The season is winding down. A lot of shows had their finales this week but there is still one more episode to go for Shadows House. Just like I predicted, it seems we are going to end things with a flurry of action and it all starts with a daring rescue plan this week.

I really really like mysteries so having most of the puzzles solved makes Shadows House hit a little differently for me. I do enjoy seeing the characters interact though. For instance, seeing what a huge dork John is made me notice something. John is occasionally a bit slow but he’s caring and very loyal. He doesn’t stand on ceremony, treats everyone with respect and tends to solve problems either through brute force or determination. John isn’t really the thinking kind. Does that remind you of somebody? Like maybe his head is full of sunshine?

On the other hand, Shaun is very calm, quiet and observant. Even though we know he also has an emotional streak and can get angry, he tends to not let it show. He approaches obstacles carefully and tries to think himself out of every situation. When push comes to shove though, he’s rather gentle and very kind. Not unlike a certain shadow.

Yup, I’m saying that Emilico is a lot more like John than she is like Kate and Shaun is a lot more like Kate. Maybe that’s why John was so immediately drawn to Kate. She reminded him of his beloved face.

OR…ok, hear me out. We know the dolls are human and they actually get sent to the house as children, not infants. They also all come from the same village. Shaun and Emilico could easily have known each other before they came to the house. They may even have been very fond of each other. So as the little fairies stood by them and absorbed a personality, they ended up picking up the traits of the person their doll loved. And that past connection is something John may be picking up on as well, even if Kate is more immune to it.

It’s not a perfect theory, but I thought it was cute. I feel sort of silly speculating about Shadows House. After all those intricate guesses I was making about the nature of the house and what was going on and the show was all like, Nope, it’s fairies. I think I might be overreaching with this. But it’s still fun to speculate.

What can I say? I love a mystery. So now, what’s in that box??? I’m thinking it’s the incomplete dolls and shadows.

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  1. It’s sort of suspicious that soot comes out of the box the moment Kate calls out to Emilico. I wonder if the tiny soot creature following Kate is actually Shirley and the box contains Rum? Some sort of failure coffin?

    I also found it interesting that Edward’s appearance is male, but the shadow’s voice is female. And it’s clear that Edward doesn’t want to be caught abducting a living doll. The Shadows House interior politics seem so whimsical; pretty much a perfect rendition of what I imagine the Fey to be like. I want this to get a second season.

    1. See I thought the faceless doll who helped them was Rum. I’m not basing that on anything. Edward seems to be able to use his soot to sound like anyone he wants

      1. That occured to me too, but then I thought the doll looked too tall? I’m bad at judging these things, though.

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