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Can A Blog be an Island

That title is a bit unclear. I was trying to resume a complex thought in a few words and I failed. Today I want to think a bit about the practice of bloggers cutting themselves off from the blogging community. First I should say that I have no judgment call about it. I still think...


When Comedy Anime isn’t Quite Comedy

Comedy anime series get the short end of the stick. I think that’s a real shame. Mostly because I’m a huge comedy fan and I defend my own. However, after seeing the recent Crunchyroll award categories I think I might know at least part of the problem: Semantics…


I Might Be A Secret Magical Girl

At least I think so… No no wait! Hear me out…I know how this sounds! I really do! But I have reasons for thinking this. Logical ones. And no I didn’t slip on our very icy sidewalks and hit my head hard!


Another boring post about feminism and stuff in the anime community…

I’m gonna level with you. I fell down a rabbit hole of watching dudes who seem super angry about “feminism” and how it’s destroying everything good like video games and anime. I feel a little defensive now. It’s my own fault, no one forced me to watch. And to be fair, I have also been...


Aniblogging vs Mainstream (Anime Award Edition)

Each year anime fans celebrate their media of choice by holding awards for their favourites. I don’t really follow award shows because my tastes tend to be a bit out there. I also watch most anime after they’ve aired so I usually have only seen a couple of titles by the time the awards roll...


It’s Not Always About the Sex

The more things change, the more they stay the same. For as long as I can remember there has been a raging debate about how characters get frequently sexualized in anime. One side thinks the practice is getting old and when done excessively or gratuitously can take away from the experience of watching anime for...


Falling in Love With Anime

Don’t worry guys, this isn’t yet another post on why anime is so awesome or why I happen to love it so much….Or maybe you should worry since I’m going to attempt to explain something I’m not quite sure how to wrap my mind around and it could end up being one of those messy...


Too Many Anime Platforms?

I don’t have FUNimation or Hulu. I watch anime on Crunchyroll, Canadian Netflix (where’s my Beastars!!???!!!!) and Prime. But for the last few seasons there’s always been at least one series I was looking forward to that ends up on FUNimation and it’s annoying.


That Time I Got Recognized From my Blog and it Made Me Feel Weird

I am not under the delusion that I’m a famous blogger or anything. I’ve been lucky enough to find some people who read my blog and interact with me and that’s been a great and unexpected blessing. But in the grand scheme of things, my blog is rather tiny. I get a fraction of the...


Trauma in Anime

Anime characters sure have though childhoods. Well the action ones at least. If you sit down and really think about action anime, it’s a sea of PTSD. You can’t be a proper hero without a bit of tragedy in your background. At the very least your parents can’t just be healthy. And don’t even get...