I’m not seeing that many people talk about Shadows House. Am I the only one watching this series? If I am, everyone else is missing out! It’s been a great season so far. Ok so I’ve only watched like 1 episode of most shows but I’m enjoying everything. And Shadows House is currently near the top of my list for airing anime. That’s saying something

The soot is clearly a metaphor for a lot of things and the fact that so much of the main character’s life is to just literally sweep it away is, well it’s very heavy handed. Depending on how things develop, I could see it getting a bit annoying. But it could also be a fun red herring.

The thing about Shadows House is that its giving us exactly what it said it would So far nothing has been a twist or a lie. It’s just that everything is so mysterious that just discovering the basic facts of the plot is really interesting and feels like your uncovering something. Still though, I can’t shake that feeling.

For instance, there were two big conflicts this episode. Emilico accidentally damaged a stuffed toy of Kate’s and Kate got mad. Emilico worked hard to fix it and the girls made up the next day. The other was that they ran into an older kinda mean girl in the garden. She said some petty things and the girls went on their way. Other than that, Emilico got to see the world outside of Kate’s room and meet other dills. Everyone was very nice and the mansion seems beautiful. What a peaceful existence.

And yet, when the dolls started singing their work song, I got chills down my back. I mean whenever anyone starts to sing a work song it should be a huge red flag but here, there was more to it. The eerie lyrics, the fact that the song was acapella when the instrumental soundtrack is otherwise very present throughout the episode. (And great, once again Shadows House has a fantastic soundtrack!) All of these little just won’t allow me to relax. It brought back echoes of early season 1 The Promised Neverland. And of Never Let Me Go. Actually, it also reminds me of The Remains of the Day, what with that shiny veneer. Maybe I’m digging this show so much because of all the Ishiguro parallels I can make.

Finally, the scene in the garden really did a great job showing me just how weird the notion of being someone else’s face really is. There’s so much here and it’s frustrating to have to wait an entire week for more.

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  1. Hey, Emiliko is a good girl! And she is just new. If I guess correctly, next episode we will see some lessons for “new” dolls

  2. It’s only the second episode and Emilico is already getting on my nerves. It’s sad, because other than her annoying dojikko Polliyanna spiel I actually like her. That out of the way, I liked this episode even more than the first. I agree with you on the song. My first impression: dear god, it’s not a Disney production. They’re not stealthily buying out anime studios? My second thought: But it makes some creepy sort of sense.

    The way the I’m-your-face scene played out was also super creepy, but at the same time super impressive. Either it’s inbuilt telepathy, or they’d have to practise a *lot* – something we’ve never seen Kate and Emilico do. This is exactly the sort of stuff I was hoping for last season. And it came on the heel of Kate being extremely attached to a plushy, freaking out and then apologising because she realised she’s forgotten to tell her about it. But I wonder…

    Are dolls sopposed to *know*? The other girls talking about about Emilico being defective, but I wonder… is it Emilico or is it Kate? And how much difference is there in the other Sooties’ minds? That post credit scene was quite something…

    Great show. Definitely near the top. (And in a strong season, too. It’s a much better season than I expected. I pretty much convinced myself I’d like *Fumetsu no Anata e* after the preview, but Shadows House came out of… well, not exactly nowhere, but the – ahem – shadows. And Odd Taxi turned out really good, too. I’m already liking this season better than last season, and that was a pretty good season, too.)

    1. There are so many questions. Like what even are dolls. Some telepathy or link seems to be implied since they are physically copies of the shadows they serve, as if those are their shadows so I’m going to go with some magic link of some sort.
      I have to admit I have no feelings towards Emilico. She seems to be a purposefully shallow and proforma character. A smiling pleasant hollow shell. I don’t know if that’s goign to be an important part of the plot. All the dolls seems to act in more or less the same way with a few exceptions when they are away from their masters. Maybe there’s a stock personality for dolls?

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