So, I’m kinda lazy. And being kinda lazy, I was thinking of reusing some of my old posts on webcomics for my Monday Webcomic Recommendation feature. And that’s when I noticed that for some reason, all my previous webcomic posts are on Yuri comics. Oh my…look at that… what a coincidence… So instead of recommending nothing but Yuri for a month, I figure I would just combine them and add a few for a top 5 post. YAY.

I might still end up recommending nothing but Yuri for a month. I read a lot of it…

These titles are all to my knowledge legally accessible. They are also all SFW. Provided that you work somewhere where they don,t mind you reading yuri webcomics all day. If you answered yes, I have a serious follow-up question. Are they hiring?

5. Always Human

Just so you know, these titles are in no particular order. I think all these series are great!

You know what I like other than Yuri. Science Fiction. Especially sciency science fiction. To borrow the official description, Always Human s a story about nanobots, genetic engineering, and two girls falling in love. No matter how technology changes us, we’ll always be human.

That description had me hooked and it does deliver. One of the fun side effects of including genetic engineering and nanotech in your story is that it makes your character designs much less of a static element. I found that it was a great way of taking advantage of the visual element of webcomics to have a story in which the characters’ looks change and evolve so much. I loved the setting, the characters and I always said that we need more CGMS (that’s cute girl mad scientists!).

4. Magan he Danai

I wrote a whole post on this comic. Sadly it hasn’t been uploaded in a while but I still love it. The episodic slice of life structure of the series makes it easy to just go back and reread a random chapter whenever you feel like adding a sprinkling of Yuri sweetness to your day. You can read the entire series HERE

If you go to my post linked in the title there. (Man I feel like a real blogger. It’s weird.) You will see one of my favourite chapters. That will give you a good idea of what you’re in for. Light, endearing little handfuls of love. This comic just makes me smile.

3. Mage & Demon Queen

Have you ever been in the mood for a Yuri Isekai. Trick question, who isn’t perpetually in the mood for a yuri isekai?. Mage & Demon Queen has got your back. With its classic RPG setting and lovely character designs.

And although you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, I think it still deserves to be said that Mage & Demon Queen is a really great looking toon. I believe Color_Les (the artist) is the Philippines based. I don’t know if they are professional but I have certainly bought manga that does not look as good as this.

Mage & Demon Queen is just one of those really fun series. I don’t know what is going to happen with Crunchyroll or their collab with Webtoon, but this certainly is one of the titles I hope gets an adaptation. Just read chapter 1, you’ll see what I mean.

2. High Class Homos and #Blessed

I decided to add two comics that prominently feature Yuri but also have other relationships going on. So these are not exclusively Yuri just like…mostly Yuri. and I put two of them to make up for it. I dunno, it sort of made sense in my head. It doesn’t anymore. Look, more fun webtoons.

I featured High Class Homos not that long ago. I decided to mention it again because it’s a super fun webtoon and because the Yuri storyline is really the most important one. And sort of sweet. I figured if any of you missed my first post, you can still get the recommendation here.

The second comic I wanted to talk about is #Blessed. I just love the premise of this one so much. Imagine your run of the mill working girl in her 20’s who gets roped into what is essentially a season of bachelorette but all the contestants are ancient gods and goddesses. Oh and the main character is a blogger. So you know, blogger solidarity and all that… Sometimes you just need something silly in your life.

1. Their Story

Also known as the Yuri webcomic that totally ruined my sleep schedule for a week. Well I read it in a night but I can’t just not ;sleep a whole night it turns out. Stupid mortal coil…

This is a very personal thing, but Their Story happens to have the art style I like the most among these. The colours are a big part of it. It’s just such a lovely story and both girls are extremely relatable. I have known girls like these. I have fallen for girls like these. And this webcomic made me fall all over again.

It’s potentially the most traditional Yuri title here. But you know, classics are classic for a reason. And some love stories are just timeless. I’m really into manhua lately. Their story remains a great example of what the genre has to offer.

For the Yuri fans among my readers, I hope you find something that you ill enjoy. And if you have any of your own to recommend, I’m always happy to discover new titles. I know that technically My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness is also a webtoon. I left it out because I don’t think any of the free English versions are legal anymore. Also, it was a pretty big deal when it got licensed and I figure everyone has already heard of it. Still, it shows the range and breath of webcomics nowadays!

I’m sort of just blindly assuming my readers aren’t interested in a Yaoi version of this list. I’m actually not sure what I’m basing this on. So if you do want a Yaoi list, please let me know, It will make me very happy to share one with you. Spoilers, there will be more manhua on it!

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  1. Their story(Tamen De Gushi) is one of my favourites among all Yuri I have read .

    I haven’t checked “Always Human” yet.

    I will recommend these ones(below) . You might have already read some of them.

    Cheerful Amnesia

    Fluttering Feelings

    Her Shim-Cheong

    Hana ni Arashi



    Vampeerz, My Peer Vampires

      1. I hope you find them to your liking.

        Her Shim-Cheong is my favourite one among these , even if someone is not into yuri will end up liking it .

        You can read them on the same link.

  2. These all look lovely, and I’m going to have to check out Always Human for sure. As for a Yaoi list- I would be very interested in that! I used to read so many webcomics, but a lot of them are no longer running, I’d love a new batch to get into!

  3. Mage and Demon Queen is so funny, I’m not quite caught up on the series, but I’m loving it so far. Always Human is another favourite of mine. It has a great story and I love the colourful art-style. I’ll have to check out Their Story, it sound good and the art looks nice, based on the picture you shared.

    And, yes, I would definitely be interested in seeing a yaoi version of this list 😉

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