People never learn! Thy just keep letting me do stuff like this no matter how questionable my performance may be…This is in fact not the podcast I was teasing last week. Over the weekend a few of us got together and just had a spontaneous chat. Be warned this one is completely unedited ramblings. Shokamoka did a wonderful post podcast write up so I’m just going to repost his because I really couldn’t do better. I hope you join us in killing some time chewing the anime fat…

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  1. Shokamoka certainly wrote a very nice post of it. As I said over on his blog, I usually don’t listen to podcasts, but….I will try and make an exception for you guys and hopefully listen to it somewhere in the weekend. That said, I think it’s awesome that you all have your own podcast: such an exciting and awesome project! All of you should be proud of yourselves 😊😊

    1. Shoka may have oversold it a touch. I mean it’s super fun be it’s really just a bunch of friends praddling on about anime. The guys are a bit better at it and more knowlegeable but I have more heart… I mean booze…

      1. Haha…well, it still sounds like a lot if fun anyway 😊😊 As I said I will try to listen to it in the weekend 😀😀
        Haha…and I am pretty sure you are being modest again 😊😊

  2. It’s so fun, and also very strange, to suddenly get a voice to your writing. It will never be the same again. Also, very nice pod. 👍🏻

      1. Haha, I can imagine. That’s one of the reason I am afraid of these things. I don’t want to hear my boring voice. But you sounded awesome, I think !

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