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How Do You Show Your Love For Anime?

Have you ever fallen in love with an anime? Not with a character, but with the entire anime? The concept, the story, the soundtrack and yeah, the characters too. Just the interconnected assortment of arts to come together in a beautiful whole we call anime. Maybe it sounds weird to you. I should be a...


Why Bakugo Isn’t a Mary Sue

This week will be a slight departure from my usual character studies. We’re not only going to take a look at Bakugo but at his cofounding and frustrating character and the creative process behind it. I hope you enjoy the post! What makes a good, engaging, character? It’s a riddle that’s kept authors guessing since...


The 5W of Blogging: Where?

Finally, a question I can offer a bit of insight into. Mind you a lot comes up to subjective preference. Where do you blog? First, let’s just push out different forms of media. Podcasts, videos and live streaming should be considered separate categories and I haven’t done enough research on the subject to give you...


Anime adaptations go both ways

We get so defensive. I’m sure it’s not just me. Oh you know what I’m talking about, the second we hear an anime is getting a western adaptation we immediately hate it with the burning passion of a thousand suns! And there may be some good reason behind that… Still, we could stand to be...


Fruits Basket Zodiac with Gaijin : Kyo

Gaijin  and I are coming to the end of this series and our penultimate post features that feisty wildcat Kyo. This post was particularly challenging for me and I hope I don’t disappoint too much!


Fruits Basket Zodiac with Gaijin : Shigure

Guess who Gaijin and I are scrutinizing this week! Go on…guess! Wait how did you…It’s in the title of the post??? well fiddlesticks! We have arrived at Shigure and if someone needs a bit of analyzing it’s certainly him. I have been looking forward to this one and I hope you guys have as well!


The 5Ws of Blogging: What?

And I’m back. As you can potentially imagine, I’m writing all of these in a row. It’s a lot of non anime content for me. I’m finding it surprisingly challenging. So what do we blog about? Yeah…yeah. I know I blog about anime, wise guy! That’s not what I mean and you know it. At...


Talking Anime to the Normies

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while…. Wait that was even blunter than usual. I mean: Hi Guys! How is everyone? Enjoying early spring? Montreal has never been a city you choose for the weather but the past few years have really been brutal. A little dose of sunshine is certainly welcomed!


Fruits Basket Zodiac with Gaijin : Hatsuharu

I started a feature with Zodiac expert Gaijin but because I’m a bum, he got the first post out before I managed to do my part. So please go over to Trust the Gaijin to read all about Ayame’s sign (who doesn’t want to learn more about Ayame!!! – no one) then you can see how it...