Montreal is kicking my rear end… Eralier this week it rained iced for a couple of days. This of course knocked out the power at my place for 12 hours!!! I have become so reliant on electronics that being cut off from the internet for an entire evening made me consider suicide. I realize now that camping is not something I want to be doing. However, the Winter Games are tons of fun. Want to know what they are? Find out HERE!

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yes – my Crunchyroll user name is IrinatheGreat!

I was trying to come up with a witty title for this week’s episode. I did not. This week the outdoors club tried out some sleeping bags in hopes of going camping together and Rin also got on her scooter to go camping by herself. The episode ended before anyone got to a campground. Both groups independently stopped to eat on the way and send each other pictures of their food because millennials?

Ok I have occasionally send pictures of food and I do in fact look up pictures of food, instead of eating food. I really have nothing against it. This said watching people send each other pictures of food is not as thrilling as it may sound.

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don’t take this personally, but it’s better if you don’t exist

After four episodes I can safely say that to me, the show is really at it’s strongest when following Rin either alone or with Nabisco, in those long quiet, introspective scenes. It’s not incredibly exciting or stimulating but it has an eerie reflective quality that’s rather unique and rather enjoyable. It’s calming, a bit like meditation in anime form. Unfortunately, the mood is instantly destroyed as soon as another character is added to the narrative. Even Nedezda (pinky) occasionally ruins it by becoming overly excited over something shiny.

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As such, although there is nothing inherently wrong with the school club girls, I really prefer episodes where their presence is limited as opposed to this one. Like I said, this isn’t any particular fault of the characters themselves, in fact if every single person we had seen on the show so far would just quietly sit around a fire, it could be an absolutely wonderful episode, but the series seems to try to fit into a more traditional school Slice of Life format whenever they show up and in doing so, looses the element that’s most interesting and special.

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the side characters with no screen time are pretty cool

It seems I have not been very clear with my reviews of the show so far. Every week I’ve had someone ask me why I hate this show. So, let me reiterate once again. I do not hate the show. I do not think it’s bad. I do not find little anime girls interesting in and of themselves, but a lot of people do and that’s fine. I also do not find watching people camping particularly exciting, but some people might and that’s also fine. Basically, I think the show is fine just not aimed at me. The same way that listening to my friend’s 5-year-old describe in excruciating detail how she had to buy gloves and mittens because it’s cold outside for 45 minutes, is not for me. Some people find that sort of thing charming and enchanting. Those people would probably love Yuru Camp. And just to be on the safe side, I also don’t hate my friend’s 5-year-old. I can’t wait to see you guys’ comments…

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it’s going to be a fun read!

If there is one thing I do actually dislike about Yuru Camp (aside from some of the voice acting) it’s that it’s super hard to predict because so little actually happens. I’m a bit stumped here, I won’t lie. I did however notice a weird pattern. The series really insists on showing us how much everything costs. There has been some instance of detailed pricing in every episode so far. If I was doing a drinking game for it – it would be a cue. I really don’t know why they put that in though. Are they padding run time? Is this actually super subtle advertising? It’s a bit odd no?


Plot: The outdoor club will set their sights on a specific piece of equipment they want!

Character: We will see the return of Rin’s super friendly buddy

They did ok last week but no way are Astral GeminiLeap and TPAB going to be lucky again this week!

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  1. Meanwhile, my main draw to this show was the talking pinecone, and with its appearance in 2 out of 4 episodes so far, its future doesn’t look so bright…

    I’m not one of the dissenters, but I do agree that the quiet moments are where this show excels the most. That, and its comedy – it has an impeccable sense of comedic timing which makes it up my alley, even if the CGDCT aspect of it never won me over.

  2. Hahaha 😂 yep, not my cup of tea either. Like Nyanko sensei would say: “It’s a matter of whether you find it cute or obnoxious”

  3. Sorry to hear about the weather kicking your butt in Canada’s City Of Festivals. Trust me, I had to deal with subzero temperatures not that long ago down here in the Midwest. Hahaha.

    That just sounds so fascinating of people sending pictures of food (sarcasm mode)! That Yuru Camp series doesn’t seem to be consistent in quality from what I’ve gathered from your reviews. I hope it gets better.

      1. Of course. I’ve felt the same way about other media. There would be some parts that are really freaking good, but some elements can hamper my enjoyment. From a reviewer standpoint, many of those properties end up being 8s or 9s in my opinion.

  4. Of course they are not going to be lucky this week. There is only one winner in this, and that was pretty much a given when this started right?
    From everything that I have been reading from you in these posts, this entire show seems set on delivering a very Zen like experience. I might check it out if I am having a particular stressful month, but for now though….I don’t really think this one is for me 😊

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