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Can Horror Anime Ever Be As Scary as Live Action?

I think before we start on this one, I’m going to have to define some terms here. Like “horror” or “scary” or “anime”…No wait, I think we all know that last one… O.k. so when I’m talking about horror here, I’m talking about the schlocky jump scare, monster type horror. Not the deep existential stuff....


The Ups and Downs of Watching Popular Anime As They Air

I’ve only recently started watching seasonal anime in simulcast. For one the option hasn’t even been available for that long and for two I generally prefer to soft binge shows. (I’ve coined the term soft binge to mean watching all the episodes more or less in a row over whatever period of time it takes...


Why Watching Anime Makes You More Attractive

It’s a well-known fact that watching even a single episode of anime a day makes you at least 18% all around generally more attractive and the long-term benefits are difficult to overstate. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Everybody already knows this, why is Irina going on about basic facts again??? Well I just thought...


Blogging in Quarantine Times

For context, I’m writing this in the first week of May and I’ve been at home for a couple of months now. I just wanted to have a little record of how this has changed and mostly not changed my blogging experience. I would love to know how it’s been on your end as well.


In Defence of Nitpicking Anime

Once in a while I post random screencaps I have taken, to twitter without context. It’s a fun little game. What can I say, I’m easily entertained! Since I watched Land of the Lustrous recently, I was posting caps from that show and posted one of Cinnabar blushing. This one to be precise: Cute pic!...


Follow up on Writing Blog Comments

I very rarely do follow up posts. More often than not I forget that I have already written about a subject and write a second, different but substantially identical post a few months later. Does that count as a follow up? If it does then I’m an expert on these! This is a follow up...


Reading and Writing Blog Comments

Do you struggle with comments? As in answering or even leaving them? Do you respond to all the comments on your blog? (If you have one obviously) Do you comment on other people’s? I try to respond to every comment left on my blog and I think I generally succeed, but it’s sometimes surprisingly challenging....


The Completely Not Made Up History Of Anime Rainbow Vomit

So a few years ago I was watching KonoSuba and having a right old marvellous time at it, when Aqua, having had a few too many (girl after my own heart that one), had to duck into an alley and spew forth a glorious vibrant rainbow of too much fun. That’s when I realized that...


My Anime Watching Limit

A lot of people have suddenly found themselves with a lot more free time on their hands, and for anime fans that can often mean – time for binging! I was hoping to be in that situation as well but sadly my workload has only increased. This said, I have taken staycations so I know...


I Want to Attempt a Serious Post About Hikikomori

Let me just start off by admitting that I’m an idiot. I was talking to a few people online and I was saying how the hikikomori had it right all along when you consider the present pandemic. It was a very stupid thing to say and the only excuse I have, and it’s not an...