Living your life as if you were in an anime may sound like fun but it definitely has inadvisable aspects. There’s a decent chance you would quickly get arrested…or killed. However in small doses the practice can be a lot of fun. Borrowing the more mundane bits and pieces of your favourite fiction to spice up your everyday is a harmless way to bring a little joy to your life and keep the dullness at bay!

I have been changing my hair colour on a regular basis since I was pretty young for instance. Unfortunately I could never quite adhesive the lush fullness or gravity defying wonder of true anime hair. Luckily, there are a few other things I can turn to to bring just a dash of animeness to my world.

pocket-tie anime
why do I like this?

5) Tie tricks

This one is weird… So I do like to wear a good time on occasion. I’ve always been find of them and am amazed some people find them uncomfortable. Then again I wear very high heels everyday so comfort is a relative thing. Maybe it’s because I’m not a boy and I’ve missed out on all the exciting tie secrets, but I’ve always just worn it the boring way, letting it hang from my neck like a really sad how are something and having it get in the way of bending down to pick up stuff.

I can’t explain how delighted I was (or why) to find out there was a better way. The first time I saw an anime character tuck their tie into their breast pocket it was a revelation! Pure genius. I had never thought of that not have I ever seen anyone do it. Sadly most of my shirts don’t have breast pockets but whenever I wear the few that do I make sure to sling a tie on and find an excuse to tuck it in there at some point.

And even better than that, ties can be headbands to keep annoying hair out if your face after an evening of Heavy business drinking!!! Mind blown!

knights and magic
wow, I really like the art here – I think this show is Knights and Magic?

4) Narrating my life out loud

I’m the first to admit that I’m an oblivious weirdo which can make relating to me a bit of a challenge. But apparently I could just state out loud everything I’m doing and thinking so that people can easily follow along! Life hack!

I’ve always thought it hilarious when Anime characters announce obvious things like how they are going about a task, in great detail. But I have in fact tried to simply and plainly just exposition dump everything during conversations that seem to have stale mated and I was surprised how often it actually helps. I’m not sure what this says about me or my conversation partners but heck, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

gothic dress wallpaper
this is a wallpaper – I couldn’t find the artist


3) Gothic Lolita dress

For a long time I thought that these dresses didn’t actually exist. Maybe as super expensive costumes for high budget movies but that was it. I figured anime firm was the only way to capture such lush frilliness. Then I found out there’s a name for it. So I googled it. (Side-note I have to curve my instinct of googling everything I hear about, so many things I can’t understand and unknow… Also going straight for image search is a particularly good way to get traumatized)

Gothic Lolita dresses exist! And are small enough for me!!! And I have half a dozen I can’t wear anywhere because my style is comfortable soft punk… And I’ll buy more soon!!!

zero two
the horns are a good statement as well

2) Red eye shadow

I knew red eye shadow existed without anime telling me! Heck I even had a palette with A red shade I had never even touched. And then I watched Hozuki’s coolheadedness and got captivated by his kabuki inspired makeup. So I stared experimenting with red eye shadow right under iron the corner of my eyes. Eventually Darling and the Franxx came along and I got inspired by zero six.

Now it’s pretty much my go to look whenever I feel ambitious enough to put eye shadow on. And every time I do, I feel a little more fearless and capable.

those mochi are extra cute

1) Ice Cream Mochi

By far the most important contribution a piece of art could make to my life is leading me to the discovery of Ice Cream Mochi. Is that hyperbole? Maybe I’m laying it on a bit too thick… But no, I don’t think so.

Sadly, for a long time finding Ice Cream Mochi in the suburbs of Montreal was a daunting quest rarely met with success but I guess I’m not the only one to have discovered them because several brands of Ice Cream mochi have been popping up in grocery stores and my life is just better now!

You need to let them thaw just a little bit. Like a few minutes on the counter, so the ice cream will soften up just a touch. That’s the best way to enjoy them. Ice cream mochi are just the best! It’s the only desserts I’ve had for months now, and it’s winter here! That’s how much I like them!

This post feels more random than usual. I hope I didn’t lose you all along the way. Is there anything you discovered through watching anime that has now snuck into your every day routine? What is it?

Rini 2020 (3)
can I eat it?

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  1. As far as daily life, the food mainly. I hardly go a day without either cracking a raw egg over rice, or making miso or ramen soup. I used to wear ties when I was much younger, pre-anime. Some because it was part of my uniform, but also by choice. I wear men’s clothing most of the time. I love the looks of the goth lolita, and I’m tiny enough to pull it off but I couldn’t do it as everyday. Maybe once in a while, for a trip to Fremont Street. Hubby and I both are liable to yell “Segoye” or “Kawaii” among other Japanese words that have crept into our conversations. Shikattaganai is another favorite of mine (It can’t be helped). I play Neko Atsume, sometimes in English, sometimes in Japanese, as well as a few other Japan based games. Like with any fandom, I have some anime t-shirts, toys, gadgets and geegaws. You might not notice if you don’t actually come to the house, although when I wear anime gear outside I do tend to have fellow anime fans run up and gush – which is fun 😀 I did punky hair colors pre-anime as well. Hubby teases me that I am turning Japanese. I think I’ve sort of assimilated a lot into my “normal” which is normally weird anyway 😛 that I don’t even really notice. It’s fun, you know, it’s sort of being part of an “in”group, isn’t it?

    1. I gotta say food is a big one for me too. Okonomiyaki and onigiri are pretty much staples at my place

      1. I want to learn to make onigiri. I think it would be ideal for something I can make up and have in the fridge ready for days when we get home super late because of the bus or any time I’m in a rush (I forget to eat).

        1. It’s great – surprisingly time consuming. Quick trick, use cling wrap when forming them instead of just wetting your hands. It’s really the only way I managed to get them to properly form

          1. Thanks for the trick! I’ll take a shot at it next month if I can get everything. Rice I’ve got. We can’t really eat most prepared foods so I’m always looking for something I can make and then store in the fridge and have for dinner on dialysis days when we are either home really late or when we get home we’re exhausted and just don’t feel like cooking.

  2. Ice cream mochi are great. There’s a type called yukimi daifuku which is particularly cute and generally comes in packs of 2, so it’s convenient…if you don’t expect to share, that is (and the fact its name is a pun on tsukimi daifuku just makes it even better!).

    I wore a tie a grand total of once…never got the hype or the appeal, mostly in how to tie the darn things. I’ve grown quite attached to wearing scarves over the years though, ever since I learnt they were a legitimate part of a certain uniform, hence the choice of characters in that cosplay post.

    …and that is Knights and Magic, by the way.

  3. Yes to red eye shadow! I fell in love with when I watched Hoozuki too. I thought it was so cool but then I don’t really wear any eyeshadow when I go out.

    And ooh, ice cream mochi! I bet I won’t be able to find one here at my place hahah

  4. I never really do see Ice Cream Mochis at Loblaws but i’d really like to try it if i do get the chance.

    1. I’ll be sure to look at when i have the chance especially with this panic shopping going on thanx.

  5. I’m really dull in real life. I’ve never taken any inspiration from anime. The simpler the pieces of fashion I wear the better. Ties? Only if I have to. Goth loli dresses? I can’t see myself being comfortable with all those wrinkles and frills. Eye shadow, red or otherwise? Nah. Make-up’s a pain.

    Narrating my life out loud? I’m generally quiet and often don’t even talk when people expect me to. I’ve once surprised a new acquaintance, simply by demonstrating the ability to speak.

    And ice-cream mochi? I’m fine with ice-cream, though I can do without it no problem. I only once tried mochi, and as if that sticky stuff wasn’t bad enough, they poured some excessively sweet monstrosity of what they thought was sauce onto it. I think that stuff clogged my esophagus and cramped my jaw… I’m sort of courious about ice-cream mochi, but I’m not sure I have the courage to try. I suffer from mochi trauma.

    Now I feel like a spoil sport. It’s not like I’m against people drawing inspiration from anime. As long as they’re not trying to stuff their pets into really small balls, that is. I’d be against this.

    1. I love trying new things, but even if I didn’t I would love ice creame mochi.
      It isn’t too sweet. It is ice creame in chewiness.

      Also, this may be a no-brainer, but I can be slow on the uptake…. I just discovered after placing an icre cream cone of box bought ice creame from the grocers into the microwave- zap it for 12 seconds and voila! Soft served ice-creame!

      I know, this should be a no-brainer, but all my life I hadn’t thought of it until just last month. Hahah!
      This is a life-changer, because we have NO fast food restaurants here.

      Also, instant chocolate hot fudge:
      half cup chocolate chips
      1/4 cup heavy whipping creame
      Zap in microwave for 35 seconds.
      Stir it vigorously
      Zap 15 seconds
      and continue stirring/zapping for 15 until it is runny without choco chip globs.

  6. Trying to puzzle out how Rini looks in real life and little by little we are getting there.
    Lolita style has inspired me in a lot of home design thingies.. because I am to tall to wear any dresses and a bit to chubby as well. Perhaps a diet in quarantine will help with that!
    Not gothic in my case but Princess Lolita.. but still!

    Other than that , going to Ramen Places with friends for friends became a thing I now do with non anime friends. It’s a hearty wholesome lunch and it’s almost an activity and always looks so nice. There is a lot of bad ones out there.. but just across the border, when it’s not closed.. there is a town that holds some really great ones.

    I now wonder what is the best way to eat a chocolate croissant, What anime mostly made me do is declare the names of my special attacks though! Whenever I bowl, or play pool I yell out my “attacks” LOVU LOVU BALL , Pinku Pinku POKE! And during Card game I call out the heart of the cards! I usually get better results.. if people dont try to fit me for a white long sleeve.

    1. The best way to eat a real chocolate croissant is to open mouth and insert food, and when in France it is best done infront of the owner who won’t seel you a dozen of them. I was hungry and that was breakfast and a dozen really isn’t that many……

      1. I never found chocolate croissants when I lived in France. I always assumed it was a dutch and american thng (because I first found one in Holland so it stuck in my head)

        1. How long did you live in France??
          I drove through on a bus to get to the Netherlands once, and I have been to the airport multiple times (that does not count), but that is it.

            1. I was not expecting anything longer than one year, so five years sounds like a lovely and lengthy amount of time.

              I guess this post would not be the best place to elaborate, but I would love to hear about your travels and life abroad one day…. especially now that travel is more of a luxury of the past or hope of the future, rather than a reality at present.
              My five years in France… it sounds glamorous. 😻

            2. I wouldn’t call it glamorous exactly. I was a kid and a very very poor refugee.

            3. I couldn’t find the appropriate “Reply” button, so I am replying here. ^-^

              You’re right, that doesn’t sound glamorous, but that is definitely interesting.

              I have always lived in the same small village, other than when my family and I have traveled to visit or family, or when I have studied abroad.

              Again, you don’t have to go into details, but you have such an intersting life!

              Thanks for replying

      1. I bet there are some puppies more adorable than me!
        When you describe yourself I now imagine the fourth and Canadian member of Baby Metal. Which is awesome!

  7. The tie is a fashion statement obviously. Not sure if it’s good or bad but nonetheless a statement. (I have never ever seen anyone have their tie like that. I do however seen middle aged men carrie their tie like that when drunk throwing up or not drunk eating. Well, mainly my uncle actually and he worked in Korea for two years so that might have something to do with it. It’s an east Asian thing. *ponders*)

    Ice cream mochis; lord that’s something. I got a slight chock when I realized our grocery store sold them. Super expensive but that’s to be expected in a small town like this. They are always a treat.

    I can’t think of something I do from an anime. Except I suddenly got a straighter back when I sit formally on the floor. I usually sat like that before too but with a rather crooked back.

  8. I actually used “narrating what I was doing while I was doing it” as a strategy to help me pass my drivers test. One of the notes I got the first time I tried, and failed, to get my drivers license was that I hadn’t always done a shoulder check before turning, but I was sure that I had done them every time. I think the instructor just missed some of them, so, on attempt number two, I said it out loud every time I did a shoulder check, and anything else. Not sure how much it actually helped, but I did pass on my second attempt 🙂

  9. Nothing really comes to mind. I don’t do any of the wacky stuff they do in Daily Lives of Highschool Boys or get involved in any romance plots like Tsurezure Children or something. Definitely not in a world with titans or ghouls either… Haven’t died yet so getting isekai’d isn’t exactly part of my routine either… I mainly watch anime cause they do things I’d never do in real life. Most of which are either fun or interesting or both.

      1. But that’s cause you’re a magical girl! Just as stand user attract other stand users, magical girls attract other magical girls! And obviously when magical girls are around it’s to fight off supervillains! Meanwhile, I’m just your average kid that isn’t even in high school or middle school like most protagonists.

          1. No no no, it’s because I’m average that it seems that I have much wisdom and insight. The truth is, the more average you are, the more your imagination runs wild. Your average individual cannot accomplish great things but can imagine great things. Thus, when it comes to speculation and assumptions based on other’s situations and abilities, it is but a simple task. XD

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