I’m going to war you right off the bat, I don’t have much to say about Shadows House this week. Not that the episode was bad I just somehow didn’t have anything to discuss. Also, I was pretty hungry when I decided to watch Shadows House and I ended up just writing a whole bunch of notes about that dinner roll. Now that I reread them, they’re not really post material.

Here are my big takeaways from the episode. I like the other dolls. Shaun and Rum are nice enough additions to the cast and I even like the blond bully guy. It was nice to see all the different relationships between the shadows and their dolls. I think it’s going to come into play once I start putting out crazy theories about what the shadows are but I don’t have enough information yet.

Also, I got very intrigued by the addition of veiled dolls. My first theory is that these are dolls that have lost their shadows. I don’t know if shadows can die before their dolls. I also don’t know if shadows can reject a doll. Decide to have it replaced or something. Last week in the comments we had a very interesting discussion about what dolls are. And a lot of us think the dolls are humans but we don’t quite understand the link to the shadows yet or what exactly is happening. If we continue that theory though, then the veiled dolls would be human as well. Why don’t they speak? I had a notion that shadows were born of the dolls rather than the other way around and perhaps, a doll that loses its shadow s reduced to a puppet? Unable to speak or do much aside from simple repetitive tasks?

I chose a very bold title for my post this week. It’s kind of almost clickbait put also not. There were no murders (that I know of) in this week’s episode of Shadows House. However, there were a lot of references to Steven King and more specifically to The Shining.

When Rum gets separated from the group and stuck in the dark, she starts talking to herself. Or at least it seems that way. More specifically she starts talking to her finger and responds back for it bending it to mimic talking. It’s a very specific gesture. One that has been made famous by Kubrick and Danny Torrance. It really is unmistakable. But if that’s not enough for you, when Rum first said her name, my immediate thought was: Red Rum. I’m not even a big Steven King fan or anything, but the Shining is so iconic I’ve somehow absorbed it through cultural osmosis. For those of you who may not know yet. Redrum was actually just Murder backwards. Also, we now know that Rum is a powerful psychic! Interesting

For reals though, there’s something so cool about a 2021 anime referencing a 1980 American horror movie.

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      1. Lol ! Can you believe I just got around to watching Code Geas ? It’s been out for years and I finally finished . But yeah some shows I wait for them to finish up and then I watch .

            1. What did you both think of Code Geas? I haven’t seen it yet and I have been wondering about it.

            2. It’s great , has twists and turns , slightly suspenseful. Sometimes over the top and the mechs kind of remind me of the game Armored Core . I did watch it in Japanese so the voice acting was pretty solid.

            3. I’m not sure why Olive brought it up other than most anime fans watch it as a starter anime and we didn’t

  1. I don’t have much to say about this episode, either. What I found most interesting, world-building-wise, is that the doll can have bad eyesight, but the shadow not. I’m not sure what to make of it; but it’s one of those details that slot into the puzzle anywhich way you turn them. It’s one of the things the SF reader in me made a note of to remember.

    Also, I’m curious how them actually finding out what caused the soot phantoms will work out. I’m fairly sure nobody actually expected that.

    And then there’s Kate emitting lots of soot. I wonder what Emilico thinks of this, considering she’s the one who cleans it up. She must notice the increase, no? (Or is Kate always that worried?)

    1. Kate seems to be an emotional type. She’s had soot periods almost every episode. I’m not sure if it was episode 2 or 3 where she completely filled the room in a single night. I’m thinking everything looks light after that

  2. I can’t believe you skimped out on the notes about the dinner roll!
    Now I am going to be thinking about bread all day….. Thanks XD

      1. Hmmm… true. I suppose it would be best just to show images of steaming rolls and play opera over the images. XD

  3. My only takeaway today is that I love Emilico. What a kind soul. And the way she ninja-kicked the revolving door had me in stitches XD

  4. For better or worse I think we will see a whole set of debutants next eposide!

    Didn’t even think about horror films references btw. Good catch!

    1. I’m an optimist, I’m going to assume it’s for better. I really like this show so far and more characters could bring a bit of variety

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