A lot of new and old anime fans go through a period of fascination with dere types. Well maybe not a lot, but I did! “Deres” are classic personality archetypes present in both manga and anime, most commonly associated with romantic interests. And they’re nuts! Some of them at least.

But have you ever wanted to actually be a dere type?  You may be thinking to yourself, that’s completely insane Irina! Most of these characters would be institutionalized or in jail in real life. However, I think with a little imagination and a bit of balance, even you can pull off the irresistible tsundere trope that will allow you to be borderline abusive to all those around you and still be the object of everyone’s desires. Even more so than you already are! Or maybe you can turn your awkward and reclusive behaviour into your greatest asset by harnessing the power of the dandere.

The sky is the limit and this practical little guide will teach you exactly how to achieve that.

***Disclaimer: guide is utter nonsense, do not try this in real life ever!***

toradora tsundere


Probably the most popular and well-known archetype, these characters lash out through harsh words and occasionally physical abuse whenever they are embarrassed. That usually means whenever the person they are interested in is in any way nice to them. From the outside it may just look like an abusive relationship, but a lot of anime fans have assured me that it’s adorable…

The trick here is to never be quite so “tsun” that you turn into a full-on jerk. For beginners I would really stick to just emotional and verbal abuse. Physical mistreatment is really an advanced technique and should be left to professional tsunderes only. Try calling your crush stupid at every possible occasion and a debasing nickname is a nice touch as well. Maybe scream at them a little if they do something thoughtful. And storm out of places a lot. Discipline yourself to have a good sulk at least every other day. And then, once a week, give your special someone a compliment. You can boost it to 2 or 3 times a week if it’s a backhanded compliment. Before you know it, people will be bending over backwards just to see the rare smile that you will never give!

****I know I just disclaimered this post, but I feel it important to do so again. Don’t do any of this ever! It’s horrible. And there is no such thing as a professional Tsundere!****

doki doki dandere


Danderes are those shy, quiet and introverted characters that burst with delicate appeal. From what I’ve gathered, a lot of my readers don’t need much help with this one, you’re already adorable danderes, you just don’t realize it. That’s o.k., another dandere trait is to sell yourself way short!

So for this one, just be your shy lovable self and everything will be fine. It’s o.k. if you don’t have anything to say or don’t know how to express yourself. You don’t need to be the life of the party to be noticed. We can tell just how wonderful you are by those timid looks and reserved smile.

kuudere angel beats


At first glance it can be difficult to tell kuuderes and danderes apart. Both are stoic and quiet. They are unlikely to start up a conversation or be the center of attention. But whereas danderes as usually shy by nature, blushing and fumbling when people are kind to them. Kuuderes are self assured and confident. Just stoic by nature.

If you don’t feel like hearing about what your neighbour had for dinner for the 6th time, you’re not being antisocial, you’re a kuudere. If you don’t have time to respond to all your text and emails, you’re not lazy, you’re a kuudere. If you are not interested in gossiping with the cool kids about whatever insipid subject is popular at the moment: Kuudere! Not gonna lie, my favourite type!

deredere lala


Of the five main dere types, this is the one we tend to hear about the least. It’s often lumped in with the genki girl archetype and really, they can be more or less interchangeable. Derder is a great way of justifying one’s ADHD.

Basically, you have to remember that every single thing, person and event is Amazing, Wonderful and THE BEST THING EVER! Try replacing your standard handwave greeting with a tackle hug. It’s not screaming, it’s emoting, and emoting is necessary. The only way anyone can understand what you truly mean is if you put your entire passion into it. There are no bad people only people who haven’t been loved enough and you can fix that. No you WILL fix that!

One side benefit of being a deredere is that it’s fantastic exercise. I’m a little tired just thinking about it! Second favourite type!

classic yandere


Don’t, just don’t….

O.k., fine… here’s the only way I can ever recommend being a Yandere, keep it all in your head. Just run elaborate murder scenarios in your mind but do not attempt them.

I just realized I jumped right into this one without giving a definition of the dere type. The very few people not familiar with yanderes must be somewhat confused and terrified. Probably clicked off this post and deleted their cookies as well.

Yanderes are the characters that seem nice and sweet, often ideal really, but can snap a the slightest provocation when it comes to the one’s they like. You think you’ve dealt with a jealous lover, you ain’t seen nothing! And when the snap, they crackle and pop too. The whole cereal box!

Some free actual general advice here, do not murder people under any circumstance. Instead, fantasize about it. Maybe have a few personalities that don’t quite manifest. Have you ever watched 50% off? (you should). Be like Haru, only with a crush on someone…

Oh, and I almost forgot the most important thing. You have to be attractive. I didn’t think to mention it before because all you guys are already super attractive but just to make sure all the information is here!

So there you have it. Just a few quick and easy ways to be your favourite dere type. Or more importantly your crushes favourite dere type! I hope you found this helpful.

Macaron Rini
is there an okashidere?

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  1. People often mistake me as being shy when I’m being stoic, so if I was a girl I would probably be a Kuudere, just quietly watching and waiting for my moment to strike… hold on… would I be a Yandere???

  2. Do I nitpick and point out that Yuri is also a yandere despite initially appearing to be a dandere? 🙂 Well, I guess I just did. Pete, you’re such an… idiot! I hate you! *storms off* *storms back* DON’T THINK I’M COMMENTING FOR YOU OR ANYTHING

    1. Uhm.. I was trying to illustrate that deres are complex and layered and can be more than one archetype. It was totally not because I really wanted to use that pretty pretty pic. (I was afraid that using it with yandere would be a spoiler? – I get chewed out for that A LOT)

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