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What Types of Blog are you Most Likely to Pay For?

  You know, I often let you guys know I am not monetizing this blog even though no one’s asked. But with the amount of posts I write on the subject, it sure seems like I want to. I don’t. At least not yet. But I do see people talk about the subject a lot...


For Valentine’s Day I Think I Figured Out My Weird Shipping Issues

We all know what shipping means, right? Ok, in case you got here while shopping for refrigerators or something, shipping is when fans of an anime (or anything really) decide to attribute a romantic relationship to two characters. Usually this relationship does not exist in the source material. Anime fans seem particularly notorious for this...


Death of the Author – Is Anime Art in a Vacuum?

Generally speaking I’m a proponent of approaching anime as a self-contained product. In practice that means I try to disregard the source material, reputation and pedigree of a show and simply enjoy it on its own merits. Occasionally this can get tricky but it’s my preferred method. I expounded a bit on it in this...


Would You Make a Good Anime Character?

I’m back asking the important questions! Have you ever asked yourself in fact, if you ever got magically transported to your favourite anime universe, would you be an interesting character. A fan favorite? Would the audience hate you or worse, ignore you?


Hopes and Dreams (12 days)

That’s a pretty vague title isn’t it. Looking at it now, it even seems a little ominous to me. Weird no?  I mean their all nice words and I know I don’t have anything bad to say. Yet it still sends a chill down my spine. Like I’ve just raised a flag or something… Ok...


A Warm Thank You to my Anime Role Models

Some of my more astute may have picked up on this, but I’m sort of a kid at heart. And at mind. So, when I watch anime, I tend to experience it like kids do. As an immersive, interactive experience. I don’t simply observe it, vicariously living out an adventure through the characters on screen....


What Is the Next Anime Classic?

A little while ago, on a complete whim, I tweeted out the following question: Which current anime do you think people will still be talking about in a decade or two? I was thinking about Eva and Bebop, and trying to figure out why certain titles seem to stand the test of time and stick...


Irina Wants Free Therapy – Why Can’t I Review Certain Anime?

When you post everyday, one of the things that suddenly becomes precious to you is source material! Obviously, I’m not watching entire series every day, and I wouldn’t want to even if I could somehow. As such, I’ve come to really appreciate those shows I have watched and tell you all about them.


Creative vs Technical Merits of Anime

I’ve been meaning to explore this subject for a while now. I read a lot of your reviews. A lot. And I see a clearly story centric trend in them. Design and production elements are clearly not given the same weight as creative ones. Even when it comes to fanservice. And that’s when they are...