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Hello weebs! Today we will be looking at the best user of every element. There are a total of 118 elements but its not a chemistry lesson so in this list there will be only 7 elements that are used as weapons in anime and the characters who is best at controlling them. If any element is missing then please let me know.

So without wasting any time let’s begin…


There are lot of water users in anime although controlling water is not that cool as compared to fire or electricity but you can’t deny to the strength of water users. So let’s take a look at strongest water users.

Best water users: Kyogre (Pokemon)

Kyogre is a legendary Pokemon introduced in 3rd generation. Kyogre is a water type Pokemon who can control element of water and rain. He is a massive Pokemon with height of 14′09″. Kyogre is king of the oceans and he can flood the whole earth at his will. 

2. Wind

Controlling the wind is like controlling the sky. There are so many Anime characters who can control the element of wind but the best user of wind is one you are thinking of right now.

Best wind user: Naruto (Naruto)

Naruto is no doubt the strongest wind user in all anime universe. His chakra nature is wind and hence he can convert his chakra into form of wind. He can create different kinds of powerful energy balls that can destroy almost everything. He can also use sage mode, tailed beast mode and bayron mode that could increase his physical strength immensely.

3. Sound 

Sound is an interesting element. You can do a lot with sounds. If one can control the frequency of sound then he/she will become unstoppable. Sounds can also be used to make your enemies sleep or simply destroy their ear drums.

Best sound user: Kyouka jirou (My Hero Academia)

Kyouka jirou is one of the major character from MHA series. She is also known be the name “hearing hero”. She has a pair of earlobes that look like ear phone jacks that she use to manipulate sounds. She has amazing control over sounds. She can generate a powerful beam of sound that could defeat even the strongest enemies. She can also send dengerous vibrations to her opponents that could cause paralysis and with sounds she could even create earthquakes. I think that is enough to prove that she is the best sound user in anime.

4. Fire

Fire manipulation is the coolest power one could have. It sounds cool, it looks cool, its deadly, powerful and intimidating and maybe that is why it is also the most common one. There are many amazing and badass fire users in anime but the best comes from fairy tale guild.

Best fire user: Natsu dragneel (Fairy tale)

Natsu is the main protagonist of the Fairy tale anime. He is one of the strongest mage in the series. Natsu uses fire magic which gives him so many badass fire powers. He can sprout fire from any part of his body. He has a lot of powerful fire moves like fire dragon’s claw, fire dragon’s breath etc… He has a lot of transformations like Goku and for each transformation he has a badass name. But what makes him the strongest is his immunity against flame. Natsu has an ability to eat flames that makes him immune to most fire attacks and explosion that that is enough reason to consider him best.

5. Earth

Earth is the toughest and the most useful element. Earth doesn’t just means mud and soil, its lot more then that. All kinds of rock including coal, gold and even diamond plus all metals, minerals etc comes under earth which makes it the most diversed element of all. Just think of controlling them all. Earth is an awesome element so its controler should be awesome too. But who is the best earth user? Let’s find out.

Best earth user: Groudon (Pokemon)

So the best earth user is none other then the creator of land, Groudon. Groudon is a legendary Pokemon introduced in gen 3. He is a ground type Pokemon who lives inside  volcanos. He can control both land and fire. He is so hot that water evaporates when come in his contact and his radiation is enough to change weather of a huge area. He can erupt all volcanos and create mountains wherever he wants. In his primal form he could do even more damages and easily he is the strongest earth user.

6. Plant

Plant, grass or whatever you want to say it. It is not very common type of element but not very rare either. There are so many characters who use plants as there weapon. Most common examples are in Pokemon universe where plant or grass is a common Pokemon type. But the best grass user is not from Pokemon universe.

Best plant user: Hashirama (Naruto) 

Hashirama from Naruto is the strongest plant or grass user in anime. He is one of the strongest character in the series. He uses woods as his weapon called wood style. He can create anything he wants from it. He can also use sage mode and other jutsus. He the first hokage of leaf village and even defeated Madara uchiha. His strongest moves are, wood dragon and a giant Buddh statue made of wood with one thousand arms which is a distraction machine.

7. Electricity

Last element from this list is electricity which is also very cool. Electricity makes the users fastest and sometimes it even style your hair. Electricity is a amazing element that works better with water. With electricity you can paralysis even the strongest and heaviest opponents. So let’s see who is the best electricity user.

Best user of electricity: killua (Hunter x Hunter) 

Killua is the second most important character of Hunter x Hunter series coming from the family of assassins named Zoldyck. From a very little age he was trained to kill his target. He knows some really effective assassination techniques like removing someone’s heart in blink of an eye. He can convert his aura into electricity and with his signature move, god speed he achieve the speed of lighting which makes him the fastest. most importantly he is immune to poison and electricity which makes his better then all other electric uses.


That’s it for today guys I hope you enjoyed reading. If you like this article then why don’t you check out my blog there you might find something even better. So thanks for reading and special thanks to Irina the Great. 

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  1. I definitely enjoy elemental fighters, particularly ones that focus on a single element. It shows that they’re confident of their skills even when fighting someone of the opposite element. “My flames cannot be doused by any water” is the kind of trope I live for

  2. I know that the scale of their power is different, but I want to see a match between a juiced up Kisame or Tobirama and Kyogre.

    Also, lightning is my favorite element, looks like I should check out hunter x hunter.

  3. I was curious to see which set of classical elements you would pick and it looks like a mix of Greek and Chinese. I can’t argue with any of the picks as they are all good, but technically sound would be part of the wind element. Plus in the Chinese system what you call plant would be referred to as wood. Also electricity aka lightning is sometimes called quintessence in some of the classical systems of elements. I would have picked Laxus Dreyer or Mikoto Misaka for that one since I’ve never seen Hunter X Hunter.

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