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Top 5 Bi and Pansexual Anime Characters

Top 5 lists can be a great source of powerful hard hitting essay writing. Articles that make you think and feel and haunt you for days! The type of posts that can really make you confront your own self and make you discover realities you never even suspected. Right now though, I think we all...


Irina’s Top 5 Waifus and Matt’s Top 5 Husbandos

Do you guys have any feelings about the word waifu? I know some people may take the idea a bit too seriously but otherwise I have nothing against it. Sounds like a form of domestic martial art. What a fed up lady would use when her husband forgot to fold the laundry again. “She used...


The Troubled Persona of Naoto Shirogane

***Although I have seen the animation, this will be mostly about the game version of Naoto as I know it better*** Also minor Naoto SPOILERS I guess… I mean it’s pretty obvious but whatever…  Do you guys know Naoto Shirogane? If you haven’t had the pleasure you should really meet. Naoto is just freakin lovely....