Hi Scott. I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable Sunday! I did. We’re finally getting an actual winter here and it’s a bit nippy. I’m really happy about that. It was so unseasonably warm that I was starting to get worried we’d just be skipping the winter coats this year. I mean that’s just not how things are supposed to be in the great white north and all. 

But now all is good. I cleaned the house. I got some really yummy plans for dinner and I watched just the sweetest anime!

Hi Irina, it’s been an ok Sunday so far. It feels like not a lot has happened but I like it that way. I feel like this is one of the few days of the week where I actually do relax for a bit because I am always up to something it seems. It’s getting warmer here on my end after having a very big cold snap.

It sounds like you have it all figured out. Tell you a secret, I watched one of the sweetest anime too :). 

If you’ll allow me to go just a bit off-topic. This episode had a character asking what the appeal of BL was anyways and so on. Classic stuff but it was nicely subverted when it turned out the character was just insecure about his girlfriend being into it. I did like that part.

However, it did get me randomly thinking about whether I would enjoy Sasaki and Miyano as much if it wasn’t BL. There are some BL and Yuri stories that I think work specifically because of the same-sex relationship. Or where that aspect brings something to the story. But in this case, it could have been a boy-girl couple without changing much about it at all.

I honestly think that I would still like it just as much. I think the BL twist is fun and I like the little jabs at BL tropes and fan culture. Maybe that works a bit better in the context. But what makes the story work for me, is the abandon to pure unadulterated fluffiness. And I think that works whether the couple happens to be two boys, girls, one of each, an anthropomorphized rhinoceros and a sentient lamp… What do you think Scott?

I’m kind of there too, you know? I don’t really care about what sex each member of a couple for the anime I watch anymore as long as its good couple. Admittedly, two other romances that I am watching this season are boy and girl, but I like all of them. I feel like the tension of the BL twist really does add a lot of cool jabs that the show is definitely playing into which just makes it a bit more funny and wholesome in a way. This show is just self aware.

Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about BL or GL. I don’t actively search out for it as much as I could because my focus is elsewhere, but I am enjoying this series and figuring out a bit more about BL as I watch more of this show. I do like being able to say that I enjoy a bit about it and could have a favorite. 

Sorry about that little detour guys. Let’s get back to the actual episode. 

I don’t know if you noticed, but I really liked the score this week. I thought the music was a lot more playful and fun. I hope they keep it up!

 Yeah, I liked it too. Really did add a lot of energy into the series and carried a lot of scenes very well with how the show was directed and how the seiyuu talked. I liked it. Just very fluffy. 

It was nice to get an episode from Miyano’s point of view. It gives us a better feel for the two of them.

And I liked it when Miyano suddenly remembered that Sasaki is actually a cool guy. This happens to be an archetype I enjoy quite a bit. The guy you forget is cool because most of the time he’s a huge dork. Cool dorks are the best!

Yes, cool dorks really are the best. Sasaki being both of those things really does add so much to making him a believable character. As cool as the guy is, he still has some love struggles with his current situation and the gap moe is so good here. 

Admittedly, this episode might have gone a little over the top with the sweetness. At least that’s what’s written in my notes. There were one or two scenes where it was like, well isn’t this just too precious. But you know, by the time the episode ended, I didn’t really care. 

Yeah, sure, Sasaki and Miyano is really just sugary fluff. But it does the sugary fluff thing very well and I like sweet things. It’s a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. It might give some people cavities…

I’m ok with getting cavities from this show. Is it too fluffy? Maybe but I don’t care either. Especially since not a lot of sweet anime have appeared recently so its nice to have it while its here and I’m glad its Sasaki and Miyano. This episode really went by so quickly and I felt like I was grinning like an idiot for most of the way through. Just let this adorableness continue please.

As much as I do like the shoujo sparkles, I tend to appreciate the sort of normal moments the most. Like when Miyano is asked if he uses Sasaki for fudanshi fantasies and he just calmly replies, huh come to think of it I never did. And the conversation just goes on. It’s such an odd thing to say but also exactly the sort of nonsense you just casually chat about with your friends. I like those scenes.

The romance isn’t happening in a vacuum. These people have friends who all have their own lives. And it makes the world seem livelier and more interesting when you get glimpses of that.

I also like that people are clearly supporting the Miyano and Sasaki relationship happening too. Hirano wasn’t sure at first, but it’s clear he is supporting it as of this episode I think. Then there are Miyano’s friends from last episode and this episode who heavily support Sasaki and Miyano being together too. Even if this is a small bit of their lives, besides the one guy who doesn’t understand people liking BL, this is a crew who seem to want everyone to be happy.

And I’m glad that everyone has their own lives to live too. What a small segment of everyone’s world we just saw and yet it really was mostly full of joy too. Time really does make it feel like its moving in this episode even if its only been three. 

We can’t really talk about this episode without talking about the final scene!

Man, that final scene. Made my cold heart grow three sizes. I really want to hear your thoughts, Scott. Mine are mostly just giggles and squeals.

I was mainly going aww. There was some bit of tension between Miyano and Sasaki in this episode, but it just left the room. I guess Miyano does have some feeling for him. Oh wow, who would have guessed haha. So adorable.

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  1. ’twas a cute episode, wasn’t it? I think my favourite scene was the white day return gift, with Sasaki trying to figure out how to read the gift, when even Miyano isn’t quite sure. That was such a what-if-I’m-prematurely-happy-but-I’m-happy-anyway scene.

    I also liked the do-you-use-Sasaki-for-fantasies scene. His friend’s tsukkomi-esque “Use him, too,” was such fun. (He could have said “Don’t use me either,” and might have – in another anime).

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