Has it happened to you? We remember when we started our blogs and every single “like” was an achievement, a comment, cause for celebration. We had all these ideas we wanted to try out, all these projects we were really excited about. Then in time that excitement dulls a bit.

anime dull eyes
it’s not that bad…

Instead of getting all pumped up about a “like” we end up disappointed about getting fewer than expected. We no longer have time to read everyone else’s blogs and starting a new project sounds exhausting. Our blogs aren’t shiny fresh and new anymore and motivation starts to be a bit harder to come by.

If you’ve ever felt that way, I can guarantee that you are not alone. It seems like a pretty common thing to go through with almost any hobby.

Blogging is also in a weird in-between state. It’s not really a team activity so you don’t have a whole specific group of people that keep you coming back but it’s not completely without a social element so some aspects are out of your control. Depending on your mood things that felt stimulating can suddenly become a burden. And when burdens start to pile up, it’s not uncommon for a blogger to start wondering why they are putting all this time into it. Especially those of us that really do their research and post deep and original articles. My carefree approach is a lot less taxing!

In a way, blogs (and most hobbies) are like relationships. There’s a honeymoon phase that can last a long time for some but almost always ends at some point. And then, well you start seeing all the annoying things, like the time you could be spending on something else, the tiny little passive aggressive comments you wouldn’t have to deal with, the way your blog just leaves their socks like right in the middle of the living room. I mean who does that? Wait…

don’t believe them – laundry is not that fun

To me, like relationships, a blog eventually looses that novelty lustre and eventually you take each other a little for granted. There’s no real way to go back to when we first started. Even if we start a new blog, we can get a fresh wind for a bit but it’s never quite the same.

But also like relationships, there are things only an “old” blog can give you. One that’s been with you through the highs and lows. That knows all your secrets and accepts you just the same. It may not be as exhilarating but it’s definitely rewarding. OK this relationship simile isn’t working anymore, let’s just move on…

Now that I have been at this blogging thing for a minute I’m starting to see a different dynamic emerge with my own blog. I’ve even had the pleasure of posting on other blogs to get a bit of a comparison going. YAY for planning skills! I’m not exactly a veteran yet but I don’t think I qualify as a complete noob anymore either. I’m somewhere in between. Counting the several blogs I have posted on, I now have roughly 1200 articles published. I’m sure Karandi (with who I regularly work) dwarfs me but It’s still given me a good appreciation for the concept of blogging. Moreover, it’s allowed me to try a few things out with my blog, and this is how my evolution is going.

At this point, I occasionally find new projects a bit taxing and I’m finally at a point where I have to choose what I will participate in, rather than happily say yes to everything that comes my way. I’ve also gotten a smidge disillusioned by people who just see my follower count and try to get me to promote their blog saying we have tons in common while obviously never having read anything of mine. It happens a few times a week right now and it’s a little depressing. I love promoting blogs, there’s no need to try to trick me into it. Having had a few bloggers friends just disappear has also made me a bit more reserved. Not that I’m not always happy to meet someone new through my blog or theirs (I always am) but a little voice reminds me that they could be gone without a trace tomorrow. That’s just the nature of the game.

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But at the same time, I consistently do discover wonderful new bloggers whose stuff inspires and fascinates me. There is so much talent out there. And once in a while, I get some great unexpected opportunities to promote and enjoy things I may never have discovered otherwise.

Eventually, I think every blogger finds a comfortable groove. A voice and posting rhythm that makes us happy to publish for the simple joy of creating and nothing else. Regardless of stats or perceived success. When we no longer feel compelled to work toward anything specific because blogging in a vacuum becomes kind of fun all by itself. I suppose that if gathering views is the only thing that counts to a blogger they may never get there but I don’t think that’s the majority.

This said, finding that special blogging zone that’s just perfect for you takes a lot of trial and error. Some people give up before they get there. I’m not quite there myself but I feel like I’m getting closer. When I read something I wrote a year ago and think to myself, huh that’s not too bad, I’m suddenly really happy I have a blog. This thing I made. I never thought I could have. As time passes, these moments are becoming more frequent and it’s awesome.

Along with people who want free publicity, I do also get people who ask for advice and I’m slowly getting better at giving it (having asked for so much myself). That’s also a great feeling for me and something I can only do because I got a little experience under my belt.

I am happy to say that for me, once the novelty wore off, I discovered a whole new rich blogging experience beyond that. I do hope other bloggers do as well. Have you had this type of experience? With blogging or anything else? Let us know!

Love Rini

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  1. Thank you for writing this post! This is what I’ve been going through lately with my blog before I get to settle down with this…feelings and dilemmas.

  2. I’m totally new to the blogging scene and I am trying to navigate my way through all the new stuff to understand. I like the honesty of your post – my main goal with blogging is to write ‘honestly’ – hope that makes sense lol.

  3. Hey! I’ve always been nervous about starting a blog and a few years ago I started one but quickly stopped because I was embarrassed. I am glad to say I have restarted it! I think I am in the golden phase again cause I can’t wait to keep going. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Me and blogging have always had a rocky relationship. I don’t know know of this honeymoon phase you talking about. but is it normal that I want to bop sde on it’s head quite often. hmmm

    1. Good! I still get excited about those but I admit I would be a little sad if a post only got one like. I remember though when I thought getting a single like on anything I wrote was just crazy. Was on a high for days. Wish I could get back to that

      1. Well then spare a thought for those of us who do only get one like per post next time it happens to you (which it won’t cos everyone loves you)… 😉

  5. The ever changing nature of the blogosphere really scares me because it’s a little too shaky for my heart. It’s nice to see bloggers I love returning, but it’s sad to see bloggers stopping and never returning. Maybe a memorial post is necessary in the future in vague form? Also, please don’t leave.

    As for me, my honey moon period has long gone by this point 😁. I’m still trying to get my proper feel for this blog down. I feel like I’m getting closer to what I want to post and it’s a pretty fun journey so hard and I’m continuing to enjoy it even when I get close to running out of ideas sometimes.

    1. Your posts always give me a sense of… center? Like I get the feel that you’re talking honestly about something that interests you and that is truly awesome.

  6. Very interesting, I feel the relationship metaphor works especially well because it is a two-way street; I think I worry more about the opposite where once the shimmer of being a new and different toy, people are not going to want to play with me anymore.

    Asking you to promote their blog sounds pretty amateur, especially because your comment section is free real estate. Anyone reading this comment I’m pretty cool. Reviews ranging from Anohana to End of Evangelion… go check them out and you might think they’re pretty cool as well.

      1. I’m a little bewildered by being called baby, certainly wasn’t expecting that. Besides for maybe the giant crab monster from Moana, and the kid from’The Shining’ I considered you the expert on Shining, so that you for such gratifying words.

            1. It’s ok. The sensitivity training lady and I are friends. You know when you spend that much time with a person, things just sort of naturally evolve…

  7. This post really helped me! I used to keep up my blog regularly for the first few weeks I started it (I originally started it because of school), but after that short period I dropped it and truthfully, forgot about it. That is until a few days ago when I decided to start it up again after two years ‘^-^ I’ve completely changed everything to fit my style now, and i’ve only made three posts so far but i’m already really proud of the direction it’s going in. Now, instead of thinking it’s something i’m being forced to do because of school, i’m doing it for myself. I’ll probably hit that point again where I feel tired with it, but that definitely won’t be anytime soon!

  8. Honestly, you and Karandi are pretty much the tutorial NPCs of the aniblogging world. I’m sure a LOT of anibloggers first exposure to a larger community was through you two gals. You’re pretty good at showing the ropes to new bloggers, and while I post about as often as a sloth goes down from a tree, I still post here from time to time because I now I’m not just shouting into a void.

    Idk, even when I don’t post sometimes, it’s nice to know this blog is always here whenever I get inspired.

  9. I understand where you’re coming from. I can’t treat my site as anything more than a hobby or post as often as I’d like, but since reviving it last year my expectations have risen, maybe too much. I still pretty much post what I like without thinking about whether anyone else will care for it, though. Otherwise it would just feel like work.

  10. Bruh, sometimes I feel like you write article directed at me. Honestly though, this is kind of where I’m at right now. I think my honeymoon phase ended starting this year, when I realized it takes a lot of work to organically grow something like a blog. Still, I love writing and I am happy to put in the work. However, comparing stats, while not being the most important thing, definitely puts things into perspective. Top tier article, Irina.👌

    1. Who told you!?… I mean no, I am not specifically targeting posts at you. Haha… I would need some type of expansive spy network to do that…
      I’m glad you still love writing. That’s the biggest part anyways!

  11. Great post as usual Irina, you seem to always know about the doubts all bloggers have. Love the way you compare blogging has a relationship it’s quite accurate. I am still honestly trying to find my groove but I am a bit balanced now than last year.

    1. I’m glad to hear it! I think finding balance is probably the sort of thing one never really stops working at but it gets easier

  12. I eventually moved from my old personal blog to focus on MoeGamer because I was starting to feel a little like the “experiment” on the old site had run its course — it was mostly an attempt to post something, *anything*, every day, regardless of if I had anything to say. It was a good experiment and it lasted for a long time, but eventually I found myself craving focus; I was drifting towards focusing on games on my old blog anyway, so I figured I might as well give all my attention to MoeGamer, which was still relatively new at the time.

    I still love what I do. I have days where I wonder what I’m going to write about or how I’m going to fit everything in time-wise, but I feel quite fortunate in that I don’t think I’ve ever had a day where I feel disappointment or resentment towards what I do or the response to it. I’ve always said I’m primarily doing this for my own enjoyment and the fact that other people come along for the ride is a happy bonus, and I stick by that; as soon as it stops being fun, I’ll likely stop, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. I really feel like I’ve hit my stride in the last two or three years in particular.

    I leave clothing in the living room all the time. Drives my wife nuts. Often drives me nuts, too, but sometimes it’s just nice to whip your trousers off wherever you stand after a long day at work.

        1. I know that, I have regular arguments with my kids about things like that, but they’re growing up in Canada which gets too much influence from the USA.

          We should form a blogging collective of Brits… Trouser Browsers!!! Or not…

    1. Yes, pants in the living room make sense. I can see that. My comments section has mostly turned into disrobing habits now. I’m o.k. with it

  13. As always miss Irina great discussion I do so enjoy yours. My blog style particularly this year dropping YouTube has gone through major changes learning to be more chilled in ma posts. I’ve been at this for nearly 5 years in January and reached a point what my blog is still around for.

    I leave my socks in the living room sometimes….

  14. You are describing exactly how I feel! It’s reaching the point where I am disappointed with the response to each post, even though it’s always positive. What can you do? Stop, or keep going.

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