Things are getting serious in Shadows House. This season is slowly leading down a much grimmer path than what we’ve seen before and we might start feeling the consequences of everything that’s happened. I have a bad feeling about this. But I also think it’s great. As far as storytelling goes we’re seeing the plot stretch and mature. I hope we get a season 3.

This episode was mostly action since Kate and John had to secure their getaway from Maryrose. There were also some nice little last-minute elaborate tricks for those of you who are fans of cat and mouse scenarios. I’m a fan of cat and mouse scenarios. It was great.

However, there are two problems with this episode. For one, we are seeing the cracks beneath the surface clearer than ever before. Don’t get me wrong, they were always there. Something was always rotten about Shadows House. But hearing Emilico call Maryrose kind, and well, she really was kind. Seeing her grace in admitting defeat and then that last line of the episode pretty much blew everything away. It’s what sticks with me.

John had some fun moments as usual. “Nice Idea!”. There was this wonderful mirror scene where Kate refuses to get on John’s shoulders to avoid the water in the aqueduct and then a few minutes later it switches to Emilico perched on John’s shoulders scouting the horizon for signs of Shadows. Such a great way to show us how different the characters are and create rhythm in the storytelling. But you know, after hearing that they made the tough choice to hand Maryrose and Rosemary over, that’s all I can think about. How it changes everything. Symbolically, we have first blood in Shadows House. An actual situation where things might change forever and the main characters were directly responsible.

The other problem with this action-filled episode is that I find it very difficult to write about action-heavy episodes. I enjoy watching them!

It was nice that in the end, what made the main characters prevail is that they are friends. Not only John and Kate, but Emilico and Saun as well. These “faces” are really independent and have no hesitation in acting independently or taking decisions. They also know their Shadows in a way you can only know someone if you understand how they feel. And that’s not a must for a face from what we have seen. Not every pair has that type of bond.

Let me throw in one thing here because it doesn’t fit anywhere else. For some reason, Kate dressed as Emilico was extremely uncanny for me. Emilico and Shaun in fancy Shadows clothes looked perfectly fine and not out of place at all. I guess they are the faces after all. And John also wore that undershirt like it was made for him. I would have to look it up but I think we’ve seen him without his overcoat before so maybe that’s why it seemed so normal. But a pitch black Emilico was the weirdest thing for me. I couldn’t get used to it at all.

I hope things don’t go too badly for Maryrose and Rosemary. Even I am not naive and optimistic enough to think they will go well. Maybe they can escape…fingers crossed.

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  1. Worst case scenario, if they’re killed off I won’t mix up Rosemary & Maryrose’s names ever again.

    Hmm… Wait, on second thought, that’s actually the best case scenario. Die, die, die!

  2. They’ve been handing over Maryrose to the starbearers; I assume it’s time we get into what happened between Barbara and Maryrose. It’s a fair bet at the very least Barbara knows what’ll happen, too, and I’m guessing they have different philosophies on how to handle it. So how do the starbearers react to it; they’re certainly not a unified front.

    And then we have the Edward faction, who are seeking out “rebellious elements” and might be “rebellious elements” themselves…

    I really do want a third season. I have no idea how likely it is; I wouldn’t have expected a second season, yet here it is (thankfully!).

    Emilico’s soggy bread scene was the most Emilico thing this episode. She’s such a Polyanna.

    1. You’re so right about the soggy bread scene. It’s sortof a perfect clip to show someone who hasn’t seen the show to get a feel of it. They are going to wonder what the heck is going on wich is how Shadows House makes you feel in general.

      I might need to go to the manga if we get no further seasons.

  3. I find myself revisiting older episodes/chapters of Shadows House A LOT. There are so many little details and the meaning of things change as you learn more about how the House works. You notice things like yes, Emilico and Shaun had their mouths closed for an episode-and-a-half…

    By the way, I should thank you for turning me onto Shadows House in the first place. Not to put pressure on you but I’ve been refreshing your site all day waiting for your review. You are appreciated.

    1. Aww that means the world to me. And I’m glad someone else discovered Shadows House. Last season it sometimes felt like there was only 3 of us watching…

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