I’m not sure when this post will be published but there’s a chance that a lot of us are still stuck in our house. And if you live close to me you’re o.k. with that because it’s still snowing or raining ice and it’s cold and miserable outside. And May is just around the corner! YAY. As such, you might be looking for a new project you can make at home with your very own hands! Don’t think about it too hard…

Well I got your back. Today we are going to learn how to make our very own pair of Yuri goggles. And who couldn’t use some wonderful yuri goggles to make our days just a little bit brighter. Let’s get started, shall we!!!

kindered spirits
I love this game

For any good art or craft project to go smoothly, it’s important to first gather all your materials. You are going to need:

  1. Two same disposable sized cardboard cups*
  2. A picture (a digital copy is fine) of one of your favourite female anime characters
  3. A small multicoloured feather**
  4. Scotch tape TM
  5. Scissors (ask your parents)
  6. A pink pen, pencil or crayon ***
  7. A piece of paper****
  8. A mind full on wonder and love for the world
  9. Any piece of media where two female characters share a scene*****

As you can see, this is an intermediate crafting project requiring quite a bit of materials but fear not, once you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite easy.

* If you do not have cardboard cups in the house you can also use two magazines or even two pieces of paper roughly the same size. Simply roll up each piece to form a cylindrical shape opened at both ends and secure the edges with the scotch tape. Substitute these cylinders for the cups in the instructions below. Empty toilet paper rolls are also great! There is no need to leave the house to secure extra materials

** The feather is completely optional but it looks pretty…

*** Alternatively you may use a different coloured pen, pencil or crayon. I’m just not sure why you would ever want to.

**** If you can easily write on the Scotch tape with your pen, pencil or crayon, you will not require the paper.

***** You know what, they don’t actually need to share a scene. As long as there are two supposedly female characters mentioned at any point in the media in question, skilled user should be able to make the goggles work.

Ok, so did you get all that??? If for some reason you were not able to get your hands on any of the required materials, don’t worry, at the end of this post I will be giving some directions for the upgraded invisible yuri goggles. However, this is an advanced level craft and is only recommended for experienced craft..ers… craftists… craftspersons? (Craftist is my favourite, I think I’ll introduce myself as such from now on)

yuri psectacles
Yuri spectacles are next level!

And now on to the creating! Before we start, let’s all go wash our hands for a fresh start!

  • First take your two cups and with the scissors carefully cut out the bottoms so that the cups are now opened on both ends and considerably less effective as cups. Don’t hesitate to ask for help with this step if you feel you need it. Safety first! If you were using rolled paper or magazine cylinders, you can skip this step
  • Set up your opened tubes on next to the other on their sides, with the openings at either end. Use the scotch tape to secure the two tubes together, like binoculars.
  • Fasten the multicoloured feather on the side of the left hand tube and take a moment to enjoy the merriment it has brought to you. This is also a good time to feel a little sorry for those poor people that could not find a feather of their own.
  • Look at the picture of one of your favourite female anime characters and allow yourself to feel refreshed and invigorated. Now that you are once again full of energy, you should have no problem finishing up the goggles.
one possible presentation
  • Take your pink pen, pencil or crayon and write the words YURI GOGGLES on a small piece of paper. If Necessary, cut out a strip of a larger sheet with your scissors. Tape the paper to your binocular like goggles with the scotch tape across both cylinders.
    • if your pen, pencil or crayon can write directly on the scotch tape, you can simply apply a strip of tape to the goggles and write on it.
  • Look at your creation and take a moment to congratulate yourself. You have created Yuri Goggles where there were none! That’s awesome, dude!
  • Finally, it’s time to test out these babies. Whip out the innocent piece of media you had selected and watch or read it through your brand new Yuri Goggles. There should now be tons of subtext and innuendo hinting at the deep loving relationship between the female characters that had not been visible before. Use your mind full of wonder and imagination to fill in any blanks in the story line and let your heart be healed by this beautiful story of young sapphic love.

Yuri goggles can be delicate and should be kept out of reach of pets and children. Moreover, it is very important that Yuri Goggles only be used on fictional characters. They will not work of real people and you risk damaging the delicate…um..yuriness of the goggles. Fictional characters represented by real life actors are fine though. The goggles work in 2 and 3D!

Yuri goggles 2
working already!

As promised, I will also give you the steps for the upgraded invisible yuri goggles. Now these are really meant for those of you that have considerable experience with yuri crafting so don’t get discourage if you can’t make them work right away. Take both your hands and use your thumbs and other fingers to form two circles, then place those circles over your eyes! Be very careful not to abuse these goggles as you may accidentally cause permayuriness and end up seeing yuri everywhere. Exercise caution. And never drive and yuri at the same time!

Yuri Goggles F.A.Q.

Q. How long do Yuri Goggles last?

A. With proper care and maintenance your pair can last you several years

Q. How do you clean Yuri Goggles

A. Always put the Yuri Goggles away before moving on to any other activities to avoid them getting too dirty. As they are made of cardboard or paper you should avoid getting them wet and only clean them with a dry cloth or duster. If you are using invisible Yuro Goggles, wash your heads after every use.

Q. Are Yuri Goggles recylcable

A. Yes entirely!

Q. Help, my Yuri goggles don’t work! What should I do?

A. It can take a little while for Yuri goggles to warm up. A good way to kick start your pair is to get some help from the media. Maybe try Bloom Into You, Utena, Candy Boy or Yuru Yuri is you feel like some laughs. Practice make perfect and the more you use your goggles, the easier they will become to use!

I hope you all had fun with this little project and get a lot of great use out of your new goggles. Displaying them in your bookcase or on your coffee table is a great conversational piece as well! Did you guys enjoy this tutorial? Are there any more crafts you would like us to do together in the future???

yuru yuri






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  1. I’m not sure if I’m qualified enough for the invisible yuri goggles but I do be thinking and imagining and filling in the voids between two characters with something at times when I watch a show. Nevertheless, this is a fun post!

  2. I’m playing a VN right now called “The Expression Amrilato” that you absolutely don’t need these goggles for, the yuri’s right up there in your face. Good stuff. I like your idea, though.

  3. I tried being a super craftist, I had an amazing idea ! Two Yuri scenes, one for each eyes, you know! Two girls, one cup! I thought , best google if it was possible . . At least I have a pretty feather to make me forget the horrors!

    1. NO! This is strictly for Yuri purposes. It’s a science, these things are delicate. You’ll break it if you try to force it into something else.

  4. I really love how creative the anime community can be. From recreating recipes from Black Butler to very interesting stuff like this.

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