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Yes it’s a new season which means Irina (from I Drink And Watch Anime) and I (Cactus Matt from Anime QandA) will be doing collaborative episodic reviews for one show and the pick of Fall (Autumn) 2018 is DAKAICHI -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year-, boy that’s a long title! And I’m betting that’s not the only thing about this show that’s long… yes this is the level of maturity you can expect from these reviews going forward… Just so you guys know, this wasn’t MY pick. I mean…it wasn’t not my pick…I’m just saying I’m not forcing Matt to do this. We’ll come back later to forcing and doing stuff.. Wait, what?

Just so all the readers are aware, what’s your ~expertise~ level with this genre, obviously in past seasons collabs you were the sports expert where I was the sports not-liker. Here, though I have zero experience with Shounen-Ai… or is this Yaoi? I don’t even know…

READ the rest HERE – It gets better and smuttier! ‘Cmon…you know you wanna!

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    1. Surprisingly not that much fanservice but in any case, so far it seems we are going exactly the same way as Harukana….

  1. So, there’s assault in a show that has “harrassed” in the title. My inner cynic says that yaoi shows need assault to signal who’s “the man”. (Can it get any more messed up. I seriously hope it’s just a common fetish. I’d prefer that.)

    I enjoyed Love Stage, and literally dropped everything else in the genre, so I’m not really even trying these shows anymore.

      1. True. I’ve been working on pure prejudice here. If there is a yaoi show with a title like that but no assault, it’s likely a masterpiece I have to watch, though.

        1. I don’t know enough about the genre really to make any assumptions. I was telling Matt that I’m hoping it leans into the All About Eve vibe and they have to actually confront the notion of the younger one becoming a bigger and bigger star while the older one’s fame wanes and the particular pressures that puts on any relationship. That could be rather interesting.

          1. Neither do I know the genre very well. I’m not kidding when I say it’s prejudice (and heresay).

            I haven’t watched the episode so far, and I doubt I will. An all-baout-eve bl show does sound interesting.

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