Oh boy, oh man, oh my! Things are afoot, plots are thickening but we still don,t have any answers. I love a mystery, so tis works for me. And I feel like the presentation and execution of Shadows House leads me to beleive that the story isn’t just stumblng about blindly and this is all heading somewhere.

However, that somewhere might not be somewhere fun or worse, it could be boring. Still, this is like the 3rd or 4th episode that ended and I was like what? don’t we still have a good 10 minutes to go? It’s a good sign. I’m digging the show.

It does seem that the rankings were more or less arbitrary as Edward was going off of personal feelings and some type of plan to outs Kate. It does stand to reason that Shadows House would have a lot of political games going on. I’m not sure if Kate’s disfavour is because of her family line or this ability to control soot. And it was interesting to see that the spectator shadows didn’t seem to share Edward’s distaste for Kate so it’s more personal. Intriguing indeed.

For our purposes here though, it also means that Ricky lost a point simply because he was the one who started everyone dancing and this annoyed Ed, and not because he was leading as I had deduced. But he was leading. Like they went out of their way to animate that. I looked over all the caps, he was the only doll leading. And it would be unbecoming for a doll to lead according to everything we know. So I’m still right. Maybe it’s all a big coincidence and the author and artists didn’t even notice it but I’m right. That’s why he lost a point.

This entire coming out ceremony is very intriguing. Coming out(?)… I meant Debut but I’m leaving it in. Always bet on gay! Anyways, the idea of having these types of social milestones is common. But an actual test makes it something different and why test the dolls? Aren’t they just interpreters, what does it matter if they can think and act their way out of a situation? There is still so much I don’t really understand about this universe and it really has me curious. It seems like an entirely suitable test to see if someone can be a face is all I’m saying.

I mentioned last week that I quite like John because he seems like a good counter to most of the other characters. Admittedly, I said that because he gave me the impression of a good-natured everyman. I was wrong and very right. He is a bit of a nut job and I like him a lot! His one scene was great and it allowed Kate to interact with someone else which is a nice change.

Lou is also a bit more bonkers than I first thought and I’m digging it. Huh, maybe I have some issues.

In short, I once more enjoyed the episode a lot. I really liked the soot flowing up in the hourglass. I feel like we’re just missing one or two pieces of the puzzle and everything will fall together. Just explain what exactly dolls are or what exactly shadows are and I think we’ll be able to figure the rest out. And it’s this feeling of almost having it that I find so compelling. If we don’t get our answers this season I’m probably just going to get the manga right away. I’m not patient.

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  1. “So I’m still right.”

    Problem is – Edward didn’t even look at them. He didn’t care that Shadows and Dolls began to dance, he was too busy undulging his little hobby.

    But he did heard that it was Ricky who suggested to dance, and because of that dance Emilyko and Kate became closer. And the latter wasn’t part of his scenario.

    But if his higher-ups would care to question his decision, I’m sure that would be his cover-up: “Um, Ricky was leading, you see” )

    Also Edward looked even more unhinged than in the past episode, and I thought that isn’t possible XD

  2. Those were quite some outfits among the shadows at the end, there. Also, not a single doll in sight; I’m curious how this works. Public face only?

    1. If I am right, you’ll have your question answered in two or three episodes.

    2. Maybe members of the same family? Then again I was sort of thinking the shadows were all in the same family to begin with.

  3. I’m incredibly happy galette des rois made an appearance. Easily the superior holiday dessert for refined connoisseurs. Buches de Noel can go to hell.

    1. Whoa, Wasn’t expecting a Buche attack. I like galette as well but so many people choke on that bean every year….

      1. Way to turn fortune into misfortune… Losers. I hope they don’t choke on fortune cookie papers too.

        Coming back to galettes, you just can’t beat the smug sense of superiority a dumb kid feels when he gets to don a carton crown. Source: me.

        The Muslim world celebrated Eid holidays recently, so I had my fill of gourmet stuffed dates. Pistachios, macadamia nuts, candied orange peel… Delicious. I hope you get to try a few someday.

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