Some of you may know that I put way too much time on my hair. Like way way too much… I managed to get it white with undue effort and lately I found the perfect silver dye to give it just a bit of metallic sheen. It’s an ongoing process that demands way more effort than it’s worth. As a result, I’ve become ay more aware of anime ladies that rock my hair colour.

And now, I ant to share this unhealthy obsession with all of you. Nothing too deep this week! These are 5 anime ladies who inspire my hair colour goals!

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5) Shiro – No Game No Life

Shiro is at the bottom of the list because her hair is not exactly white, then again, the colour scheme of NGNL is so amazingly technicolor that it’s arguable. In many ways Shiro’s unicorn hair with its light blue and soft pink iridescent sheen was my base inspiration when I first drained all the colour out of my hair.

Now you figure a sharp girl like me would have realized at some point that these are not colours actually achievable by common mortals but gosh darn it, I tried! And I will keep trying. It’s absolutely beautiful!

by Ichinose777 

4) Nao Tomori – Charlotte

To me, Nao’s hair always looked like a very pale beige. A beautiful yet still almost natural looking colour. But she’s often described as having either white or silver hair. This is the exact colour I would want to make my hair look a bit more natural, but you would be surprised just how difficult it is to achieve.

I have come to accept that this is the type of hair you have to be born with, but I remain extremely jealous!

Tachibana.Kanade. (angels beats)
by Nidy‐2D‐

3) Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats

It helps that Kanade is a pretty cool character all around. And you can’t deny, her looks are striking. She remains a pretty popular cosplay option for the exact reason. And one of her signatures if that long beautiful angel white hair!

I remember seeing an image of this character before I even knew who she was, and the hair had me mesmerized. At the time I dismissed it as something impossible to achieve without a wig and although I still need some help with the length, I’m happy to say I almost got the colours down!

Emilia.(Re Zero).
by wlop

2) Emilia from reZero

I’m not all that familiar with best girl debates but from the little I know the reZero fandom is all about Rem. Trust me, I get it. Although Ram has a little something something as well…. This said, as far as hair colours go, I was always an Emilia fangirl.

Soft flowing silver hair that gleams in the light and sparkles with every movement. It really does look regal and brings out her noble background. I have had hair every colour you can think of, but I gotta admit, there’s something just oddly empowering about silver. Makes me feel in charge. Does not actually make me in charge but baby steps!

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1) Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter

Newer readers of this blog may not know of my deep love for Hunter x Hunter. In short: I have a deep love for Hunter x Hunter. More specifically, I was flabbergasted by the Chimera Ants arc and Neferpitou may be my favourite character of that arc. Everything about this character fascinated me. The diligence, brutality, efficiency and unwavering purpose. This is how you write an unambiguous antagonist while keeping them interesting. I know I was supposed to be afraid of Meruem, and I was…But every time Neferpitou cam onscreen, I held my breath a little.

And their character design really came into play here. Now I know that I am putting Neferpitou on a top list of white haired ladies which is unfair as the character is not clearly a lady but it would be a lie if I didn’t put them on top of this list. This is the character that actually made me take the plunge (along with certain a Danganronpa troll) and to this day I emulate Neferpitou’s style whenever I can. Amazing character with amazing hair!

There you have it! These are anime characters I am currently emulating as far as hair goes. Eventually I am going to get very fed up of all the upkeep and have to figure out my next colour. To be honest, it’s pretty amazing that the office let’s me get always with this at all, maybe they think my hair actually went silver white because of a big scare and they don’t want to bring it up in case I’m traumatized. Let’s see if I can convince them it went blue cause I ate something weird….

Do you have a favourite white or silver hair character? It can be a boy. There are tons of awesome ones to chose from! Or do you have a suggestion for my next hair goal. Anything but jet black is fine. I love black hair but it looks horrible on me…

playful Rini


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  1. So about 30 years ago I started coloring my hair. It got lighter and lighter and lighter until it was what everyone else called Billy Idol white. (I’m old, remember) It was also generally styled in a mohawk. In the end I started combining with pink, blue or green for bangs and tips. Loved it so much. Sigh. Just can’t afford the extreme bleaching and constant maintenance these days. My hair has been it’s natural color for a few years (UGH) To add insult to injury my DH (who once had hair so raven black it looked artificial) has gradually turned almost entirely silver. It’s gorgeous. (He hates it) I have a few silver strands. Dammit. You make me envious. HHHH My only remaining recourse is to shave my head bald. I actually like it that way, too. Makes my eyes look ENORMOUS. But it’s too cold to do that right now. Sigh. Plus these days – I guess “at my age” – it tends to make people assume I am dying of cancer and I get all these sighs, and sideways sympathetic glances, and pats on the shoulder. Egads. Barf. I mean, it’s nice of them but… not dying. Just bald. ROFL.

    1. He hates silver hair!!!???!! People never appreciate what they have…for shame.
      I use to shave my head in school (I lived in Africa for a long time – I needed all the cooling I could get. It’s actually very comfortable)

  2. I don’t know if I have any favourite white-haired girl anime characters (or at least, not that I can think of off the top of my head), but I do have two guy characters I adore: Ginko from Mushishi and Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura.

  3. As a huge Hunter x Hunter fan I’m so happy to see Pitou in the number one spot! Although I’m not sure if they are considered 100% female. They use “boku” pronouns in the anime (usually used by men, although more tomboyish girls use it) and seem to look more masculine in the manga. My headcanon is that they are at least to some extent genderqueer or genderfluid 💜

  4. Shiro is described as albino in the LNs (like a rabbit, if I remember the description right), it’s just that the illustrator has a very…psychedelic…way of portraying it.

    Anyways, white-haired boys…Decim from Death Parade, Kokkuri from Gugure!, Ayame from Fruits Basket, Kuga from Prince of Stride: Alternative, Snake from Black Butler…

    I guess if your hair is anything like your avatar’s, your next choice should be going blonde. Blonde bobs are nice (see KK from Kekkai Sensen as an example) and that’s also a choice that’s less conspicuous than having your hair all white.

  5. Your list included the first ones that came to mind, especially Nao Tomori and Kanade Tachibana. I see that oliveunicorn suggested Nyaruko — can’t forget her!

    Never has a Cthulhu Cycle Deity looked so approachable!

    After thinking about it, I’d love to suggest Origami Tobiichi from Date a Live. Especially from season 3! Also μ from Caligula. Also Lady Seitenshi from Black Bullet.

    I don’t have to color my hair to make it white. It’s naturally doing that all by itself! Every time I get a haircut, it looks more and more like an Alps avalanche…

  6. Interestingly, I remembered Shiro’s hair as light blue, completely forgetting the pink tones. Looked at some pictures, and various shades seem to dominate at different times. Might actually be a silver-haired character, or a white-haired one (I mean here name’s Shiro), and she’s just reflecting the colour scheme? Yeah, I agree, I’d accept her on the list.

    There’s also Nakiri Alice in Food Wars (who makes a great comedy duo with the black-haired Ryo).

    And, of course, Togame from Katanagatari. Cheerio!

    Oh, and Sen from Ben-to. More silver than white (with an actually bluish-greyish metallic sheen to it; a pretty colour).

  7. I love this list and I loved your entries! Honestly I would’ve agreed with this list even if the rankings had been the other way round

      1. Its a slightly dumb show with randomness but its kind of fun . The main male lead is kind of trash but Nyaruko and the other characters based on HP Lovecraft characters.

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