Shania from Quotable Creations ( and I have not yet given up on this show, although from what I’ve seen i my weekly round up post, interest has cooled off a bit on this one. 

That’s O.K. though because Shania and I are here to let you know what you’re missing. Aren’t you lucky!

Boogiepop episode 6 (12)
thank you! 

It’s not April yet but there’s certainly plenty of snow outside. Is it winer where you are Shania? It certainly is here which makes it a perfect time to bundle up with some anime.

Oh definitely, but it’s also a mix of rain which weirds me out considering the temperature. But rainy weather does make for good writing and anime watching weather!

So we are continuing the imaginator arc, we saw a lot of familiar faces this week. What do you make of all the returning characters?

I was actually really happy to see most if them return! I feel like it is all coming together in a very intricate weaved web. And it’s about time that’s for sure.

Boogiepop episode 6 (9)
I know you!

I think the motive for bringing everyone together was a bit contrived but at least the story is moving forward.

I’m surprised they didn’t take the excuse to bring Nagi back.

Same here! But seeing that they put Misaki in there a lot, who is her brother it kinda makes sense.

I have to say, I don’t really find the organization all that useful. As in so far, there’s no real point to having them in the story and I think those are the weakest scenes. That fight at the beginning of the episode was really pretty silly. I would rather learn more about Asukai and the first imaginator.

Same, I think there might be a point to this Organization, but its feeling quite longwinded. So, I hope theres a point to them soon.

Boogiepop episode 6 (5)
we all should 

Speaking of the imaginator,, we haven’t seen her for a while now. Where do you think she went?

I’m not sure to be quite honest. I think perhaps she was just an plot device to introduce us to the real imaginator.

BoogiePop is clearly not a character driven narrative but I still think they should develop them a bit more. Do you agree?

Yea for sure. Character development is huge for a good anime.

Boogiepop episode 6 (13)
really? since when?

Ok so the sensei is fixing their flowers or something of the sort. I’m not certain why he needs people to be in pairs or what happens after he does his thing really. I don’t think anyone’s dying. Shania, can you explain this to me?

Heh, I’m not so sure myself Irina. I think…hes trying heal them? Possibly…I hope. They kinda seem possessed afterwards.

I like the idea that you’re not really yourself if nothing upsets you anymore. We are a reflection of our passions I guess.

Very poetic Irina.

Boogiepop episode 6 (17)
what kinda healing are you doing there, teach?

All in all, this episode was a bit lame in my opinion. We didn’t learn much of interest and maybe I’m just cold but I haven’t formed enough of an attachment to any of the characters to really care what happens to them. I was like, I hope brown haired boy doesn’t get his brain fried but that’s as engaged as I got.

Are you feeling this cast? Who’s your favourite?

Here and there. I’m kinda getting attached to Misaki, but just because he seems so caring. I really wish we got a little more background on the characters though, then we might care about them more.

Boogiepop episode 6 (23)
he is sweet

Once again we had a long session of rooftop exposition. It’s pretty amazing how no unrelated student ever decides to go up there to chill or something..

We’re at episode 6 so if this is a single cour season, we’re halfway through. What are your thoughts so far, Shania?

At first I didnt understand this anime at all. But with the recent episodes it feels like it’s kinda coming together. Like a really intricate web. At least I hope it is.

You and me both.

Boogiepop episode 6 (21)
my thoughts exactly

Here are a few more picture of this episode

3 thoughts

  1. I’m really getting into this show. If it all falls apart at the end It will be too bad. I have a feeling that this is a Masaki-Aya-Kazuko arc. Boogie will come in to clean up at the end but it is their fight to win or lose. I suspect that Boogiepop and Imaginator are either genderless supernatural beings or psychological states that open up preternatural skills in whoever experiences them. Or both.

    I haven’t read or seen any of them but there are appearances of Imaginator in many different manga. It may an ongoing enemy that cannot be killed but only defeated again and again. In that respect Imaginator could be an idea. You can’t kill an idea. Even if you managed to obliterate it from the world, It will arise again when the conditions are right.

    The stresses of life either create Imaginator or render one vulnerable to Imaginator. Not sure which. Both explanations work but yield somewhat different plot lines.

    Jin was susceptible – and has a useful power – so Imaginator lives in him right now. I suspect Boogiepop chose Touka because she has the latent power that Boogiepop needs.You won’t see a lot of the girl Imanginator occupied because she is just one of a number of vessels. It may even be able to occupy multiple vessels at once.

    Nagi’s father wrote about Imaginator as if it were a psychological enemy that everyone faces that supplies your mind with thoughts rather than you coming up with your own. That makes me think of ideology or dogma or even a cult.

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