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Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan ep5 – Mini review with Matt

Hi guys and welcome all to another mini review. Irina here which you probably already know…this being my blog and all. As some of you may have heard, lucky lucy Matt is currently enjoying a well deserved vacation in Japan and not really doing the blog thing for the time being. However, incredibly devoted as he...


Hozuki’s Coolheadedness – cool head, warm heart..also cold heart!

Genre: Slice of Death, Supernatural, Yokai, comedy, folklore Episodes: 13 Studio: Wit Studio Hell is nothing if not… efficient! Judging all those souls, dealing out appropriate punishment, making time for diplomatic relations with all the other hells, it can really be… Well you get the idea.  It takes a lot of work to keep a...


Skip Beat – Being Awesome is the Best Revenge

Genre : Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life Episodes: 25 Studio: Hal Film Maker There’s one thing in this world powerful enough to give a young woman wings! One special, all encompassing emotion that can make you walk on water and move mountains. At that tender age, when we first enter adulthood, and all seems possible, that’s when...