You will probably not believe this but it’s summer! Actual Summer. Like every self-respecting Canadian, 75% of my closet is summer clothes that I can only wear approximatively 3 weeks out of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I love snow. But there’s a very particular type of crazy that takes over the country whenever we get more than 4 hours of sunshine in a row. We all go into vacation mode.

Sadly, despite the way I act, think, look and eat, I am not a child. Also, Ice Cream is a perfectly valid breakfast. So, I don’t have a couple of months to travel and bum around to my heart’s content. I do take some vicarious vacations through these amines that make me want to book a plane ticket every time I see a screen cap!

lu over the wall anime
they have a killer electro punk scene

5 Lu Over the Wall

A fairly little known movie, I saw Lu Over The Wall at last years Fantasia Film Festival and I was transported to a sleepy island ton full of wonder. The small town feel with those mom and pop establishments where restaurants are basically someone’s kitchen and hotels are someone else’s spare bedroom, instantly relaxes me. As much as we work like crazy to afford modern conveniences, we seem to go out of our way to avoid them when we go on vacation.

Aside from the simple and relaxing look of the town, it’s really the endless beautiful see that captured my imagination. Is there anything more liberating than the wide open water that seems to go on forever. I think I left that movie theater with a tan!

your name anime
this brings me back

4. Your Name

You’re going to see a pattern here. I actually prefer big cities and luxury hotels. Or at least I use to. Now, as long as I can get WiFi and bring my dog, I’m not that worried about the rest, and as such I seem to be longing for quieter vistas full of nature and fresh air.

Your name has some beautiful views. Before the unfortunate meteor thing… The mix of traditional Japanese ceremonies and buildings with slightly more modern commodities was the perfect blend of rustic and comfortable. Also, sake making ceremony. Just sayin…

the flying witch anime
the contrasting brick work is adorable

3. the Flying Witch

I’m not a person who feels the need to relax. This is entirely on me, but I’m not all that clear on the difference between relaxing and boring. This probably has to do with my lack of serious and refusal to get stressed. This said, shows that are primarily “relaxing” are not my cup of tea, which is why I wasn’t all that taken by the Flying Witch.

This said, despite not finding the show that interesting a watch, it really seemed like a great life. Everyone in that town is so nice and the place is downright gorgeous. Both the actual depictions of  Hirosaki, so beautiful that I wondered if the tourism board had funded the anime, and the café  Taisho Western House (tied with the Time of Eve for place I want to spend every Wednesday afternoon) had me longing for a change of scenery. I would not only gladly spend a few months there, I would in fact move there anytime… then probably complain that I miss the big city….

eccentric family anime kamo
I have a fondness for cities featuring large rivers

2. The Eccentric Family

I think I just like Kyoto. A lot. I really should go. I also like temples. Maybe it’s because I loved the show so much but I was mesmerized by Kyoto in the eccentric family. The beautiful banks of the river Kamo. Calming temples peppering the scenery. Warm little bars to wet your whistle and private little restaurants serving obscure delicacies. That brightly decorated shopping plaza. I wanted to be there badly.

It also seems that the majority of the town is dedicated to brewing alcohol which is not a bad thing.

There are a few towns around the world that I’m attracted to. I will go back to Prague at the drop of a hat. Lomé has surprisingly delicious Italian restaurants. Montreal has my heart. After watching the Eccentric Family, I realized that Kyoto and not Tokyo is really where I want to visit.

Tsuritama anime
Tsuritama deserves more credit than it gets

1.       Tsuritama

Tsuritama is a vacation in anime form. Once again, the stunning views are surrounded by water on all sides. Enoshima island looked like a dream. Awash in bright colors and stunning views, I couldn’t get enough of the backgrounds in this show.

Really, Tsuritama doesn’t get enough recognition. It’s a gorgeous series. and a fun surreal trip. This said, for the few days when I was immersed in it, I felt all my worries melt away on those pristine beaches and endless sunny afternoons.

Are you still here? Did you tab out to plan your next getaway? Can we go together? Are there any particular series that make you want to pack your bags and book a hotel room?Image result for get together wallpaper hd

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  1. My ideal vacation place would probably somewhere more rural (I haven’t been to the beach much). The one that comes to mind is Chise’s house in The Ancient Magus’ Bride. Now that seems like the ultimate form of relaxation and isolation (I like to be alone sometimes :3).

    Also, totally understand your struggles as a fellow Canadian

    1. Welcome! Granted my neck of the woods probably has the most chaotic weather but I think my statements apply in general!

  2. Totally agree with about Ly Over the Wall… now to track down where it was based off in real life lol. Your Name would be a great visit, and your reasons for the other series are really solid too! I still haven’t gotten to Tsuritama but it’s on my list!!

  3. Aww, such nice places. I haven’t seen Lu over the Wall, but it’s been on my list ever since I heard of it, and it’s moved up a notch when heared it’s a Yuasa anime (which doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll love, but which definitely means it’ll be interesting). I also haven’t seen Your Name, but I recently bought the DVD, so it’s only a matter of years, now, until I’ll watch it. (Shinkai is good for gorgeous scenery, and I hear he’s outdone himself in this one.)

    The Flying Witch scenery looks so calming, I’d love to go there. Related is the extreme ruralness of Non Non Biyori, although its ruralness is such that you might have to do without wireless (you’ll have a cell-phone signal, if you don’t move too far from the centre). I think the only shop I’ve seen is a candy shop, which never has any customers, so I wonder how they make a living. It might be a tad too rural for a vacation (and I’m not sure there’s any option but to charm one of the few residents into a home stay?).

    Do I have to say how much I love the Kyouto The Eccentric Family presented. In any case, 2013 was the anime year of magical Kyouto, with Kyousougiga following on the heels of Uchouten Kazoku, presenting a more surreal Mirror Kyouto. After 2013, I really wanted to go there. It seems, though, that recently a lot of tourists had that idea. The Japanese government and maybe the city admistration have pushed that angle, too, so now Kyouto is overrun with tourists and there seem to be a lot of disgruntled residents, as tourists are often too loud, eat in public, and leave their litter where it doesn’t belong. It might be a good idea to wait a few years, until the boom dies down. (article)

    I’m not much of a sea person, and the emphasis on fishing (which I don’t like much) has distracted me, so Tsuritama didn’t immediately sell me on Enoshima. But the place left a subconscious impression, so that when recently another anime was set there (I tried and failed to remember which, and how recent it was), I remembered Tsuritama with a surprising sense of nostalgia for the place. (The show itself? I didn’t get the feeling it was underappreciated. When it aired, it was everybody’s darling [it aired in the Noitamina slot, which still held a lot of presige back then], and I liked it a little less than… seemingly everyone else. That’s the worst situation to be in: it casts a negative shadow on a show you’d otherwise quite like. Had it been underappreciated, I’d probably have advertised for it. Now when it’s brought up, I think “overrated”, which is a pity, because it’s really quite good. Grandma was my favourite character.)

    1. Really i think you’re the first person to tell me they’ve ever seen that show…my rock is getting bigger again (the one I live under)

  4. Well..I am not a summer person myself (yep…strange huh…I am definitely a winter person) Nevertheless I can enjoy the summer as well at certain times, and a post like this makes me think back on animes that gave me a summer feeling (as much as I have that). One that springs to mind is When Marnie was there….it also had that kind of holiday feel to it, event though it wasn’t a summer movie. It’s the scenery though that still put me in that mood. Having recently watched Your Name too….I totally agree with what you wrote about it here. Have to admit that my first view of the movie was a different one than my second viewing. But more on that when I post my review for it, hopefully somewhere in the next 2 weeks. Great post..and of course enjoy the weather 😀

      1. I’m pretty open minded I watched mind game which switches anime style back and fourth so there’s few people I know that didn’t like it, I thought it was awesome.

        1. I loved that movie the first time i saw but I admit i was less thrilled on repeat viewings. Hopefully you’ll enjoy eccentric family like I did

  5. Here’s my master vacation plan-
    We start with Hinamizawa in the summer, before sailing to Rokkenjima in the fall.
    Past that…
    I don’t think there’s any chance of my survival, so there’s no point in planning any further…
    But hey, friendship and love dulls the pain of inevitable death and crippling paranoia!

      1. Maybe I can cross genres and become an isekai protagonist when it’s over! (Didn’t even need to wait for Truck-kun)
        Wait, that would make me a lot less edgy so…

  6. My list of Anime That Make Me Want To Vacation would just be any anime set in Akihabara. I’m kinda shameless that way but MAN do I love that town!

      1. You know it! Currently planning a trip to Japan for next year and am having to minimize the amount of days spent in Akihabara. If it we’re up to me we’d spend the whole trip there!

      2. Yeah… “shopping” —- *cough* Have fun with those maids, Cactus!

        Just kidding, I’ve always wanted to visit that area as well. Lots of craziness there! Not sure if either of you have heard of the Robot Restaurant, but if not, I highly suggest looking at videos of it on YouTube. Talk about insanity. 🙂

  7. I agree with The Flying Witch, even though I didn’t find it very interesting, either! For me, it’s Rurouni Kenshin, Sadly, they haven’t invented time travel so I can go back and catch a glimpse of Japan during the Meiji era to see what Tokyo and Kyoto were like back then. 😀

  8. Great choices! I keep meaning to check out the eccentric family, your mention of most of the town brewing makes me want to watch it even more!! 🍻🍻
    Never let yourself get stressed out?? LUCKY! I’m stressed out ALL THE TIME! I guess we balance out the world. 😉😂🌍

  9. Electro punk scene?! SOLD!!!!! Lol. And yes! Tsuritama!! I remember thinking how much I’d love to visit a place like that while watching the series. It’s a gem of a show, I love it. Also, yes to your name! It has such gorgeous scenery!

  10. Great locations, but my all time comfiest vacation getaway anime has to be Non Non Biyori, which I review here:

    It’s a wonderful little anime set out in the boonies, and I love the quiet mountain-town feel, even moreso than Kimi no Nawa. Non Non Biyori has a much lower population density as well, so lots of fun open space and exploration.

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