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Top 5 Anime Characters Who Failed to Upkeep Their Hair

A little while ago I posted a picture on Twitter and some of my followers were surprised by how normal my hair was. As in that, it wasn’t some crazy anime colour. They were all very nice about it but I could tell they were a bit disappointed. I don’t blame them, I am too....


Top 5 Anime Schools I Would Never Want to Attend

So I guess these are more like bottom 5 schools. But that ruins the flow of my Top Five Fridays… Just humour me! I’m sure we have all wished we could attend an anime school at some point. So many seem beautiful and bright, surrounded by lush flowers grown by the botany club and filled...


Irina’s Top 5 Waifus and Matt’s Top 5 Husbandos

Do you guys have any feelings about the word waifu? I know some people may take the idea a bit too seriously but otherwise I have nothing against it. Sounds like a form of domestic martial art. What a fed up lady would use when her husband forgot to fold the laundry again. “She used...


Top 5 Anime Foreigners

Over on Karandi s blog, I wrote a post about the general trends we see in the way foreign characters are portrayed in anime. And by foreign, I meant characters that are not Japanese but are in a Japanese setting. How outsiders are shown to interact with Japanese society and culture. It’s a subject I...


Top 5 Anime Magnificent Bastards

I know it’s not just me. I know I’m not the only one with tragically bad taste in anime boys. My taste in anime ladies though is unquestionable!!! A simple look at popularity polls and general online chatter is enough to show you that there are a number of incredibly popular anime characters who are...


Top 5 Anime Boys Who Rock Pigtails

Here I am again, bringing you important pressing news that’s…important! Yeah! If any of you recognize this title, congratulations eagle eyes! I’m impressed and a little touched. For those of you that don’t, it was one of my joke lists from this post. I want to eventually make version of all the lists mentioned in there. Admittedly,...


Top 5 Anime Dopplegangers

You know you’ve watched a sufficient but completely non-alarming amount of anime when you start to spot similarities between unrelated characters from completely different series. It’s happened to me a few times lately and for some reason it fills me with glee. What can I say, I lead a life of adventure and excitement! What’s more, in...

Assassination classroom anime review 41

The Valuable Lessons of Assassination Classroom

Genre : Action, Sci Fi, comedy Episodes: 22 + OVA Studio: Lerche Any good teacher knows that what a remedial student really needs to succeed is the proper motivation. And what better motivation could there be then saving the world! Granted, to do so those students are going to have to assassinate a near invulnerable genetically engineered...


The Monster and the Ghost of Class 3E

I’ve written a lot on Assassination Classroom. It’s obvious that I found the series inspiring. And for once, I actually planned ahead and left out something I wanted to discuss more in depth in its very on post. Namely: Rikuto Ikeda.