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Am I too Positive to be a Reviewer?

Most fans hate it when someone poopoos their favourite series. That’s pretty understandable. And they tend to react defensively which isn’t always pleasant. I’ve spoken to quite a few bloggers that tell me they actively try to avoid being overly negative in their reviews and editorials and prefer reading blogs that are positive as well....


Visuals Matter in Anime

Did that title blow your mind? There are few more obvious statements I could make. To be honest I struggled with it quite a bit. I just couldn’t figure out how to explain what I wanted to talk about in one sentence. Let me give you the context:


A Cautious Defense of Fandoms

I’ve done a few defense posts in the past. I’ve had very debatable success with them but it seems I still haven’t learned my lesson. In many ways I am radically mediocre. I tend to fall pretty much in the middle of most debates. The only real anime related point I tend to advocate for...


I Love Anime’s Flawed Protagonists (and talk a bit about NGE)

Anime has taught me a lot about myself. Arguably some things I may not have wanted to know. My appreciation of certain genres above others shows me what I tend to resonate with and when asking myself why – it has revealed my own biases and pet peeves. Maybe it’s just me but this seems...


Ageing Otakus

****Ed. I originally had envisioned this as a sort of comic “How to be an ageing Otaku guide” but it all came down to, do whatever you want, you’re an adult! Then I started singing “I threw it on the ground” on the bus and people looked at me weird. Point is, there’s no age...


The Boy Who Stood at the Crossroads of the Fantastic and the Mundane

Well isn’t this an interesting topic for Spooktober. “Fantasy” sure opens up a lot of worlds to explore. Apparently we have Aria to thank for this and of course we do cause Aria is a wellspring of good ideas: 10th Monthly Deadline: October 1, 2019 10th Monthly Topic: “Fantasy” MagicConan’s Request In the month of...


FOMO in Anime

Do you suffer from fear of missing out? Silly question, we all do at some point. But what about specifically in anime? Do you get little pangs in your heart when everyone is talking about an anime you can’t seem to find in your country or avidly debating a series you never got into? Just...


In Anime, Is Genre the Message?

There’s a moderately famous dictum that goes “the medium is the message”. Maybe it’s only moderately famous here? It’s credited to Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan. We Canadians love to talk about other Canadians. It’s a thing, hey. In very distilled (possibly misunderstood) form, that expression means that the medium itself rather than its content is...


You Can’t Please Everyone

A little while ago I put together a little community post on Karandi’s blog, combining what several bloggers would have liked to know when they first started their blog.  It was a fun project. However, one response stuck with me and I realized that I wanted to come back to it.


In the Land of Orphans – Where Are The Parents in Anime?

If you’ve watched as much anime as me, you could be tricked into thinking that the only way you’re ever going to live out your real life anime fantasy is by somehow becoming an orphan. Or at least a woefully neglected high school student. It seems that anime is willing to use any old excuse...