Season 1 of Shadows House has come to an end. I think? Was this finale lacking closure for anyone else? I just found it rather anticlimatic and it didn’t really answer any of the questions we had left, did it?

I guess I should elaborate a bit more in my post.

As expected, the last episode of Shadows House was mostly dedicated to Kate and Emilco’s escape, which they managed thanks to John being all manly and Louise’s selfish ess once again playing in their favour. But it lacked a certain sense of excitement for me. Sure the first few minutes, the actual pursuit with the tiny fairy helping, were pretty tense and well-paced but it was over rather quickly and without too much complication all things considered and then, well not much really.

Edward got reprimanded and things are back to normal. We didn’t even get to spend too much time with the kids. Heck, John was missing in action, potentially dead or in a lot of trouble and Kate and Emilico were only mildly curious about whether he was ok, and when they saw him, Kate was just like, oh hey. As far as emotional catharsis goes it was a bit underwhelming.

And for me, the actual events of the story, Edward being found out then the discussion with the heads of the household, well they just weren’t great scenes. Shadows House is a series that has consistently fascinated me and these sequences didn’t live up to that. It felt more like an episode telling me to look for a season 2 announcement than an actual episode and it wasn’t done in a clever way.

All the big revelations are still pending. If we assume the show was condemning the use of brainwashed children by shadows house, well that’s still happening, if there was a commentary on the structure and nature of power, nothing has changed. To me, this was a hint that the plot development is being reserved for a new season. That’s not bad it just makes this episode sort of empty.

As a whole, I enjoyed Shadows House. In fact, I loved the beginning of it. And by beginning, I mean up until like episodes 9 or 10. Personally, I found Edward to be the weak link. I thought the story was more interesting without a clear antagonist and I also think that Edward is way too on note and underdeveloped to properly balance out the rest of the cast. Not to mention those two sidekicks of his that are really just plot devices at this point.

As such, when the Shadows House became an us versus Edward sort of story, I lost a lot of interest. Not all, and I do think there were still some great moments, but a lot. This said, There is in my opinion, some good potential for a second season. Rum and the tiny fairy show us the possibility or a different type of dynamic between Shadows and HUmans which could be interesting to explore. And the foundations for a fantasy political thriller are all in place as well. Despite my current disappointment, I still thought Shadows House was a good show and one I would recommend.

I just didn’t like this episode very much. Nothing really clicked and even the daring escape felt old hat. Nothing except the very last sequence. Yup, the dolls singing as they work. They did this once before. I think it was episode 2 or 3. I would have to go over my notes. In any case, I remember being completely taken aback and then taken in by that musical number. It was so odd then and to see that they chose to bookend the entire season by bringing that back, was sort of thrilling.

Once again it was odd. The music is such that it creates just the slightest dissonance with the singing. (Shadows House has an amazing score all around) It’s not obvious but it just makes it sound a little off. Lou had a beautiful voice. And it ended right in the middle with Emilico just flatly stating her blind devotion to Shadows House. Beautifully eerie sequence. It makes you think the dolls may be brainwashed again or perhaps they all are. The shadows didn’t get a chance to speak at all. It reminds you of the very questionable circumstances of Shadows House to begin with. That sequence alone was such an effective trailer for a season 2 to come. I sort of want to just forget what came before and pretend that was the entire episode.

Oh and, I will be watching another season if it gets announced. How about you guys? Did you like the finale? Will you be back for more?

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  1. Yeah, not the best finale ever. I share many of your citicisms. I didn’t expect many answers, though. My main gripe was that letting Edward off like that seemed to make the entire last arc like pointless filler. It’s possible there’s something going on behind the scenes we don’t quite understand yet, but as a season finale a reset-button finish doesn’t do much.

    I’d definitely watch a second season, though.

    1. You know, to me it sort of felt like the production got the memo that they were going to get renewed at some paint in the latter half of the season and switched stuff around last minute to make it more fluid for a second season. I’m probably wrong about that but that’s the impression tis finale gave me.

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