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My Next Life As a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X Episode 5 — Crow’s World of Anime

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  1. Irina, as a very logical person, I tend to interpret things with a holistic approach, which is why Re:zero is right up my alley with all the details one needs to remember. In this second season of Hamefura, aside from the succession storyline, what has gotten the most focus is Sophia trying to set up Catarina with Nico or Nicol (can’t remember how they spell it), her brother. Thus, I see that brief flashback of Atsuko being a sign of Sophia and Catarina’s relationship possibly being further developed, perhaps culminating in Catarina and/or Sophia herself finding out that Sophia is Atsuko reincarnated, which was revealed in Season 1.

    My brother thinks Geordo is the one most likely to marry Catarina, but I think based on what the story has presented with Nico/Nicol being the only one who could make Catarina flustered before Geordo started kissing her and how Nico/Nicol reminds Catarina so much of the count from the romance novel series she and Sophia likes so much that Catarina will end up with Nico/Nicol so that Catarina and Sophia can be sister-in-laws like Sophia wants to happen. Nico/Nicol seems very much like Catarina’s type, and being sisters-in-law with Sophia would be the wholesome ending which is the most quintessentially Hamefura, so I’m partial to it.

    Also, the dark-hearted prince in Fortune Lover is 100% Geordo, not Sirius. Sirius was never dark-hearted, and it was moreso the case that he was possessed by an evil spirit. Season 1 repeatedly mentioned that Geordo in the game was dark-hearted, so the Atsuko flashback was indeed referring to Geordo.

    1. Hi Vance, I saw your comment on Crow’s blog. I’m not sure if Sofia setting up Catharina with Nico has gotten more focus than Geordo wanting to move forward with the relationship.
      I might be mistaken the dark-hearted prince with the secret route.
      Sirius to be the dark hearted princewas narratively relevant as he is a wielder of dark magic and an antagonist in some of the routes. But your right, now that you mention it it was just Geordo’s nickname, Well that’s boring.

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