some of my beloved blogs seem to be posting less and less while new ones are taking up the mantle faster than I can discover them. Of course, discovering new blogs is why we’re all here, right?

What all this aimless muttering means for the present post though, is that I did not push the Blogwarming enough this month. Luckily, I was spoiled in past months, so I can go back to some wonderful previous submissions that I did not get a chance to feature before. And et me make this perfectly clear, we we’re really split on which posts to choose and I always intended to get to this one at some point because it’s too good not to share. I am completely convinced you will love it. 

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have I stirred you wrong???

I am a little lazy in that I tend to mostly stick to WordPress blogs. Well I’m lazy in many ways. There’s no real reason for me staying on the platform other than the reader streamlines discovering and following new blogs for me. This said I should really try to broaden my horizons a bit, especially when you consider that I’m missing out on such wonderful blogs as Jeanette Jonic’s Fiction and Fantasy.

We were all incredibly impressed by her review of World Trigger, a show that I have not seen but this review really sold me on. This is an incredibly well written, thoroughly researched and expertly presented review. I would call it of professional caliber but quite frankly, I have rarely seen such high-quality anime reviews in mainstream publications. I’m not exaggerating at all. In fact, everyone that was helping me pick out a post asked me if this was a professional review.

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added to my cue!

I could really learn a thing or two from Jeanette but I just get lost in the fun of reading her articles and forget to study. This is a bit of an MO for me. I keep tinking I will  carefully analyze and pick apart your posts to get better myself but I just end up enoying all the wondeful writing instead. Explains a few things don’t it…

Unsurprisingly, Jeanette is also pursuing fiction writing (a great thing for all us fiction lovers) and is working on a high fantasy trilogy called The Victor’s Blade (find some excerpts here, and learn more about it on her blog). It’s great to see that people how have a gift for words are pursuing it further. 

I would really recommend that you take a good tour of the Fiction and Fantasy, she recently published a character study on Riza Hawkeye. A timely read for me as I am watching Fullmetal Alchemist for the first time and this read brought a lot of context and is furthering my appreciation for this amazing series. 

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You guys are amazed right? Maybe you also don’t follow that many bloggers off the WordPress platform and I’ve just blown your entire world wide open! Ok, maybe the impressively talented Jeanette actually helped a little with that too but who’s keeping tabs?

I’m really hoping I can get some more submissions for next month. If any of you want to help me spread the word, please let people know that I would love to share one of their posts. Just send me a link to it here or using my contact page! It makes me do little dances in the bathroom when I read your emails in the morning. One time I almost dropped my phone in the toilet. It’s just a joy is what I’m trying to say here!

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ooohhh yeeeahhh!!! emails!!!




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  1. Hey, just found your blog via karandi (who I just found the other day), I like the blogwarming idea, hope I can find some new blogs by following you. I love FMA and Riza was a favourite character. Hope you enjoy the FMA journey 🙂

    1. So far it’s been fantastic – FMA that is. I’m at the episode 12 mark right now and I’m excited. I find I can’t binge it so I’ve been watching one a day and it’s been something to look forward to. Karandi has a phenomenal blog – please don’t compare us…
      I hope you enjoy Jeanette’s it’s fantastic and feel free to see the past blogwarming posts – I think there were some great blogs featured.

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    You all remember Irina right? The amazingly talented and incredibly kindhearted blogger that invented the Blogwarming Party? What do you mean you don’t remember her? Well, if you don’t remember her, this is another chance as there is a new edition out for the party! This time it features a blog outside of the WordPress community. It looks amazing from what I have seen of it so far. Go and check it out, and Irina thanks again for this truly amazing opportunity you give new bloggers every time you do this!

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    Irina shares another blogwarming party highlighting another great new blogger. Be sure to check it out and for new bloggers who would like some help getting seen, be sure to contact Irina about how you can be involved in the next Blogwarming Party.

  4. Wowzers! Thank you Irina and everyone else for the incredibly kind words! I’m so glad my post on Riza was particularly good timing for you! FMA:B is possibly my favorite anime (but it’s so hard to choose an ultimate favorite), so I really hope you enjoy the show! I’ll keep working to provide all you guys with interesting content. I’ve actually got another anime review coming up next Friday. Let’s just say it’s not one for people afraid of ghosts…

    1. Oh sheesh now that’s a teaser. How am I supposed to waut a whole week??? You had a great post in a blog full of fantastic posts. Any kind words are well earned.

    1. Well I certainly can vouch for the talented writer part. If I,m lucky I’ll get to find out about the friend part some day as well

    1. Thank you! I think we all feel that way… I’ve seen people who I consider writing role models say stuff like that and it just floors me.

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