A little while ago I posted a picture on Twitter and some of my followers were surprised by how normal my hair was. As in that, it wasn’t some crazy anime colour. They were all very nice about it but I could tell they were a bit disappointed. I don’t blame them, I am too.

Throughout the years I have had just about every hair colour under the sun. However, with quarantine times, I’ haven’t gotten my hair done in almost a year. Not that this really matters since I dye it myself most of the time but I had been keeping it white for a while and I wanted to give it a bleaching break anyways. I figured since I wasn’t seeing anyone it was the perfect time to just let it do its thing.

But I hate grown out roots. And honestly, every time I see that boring old brown blonde hair I have to use all my will power not to kill it with chemicals and go teal or something. So in an effort to squash bad habits, I decided to put together a list of anime characters that also hadn’t been keeping up with their hair regiment. That way I can still have one thing in common with a cute anime girl.

The thing is, this list actually turned out to be really difficult to put together and I could only find boys. So I guess one thing in common with cute anime boys, it is…

5. Sekizan Takuya from All Out

Of so I’m not sure that Sekizan’s hair is exactly grown out but something’s definitely going on there. I don’t know if it’s on purpose. If so it must take hours to do that every morning and Sezikan actually belongs on the opposite of this list.

But considering that he spends 90% of his time on the Rugby field and not carefully curling and flattening individual strands of hair, I can only imagine that this use to be a cohesive hairdo that didn’t survive through rugby training.

One thing’s for sure, it really makes an impression.

4. Ryoma Terasaka from Assassination Classroom

Oddly this is my second Assassination Classroom character to make it into a hair post. I wouldn’t have expected that!

Ryoma is what happens to dark roots when you let them grow out but keep cutting your hair. And you know what, it actually looks kind of good. I mean it looks like something you might do on purpose. Ok so the hair on the side is really short so if it isn’t freshly bleached it would be dark just like the longer hair on top. But who needs all that logic.

Did I mention this list was really hard to put together? Cause it was. You’re going to have to cut me a lot of slack here.

3. Haise Sasaki from Tokyo Ghoul

I’m actually not putting a link to this character. In case it’s a spoiler.

I realize that Haise has a few things going on other than his sleek sense of style to explain that hair. And even if it was just dark roots, I got a feeling that getting to the hairdresser isn’t the biggest thing on his mind.

Still, those definitely are some very obvious roots he’s rocking there. So he gets to represent those of us with some hair issues. There’s no reason to exclude him from the club. It would be mean to do so and he’s been through enough.

2. Kodaka Hasegawa from Haganai

There is a LOT going on with Kodaka’s hair. Where do I even begin? Maybe that’s why he has such a hard time making any friends…

First of all most of his hair is a weird blond that occasionally pulls green. He has some roots growing out already. I guess it’s ok for now, you could call it a shadow root, but it clashes pretty bad with the rest. But then the ends of his hair fade back into that dark brown colour, going through an awkward brassy band.

Now that is an at-home amateur dye job if I have ever seen one. It must have been a pain to colour for the animators…

1. Kenma Kozume from Haikyuu

Well, here we are. Pretty much the hair colour I’m sporting right now. Although my blonde is not that yellow. Why am I getting catty with an anime character I chose? And I really like it!

Honestly, though, Kenam has in fact been a great help in getting me to accept my growing roots. And he is so frekin adorable that I don,t mind looking a bit like that. O.k., I actually wish I looked like Kenma. Not even ashamed about that.

Recently, we saw Kenma before he bleached his hair and although he was still a cutie, that black and blonde style really gives him some panache. I hope he just lest it grow out forever.

Well, that’s all I could really find for this category. Do you guys have any other characters that come to mind? I hope it becomes a trend in 2021 and I can just pretend I’m being fashionable instead of lazy when I don,t do my hair for a while.

4 thoughts

  1. I tried to think of girls who stop dying/bleaching their hair, and I probably would have drawn a blank if fall season hadn’t just finished. In Adachi to Shimamura, there’s a time skip from New Year to Valentines, and somewhere in that period Shimamura stops treating her hair and that expanding brown patch appears, until there’s another timeskip near the end of the show and she has her natural haircolour. That’s even woven into characterisation.

    I think I’ve seen similar things before, though not on that detail levels, but I really can’t remember.

    (I guessed first place and should have guessed second place, but didn’t.)

  2. I’m always surprised by the type of innovative lists you make. Damn. The closest thing I can think of is when goku and vegeta grew beards in their DBS training arc with whis.

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