I haven’t done that many Pride Month special posts on this site. I tend to just sprinkle posts about LGBT issues throughout the year as their own thing. I have a bit of a complicated relationship with the current state of Pride month you see.

I feel like a lot of companies change their logos to rainbow versions and give some surface-level lip service during the month of June as a performance of support and then go right back to ignoring homophobia or even supporting companies that openly espouse it. It feels a bit hollow.

On the other hand, I think representation is important. I go to Pride celebrations in Montreal almost every year and let me tell you, it’s amazing. And the actual sentiments and needs that brought Pride into being are things that I happen to stand behind.

As such, I have adopted a generally relaxed embrace of Pride on this blog. I will make a post to acknowledge June as Pride month but generally, I will just post LGBTQ content whenever I feel like it or have something to say. This means I have a bit of it throughout my blog that’s not always easy to find if you happen to be specifically looking for it.

So this year, I’m going to give you a handy list of potential Pride reading on my blog. I hope you like it!

General Queer Posts

Yuri Manga and Anime

Yuri Essays

Yaoi and BL Anime and Manga

Yaoi and BL Essays

Trans Anime and Manga

Trans Essays

I actually have quite a few Yuri manga reviews scheduled over the next months so if I ever do another one of these lists, I hope I can add to it! And I also hope you guys will find something to enjoy!

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  1. Hey, Happy Pride Month and thanks for putting a list of your Pride posts in one easy to find spot! Makes browsing this topic so much easier!

  2. I think its a good thing that you not only post about it in just the one month, but whenever you feel and have time for it. I am not in tune with all things pride related but I have no quarrel with the people who live the lives they want to. Thank you for all you do for the community Irina.

    1. Some people are great at focusing their creativity, I’m a bit more scattered. Thank you for your comment Savage!

  3. As a newer follower, I had no idea you’ve posted so much lgbt content. This is definitely a topic that I need to educate myself more on. I’m also interested in getting more into yuri and yaoi so these lists are gonna be plenty useful. Happy pride month!

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