Do you guys have any feelings about the word waifu? I know some people may take the idea a bit too seriously but otherwise I have nothing against it. Sounds like a form of domestic martial art. What a fed up lady would use when her husband forgot to fold the laundry again. “She used her wai fu on me and now I can’t walk straight…” Ok now it’s kind of sexy too…

This has got to be the most off track I’ve managed to get in a top 5 introduction paragraph!

A little while ago I had the idea for this list and suggested to my friend Matt that he could do a companion post discussing his top husbandos. He was immediately onboard cause Matt is an enthusiastic sort of guy. Of course, he put together a stellar post while I got hurried in work and only managed to get my stuff together when he reminded me… Ugh… Hello everyone, that’s right I’m here too, talking in the bold font! That was, uh… that was some intro there Irina! Not that I’m one to talk, most of my blogging career is just me arguing with myself!

Still, this is the perfect post to write, to sooth the overburdened mind. Spend a few minutes with us as I incoherently gush over my favourite ladies. Heh, “gush”… Oh right I guess I should copy paste my intro paragraph in here too? When Irina asked me to pick my 5 Best Husbando’s I jumped at the chance, something that may surprise anyone who’s familiar with me as I pretty much exclusively talk about waifu’s and have an entire room in my apartment dedicated to them. Why I was so eager to do this list is simply because it’s an easy pick, my list of favourite waifu’s is currently in the 100’s with no signs of shrinking but husbando’s–that’s something I can count on one hand! It’s rare a man in an anime will pique my interest in ~that~ way.

We’ll be taking it in turns, just to mix things up, also to make sure you don’t just skip past my choices and only read Irina’s–I know your readers are just here for you! Anyway, I’ll go first, so that way you can be the one to finish, sound good Irina?!

I was looking at sexy anime girls…what’s going on now?BYtsz0w

5) Sakuta Azusagawa from ‘Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai’

He may be a “buta yarou” (for the record that means “piggy bastard” not “rascal” like the English translation decided) but he is prime boyfriend material. Despite being a bit average looking he’s a cheeky son of a bitch with a smart tongue, a sensitive soul and an absolute heart of gold for his friends, family and pretty much anyone in need of help.

Fire Force ep7-3 (4)

5) Hibana from Fire Force

So maybe this choice is influenced by character design. And maybe I wanted someone a bit more contemporary on the list. That doesn’t mean Hibana hasn’t earned her spot. Ok so the S&M thing was a bit annoying and not super well executed but her childhood was sweet. She can actually pull off a nun’s habit…which…is something you want in a waifu?  Guys this post already got super weird. I need a reset.

Hibana’s design is mesmerizing or at least it is to me as anyone who has seen my Fire Force gallery posts can attest. They are more or less shrines to the character and I am not even embarrassed by it.

I would have picked human form but then again, I would also have picked Karma…

4) Koro-sensei from ‘Assassination Classroom’

Hot for teacher? Well not quite, I mean he’s a multi-tentacled yellow “alien” so obviously the appeal isn’t on the physical side (unless you’re into tentacle porn). No, where Kuro-sensei’s ~husbando~ appeal is in the fact that he can talk his way through any kind of problem, make you feel like you’re a unique and wonderful individual and learn something about life along the way.


4) the Mediator from Humanity Has Declined

I remain an unabashed fan of Humanity has Declined and that is in large part due to the main character. The unnamed Mediator is a perfect mix of bone dry wit, wry humour clear eyed cynicism, no nonsense efficiency and a generous dash of traditional *girlyness*.

She gets excited about pretty dresses and also has a slight tendency for taking over the world! She will kick derriere to protect her family and junior but could just a quickly turn on them. Basically she’s a very smart and very pretty lady that will keep you on your toes. There’s no way she could have avoided this list.


3) Kazumi Yuuji from the ‘Grisaia’ series

I’m not usually a fan of the ‘bad boy’ in-fact I generally hate them, but Kazumi Yuuji has an effortless James Bond-ish quality to his seeming mistreatment of women (but also deeply ingrained respect) that it can’t help but come off as charismatic. Also, he’s a skilled lover so that’s got to count for something extra, right?!


3) Olivier Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist

Yeah I know Mustang is the fan favourite in FullMetal Alchemist. But that’s just cause the fans are wrong…. I blame Olivier’s limited onscreen time for this disgraceful oversight. Long story short: Olivier is pure smooth sexiness and I will gladly defend her frozen wall any day. It’s sort of worded like a double entendre and I really wanted it to be a double entendre, but it’s just not….

I won’t deny that I have a type. Self sufficient and effective! (O.k. blonde doesn’t hurt) Olivier is sufficient enough for herself and her entire squadrons, efficiency might as well be her middle name and…blonde… I would rot in her jail cell all day! Awww yeah, double entendre achieved!


2) Sojiro Sakura from ‘PERSONA 5 the Animation’

I’m not into old dudes, but something about Sojiro from his swagger to his smooth voice and just his overall demeanour just screams “daddy”! (I apologise, I’ll never use the word “daddy” in that context again). Also, if I get close to Sojiro then I might be able to get a crack at best girl Futaba… Oh you had to know I couldn’t go a whole list without mentioning a waifu! Wait, she would be your granddaughter in law.

Tengen.Toppa.Gurren-Lagann Yoko op Shot

2) Yoko Litner from Gurren Lagann

I mean in a way Yoko is no1. Lists are silly. How can you really put a number to all these fine ladies and make no mistake, Yoko is the finest! The bestest of all the best girls!

And in all seriousness folks, the character both shattered my heart into a million pieces and bolstered my spirit all at once. Yoko is one of my all time favourite female characters. The tenderly flawed tower of resilience that represents both the best of who I want to be and who I want to stand by. I discovered her recently and yet she’s still managed to shape my own personal understanding of modern feminism and what it means to me.

Did this get a tad serious for a silly waifu post? Maybe. But Yoko means a lot to me and she’s earned a moment of earnestness.


1) Kogarashi from ‘Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs’

Anybody who’s paid close attention to my blog knows that Kogarashi is always my number one best boy. He’s something of a stereotypical shonen protagonist, what with the overpowered physical abilities, spiky hair and casual affability. What makes him unique (and my dream husbando) is that he’s not a shonen protagonist, he’s a harem protagonist and despite the various sexually charged shenanigans he gets involved with he remains a supremely respectful, cool-headed and charming dude who even after getting repeatedly blasted out of the sky for unintended ~shenanigans~ still keeps smiling. Also said smile is cute AF.


1)Integra Hellsing from…well you know

Yoko is sort of no1 for many reasons but Integra is actual no1 for a few very specific reasons. I fell hard for lady Hellsing and she has never let me down. Of course what I expect from her is to be a cool, (tall blonde) boss a** b**. And she delivers in spades. There is a distinct possibility that the type of love I have for Integra is roughly 72% lust but don’t let my perviness fool you into thinking looks is all the lady has going for her. Generally speaking, when it comes to super hot characters I fall for, their appearance is the least interesting thing about them!

I could spend all day singing the praises of Ms. Hellsing. (Seriously I could. DM me, I’ll tell you all about it!) But it’s not like they aren’t plainly obvious. So I’ll just leave it at, no 1 waifu. I would join the undead for a chance to get her coffee.

Very interesting choices, Irina, this was fun, we should do another list sometime soon! (Spoiler alert readers, we’ve already got other lists planned!) What did you think of my choices, Irina?

Embarrassingly I am only familiar with two. Kuro is a fine choice. I’m impressed you chose the alien version but I guess there would be some advantages in the bedroom. You’re a practical fellow Matt. Sojiro seemed kind of not that great with women but otherwise a alright sort of fellow, I guess. I go enjoy that you gave me a very buff naked guy to put on my site. He’s my favourite now.

Part of the way I picked my waifus is that they blew all other characters in their shows (of any gender) completely out of the water. If I could have my pick of absolutely any character in those 5 shows in my harem, my choices would not change. Is that also the case for your picks Matt, or do these boys share the screen with some alluring ladies as well?

Good question, I guess the problem is is that there’s no male character in ~any~ anime who I’d pick over a female character but then again I mostly watch shows where the female cast is the focus. Also I just love waifu’s too much. You and I are different people with different priorities when it comes to picking favourite characters and what’s important in said characters.

What can I say, I don’t like to limit my fun…. Maybe that’s a story for another post?

Drooling Rini

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  1. Actually, none of these women would have made a waifu list of mine–especially not Yoko. To my way of thinking, Yoko’s personality and overall character are just too strong for the term “waifu” (even stripped of its desultory or otherwise negative connotations).

      1. As the term originated, it was actually quite degrading, often aimed at male characters as a form of verbal emasculation. It has evolved, of course, but even in its current incarnation retains a certain desultory flavor–not flippant, exactly, but not really serious, either. . .

  2. I can barely finish all the manga I’m reading (and they only take 30 mins a volume to read) let alone play a visual novel! I’ll get to it one day… Oh and for what it’s worth Irina, I actually bought a legit copy of the games to support the developers.

  3. Great lists. Especially happy to see Yuuji in there, as he is one of the greatest protagonists of any form of media. Read the VNs if you haven’t already; if you like him just based on the anime you’ll adore him after even just the first VN!

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