Taishou box art

    • Genre: Short, supernatural, action, historical, hoyay, romance(?)
    • Episodes: 12

If you are the type to skip to the end, you’ll have noticed that I have “drink whenever you wonder what the heck is going on” as part of the drinking game…. Spoilers for this review, the synopsis is going to be the best part by far!

OK so Kyouichirou, the main character (top center in the pic) is on a train to go to the Big City (Tokyo) from whatever hick country town he’s from in order to attend university. When he gets there he’s suddenly a chibi and he freaks out but no one else notices. Also he can see dead people. Then there’s this prince(?) guy and his manservant and they both wake up chibi and freak out. They have some sort of spiritual powers. Then the chibi prince goes out to fight red headed twins Nazis but they’re not real Nazis.

The not real Nazis also woke up as chibis and everyone in Nazis mansion is freaking out cause they’re all chibis. Then they went to fight the prince. Back to the present. The summon a monster thing. Kyouichirou was peeping in the bushes and freaks out. Then a guy with long purple hair who was in a tree earlier jumps in and saves him and the prince.


Then another different long purple hair guy who’s also a not real Nazis but not with the other not real Nazis, corners Kyouichirou in the city. He wants to use his seeing dead people power to raise an army of undead soldiers for the glory of Japan… somehow. It gets a tiny bit gay. First purple haired guy jumps in and saves him. No one is a chibi anymore because reasons. Not mentioned.

The boss of the twin Nazis just visits Kyouichirou for a chat. He says nazi purple hair guy is a jerk but also kinda right. Then Kyouichirou wakes up on the train and it was all a dream!!!! Spoilers? Maybe? Finally, Kyouichirou just has random mildly sexy times with all the random dudes in turn even those he just saw once from a distance. -Fin-

Did your brain just expand, allowing you to experience a world of wonders and marvels hitherto beyond the scope of your imagination? Did the universe subtly shift as the very fabric of reality was changed forever? If not, you should reread that synopsis, you probably did it wrong the first time!

I’ll be honest, I had some trouble telling the purple guys apart

I do not believe there is anything that could possibly tarnish the pure glowing gem that is Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-san, so it’s probably irrelevant that I went into it completely blind. I imagine that the pure delight of stumbling upon unexpected perfection can only be matched by the anticipation of taking in a masterpiece. I don’t know how I managed to come this far without experiencing Taishou,  but that Irina no longer exists.

I started up the first episode with no particular expectations the generic and highly inconsistent artwork was a little confusing at first. As there is little to no animation, the loss of detailing and odd angles took me by surprise. I was simply not ready for the amazement that is Taisho. In my defence, most common mortals aren’t!

When the op started showing Kyouichirou holding and interacting with a chibi of himself, I lost me gd mind! Wait a minute, I thought. This here is something special! It is a inadequacy of the English language that no words exist to properly convey the magic at work here. I apologize in advance for how drastically this post will fall short.

taishou chibis
which is good cause the episodes are like 2 and a half minutes

After devouring the first seven episodes in one gluttonous bite, my mind was set ablaze and I took to the internet in an attempt to satiate the gnawing Taisho hunger that had opened within my soul.  I was not entirely shocked to find out that the series is based on a BL visual novel. Something about the very *present* and *creative* background music had tipped me off. As I read on, I found that the game seemed familiar somehow despite the fact that I’ve never played it. Eureka I shouted, scaring poor buddy that was curled up next to me. When it comes to ridicule…I mean Masterworks of yaoi VN creations I still turn to 4shiki (never forget). So although I may not have played first hand it’s as if l did thanks to domshikis hilarious and raunchy write up. Even second hand, the experience is nothing short of transcending.

Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-san is unlike any show you’ve ever seen. Even after watching all 12 episodes (in 2 days) I couldn’t tell you what genre it belongs to. It randomly skips from one to another without a care in the world while seemingly hinting at a deep and complex story of political machinations and dark magiks without feeling the need to explain anything at all. It takes a special kind of series to pull off such aloofness then cap it off with random implied homosexuality for no reason.

Not everyone is going to be able to appreciate this one. When art is truly brilliant only the mind of a genius will be able to take it in properly. But for those who can, just drop everything and go watch now!

I bet you’re all wondering, aren’t you? How is Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-san like Irina? If l could be presumptuous for a second, let me tell you:

I’m creating suspense by adding a picture here

Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-san is just like Irina: It’s a hot mess, it seldom makes any sense, it’s inappropriately suggestive out of the blue, and you’ll have no idea why you love it so much!

Favorite character: The blonde not Nazi but I’m open to a trade

What this anime taught me: The spirit of pure wonder.

Alcohol won’t solve your problems, then again, neither will water

Suggested drink: In honore of multiple purple headed men – I give you multiple recipes for Purple Haze

  • Every time anyone comments on how cute they are – take a sip
  • Every time anyone freaks out about being a chibi – take a sip
  • Every time we see a dead soul – gasp
  • Every time the tone drastically changes in less than 10 seconds – drink some water
  • Every time the main character gets literally carried away – take a sip
  • Every time the animation takes a visible drp – take a sip
  • Every time a new type of cell gets introduced – pay attention
  • Every time we get new end credits – take a sip
  • Every time you’re wondering what the heck is going on… you’re probably already drunk, go ahead and drink whenever you want!



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  1. Maybe I’m late noticing, but I like your new avatar. This doesn’t sound like something I’d be interested in, but it does raise a rather important question: if I wake up as a chibi version of myself, am I required to freak out? (Because, honestly, it would probably slash my food bill in a very appealing way. . .)

      1. Young lady, I AM adorable! (Not to mention, cute and fluffy! Yeah, I really need to have my lawyer talk to Disney about Stitch stealing my personal motto. . .)

        1. I never doubted it for a moment…I meant you would continue to be adorable…. yeah that’s what I meant…

  2. This still sounds more coherent than the harem short (3 min an episode), where a guy got transformed into a cat and gets taken care of by girls. That one had one episode where all the girls were transforumed into goats? Why? I suspect they didn’t have time to animate an episode. We litterally got three minutes of goat footage (no animation; live action minus the action) and ad-libbing voice actresses. I don’t remember whether I finished the show, but there’s a certain state mind when nothing makes sense and the world falls away and all that is left is sheer wonder at what you’ve just seen.

    I haven’t seen this one, but maybe a Möbiusline is what you get when you straighten out a Möbius strip? Makes as much sense as anything.

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